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Reverse Chronological Order
Huddle v. Reagan
CA 88-3130
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Huddle v. Reagan - Case Listing
Date Description
5/17/93 Supreme Court Order
5/10/93Petitioners Reply
4/30/93Letter from CP
4/22/93Brief for Federal Resp
4/4/93Letter from CP
4/2/93Letter to WT
3/23/93Letter to William Bryson
3/19/93Letter from W Bryson
2/23/93Letter to Starr
12/8/92 Followup letter to Justice Suter
12/3/92Second Errata
11/30/92 Docketing Notice
Letter from SCT
11/27/92Errata to Petitioners' Appendix to writ
Errata to Petitioners' Writ of Cert
Motion to Proceed IFP
11/26/92 Letter to Justice William K. Suter
11/20/92 Petition for Writ of Ceriorari
10/14/92 Order
10/11/92 Application for Extension of Time
9/9/92 Order
7/23/92 Order
7/7/92WT Motion For Rehearing
4/4/92Letter from CP
6/26/92 Order
2/6/92 Federal Register Volume 57, No.25
1/3/92CP Opp to FA Mot for Summ Aff
ET Opp to FA Mot for Summ Aff
12/10/91App Mot for Leave to File Resp
App Resp to FA Reply
Court Data
12/9/91Letter of Concepcion Picciotto
12/4/91FA App Reply Brief
11/27/91Motion to Exceed Page Limits
Opposition by WT to FA Summ Aff
11/25/91ET Letter
Fed Appell Motion for Summary Affirmance
Motion of WT to file Opposition
Appellant WT Opposition
11/24/91Extension of Time
11/1/91Letter From ACLU
Leave to file dock statements
10/30/91Statement of Issues Raised on Appeal
Report on Transcripts
Certificate of Parties and related cases
10/30/91Cert of Counsel
10/24/91Statement of Issues Raised on Appeal
Report on Transcripts
Certificate of Parties and related cases
10/9/91Ellen Thomas Court Data
Court of Appeals Data
6/18/91Supp to Pl Mot to Reconsider Order of 6/3/91
6/13/91FD Opp to Pl Motion to Reconsider
6/3/91Pl Motion to Reconsider
4/15/91Pl Statement of Genuine Issues
Dec of WT regarding dimensions of CP signs
Pl Second Motion for Sanctions
Amendment to Pl Supp pleadings
Federal Def Opp to Pl Motion to Renew
Pl Motion to expedite discovery
3/25/91Pl Mot to Reconsider 3/22 Order
3/21/91Notice of Address Change
Index of Pl 3/21 Filings
Pl Motion to Renew Motions
Declarations: Ellen Thomas - William Thomas
Pl Renewed Motion for TRO
Pl Renewed Motion for Pre Inj
Preliminary Injunction
Memorandum Supp Renewed Motions
Comp in Supp of Motion to Renew and Amend
Pl Motion for Joinder of Def
Motion of Karin Cartwright to intervene
In Forma Pauperis - Karin Cartwright
Appendix of 3/21(3/20) filings
Declarations and Exhibits
12/17/90Notice of Change of Address
10/12/90 Flag Order
9/28/90Pl Reply to Def Opposition
Declaration of David Reiser
Pl Conditional Motion to Withdraw Motions
9/24/90Government's Opposition to Mandamus and TRO
9/18/90TRO Complaint
TRO Motion
Declaration of Concepcion Picciotto
Petition for Writ of Mandamus
Pl Motion for Judicial Notice
7/10/90Pl Response to FD Opposition
6/28/90FD Opposition to Pl Motion for Prelim Inj
Declaration of Randolph Myers
6/25/90FD Motion for Enlargement
6/18/90Pl Motion for a Preliminary Injunction
Declaration of Concepcion Picciotto
5/17/90Notice to the Court
12/13/89Pl ET Motion to Supplement Representation
12/7/89Status Hearing
12/4/89 FD Opposition to TRO
Pl Motion To Compel production of records
Randolph Myers
Gill Marsh
Scott Dahl
11/21/89Application for TRO
Motion for Preliminary Injunction
Pl Mem in Support of Motion for Pre & TRO
Sumarization of Complaint
Concepcion Picciotto
William Thomas
Joseph Vigorito
Michael Cronin
Stacy Davis
Jeffery Brown
Plaintiffs' Rule 205 (a) Certification
Motion to Expidite Hearing for TRO
11/20/89Pl Opp to FD Prot Order
11/9/89Pl Mot for Enlargement
10/25/89FD Mot for Prot Order
10/18/89Motion to Compel Discovery
Motion for Leave to File 4th Dec
4th Dec of WT
10/13/89Pl Reply to FD Notice
Third Dec of William Thomas
Plaintiffs' Notice to the Court
10/3/89Letter to William Thomas
10/2/89Notice to the Court
Letter to William Thomas
Notice of Filing
9/26/89Letter to Mr. Martinez
9/13/89 Order - re TRO
FD Memorandum to the Court
Transcript Re: TRO
9/11/89Plaintiffs' Rule 205 Certification
Application for TRO
Concepcion Picciotto
Joseph Vigorito
7/19/89Notice of Recent Cases
5/4/89Notice of Filing
3/2/89 Pl Response to FD Opposition to Pl Motion for Sanctions
Scott Galindez
Steven Semple
Concepcion Picciotto
Ellen Thomas
William Thomas
2/23/89Pl Resp to Cert. of John Bates
2/17/89FD Opposition to Pl Motion for Sanct.
2/10/89Notice of Filing
2/8/89 Plaintiffs' Motion for Sanctions/Memorandum
Pl Respose to Reply of DC to Submissions
Pl Response to Reply of FD to Submissions
1/27/89 FD Reply to Pl Opposition to the Motion to Dismiss
1/26/89Reply of DC to Submissions
1/17/89 Redacted Clarification of Complaint/Errata to 1/9 Clar.
Redacted Response to FD/Errata to 1/9 Resp.
Redacted Opposition to FD/Errata to 1/9 Opp.
Redacted Response to DC/Errata to 1/9 Resp.
Notice of filing
1/9/89 Pl Reply to FD Supplemental Memorandum
Clarification of Complaint
Plaintiff's Opposition
Motions Hearing
1/6/89FD supplemental memoradum in support of motion to dismiss
Government's Oppposition to Motion to Strike
Pl Response to DC Mot to Dismiss
Pl response to FD Mot to Dismiss
Declaration supporting Response
1/3/89Motion to Extend Time
Plaintiff's Motion to Strike
Dec supporting Mot to Strike
Manus J. Fish
Captain Barrett
Private Michelle Berkowitz
Private Kevin Fornshill
Private Tim Waite
12/21/88Fed Def Mot to dismiss
Ex. 1 11/22/88 Order | Errata Order
Ex. 2 Affidavit of James Lindsey
Ex. 3 HR4612 - 1988
Ex. 4 Arrests of William Thomas
Ex. 5 12/15/87 Transcript
Ex. 6 2/5/88 Order
Ex. 7 6/1/84 Memorandum
Ex. 8 5/21/76 Order
Ex. 9 6/17/87 Order
Ex. 10 11/25/88 Letter
12/20/88Affidavit of James Lindsey
12/19/88Motion of District to dismiss/Memoradum
Exhibit A - Exhibit B
Statement of Material Facts
Affidavit of Mary Huddle
12/16/88Pl objection to arrangement for Service of Process
12/6/88Motion for Joinder of Parties
12/5/88 Order
Pl Supplemental Memorandum
12/2/88Motion for Enlargement of Time
Index of filings
Motion to clarify parties
Leave to file second amended complaint
Second Amended Complaint
Statement of Plaintiffs' position on a spokesperson
Motions to perfect in forma pauperis
Concepcion Picciotto
Scott Galindez
11/30/88Motion to stay ongoing criminal prosecution/Memorandum
Motion to Present Argument
11/23/88Index to filings
Motion for TRO/Memorandum
Amended Complaint
Declarations Supporting Amended Complaint:
William Thomas
Scott Galindez
Concepcion Picciotto
Plaintiffs' motion to schedule ex hearing
Concepcion Picciotto: Motion to Proceed IFP/Declaration of Indigence
Scott Galindez: Motion to Proceed IFP/Declaration of Indigence
Dissent of Sunrise
Challenge to Notice of related cases
11/21/88Authorization of Philip Joseph
11/18/88Notice of Related Cases
11/14/88Notice in response to request for counsel
11/1/88Notification of Availability of Counsel
Ellen Thomas - William Thomas
10/31/88 Hearing-Transcript
10/13/88Court Data
9/30/88 Complaint
Declarations of:
William Thomas
Mary Huddle
Stephen Semple
Philip Joseph
Ex 1 Maifesto of Independence
Ex 2 Moody Tidewall Note
Ex 3 Applications & Permits: 12/21/87, 12/28/87, 1/16/88
Ex 4 9/27/88 Religious Freedom Week

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