Declarations and Exhibits


Declaration - Al Cole
Declaration - Brian Barrett
Declaration - Brett Hamrick
Declaration - Craig Kravitz
Declaration - Concepcion Picciotto
Declaration - Diana Nomad
Declaration - Eric L. Crawford
Declaration - Ellen Thomas
Declaration - Karin Cartwright
Declaration - Scott Galindez
Declaration - William Thomas


Ex. 1. 696 F.Supp.712 - 716
Ex. 2. Prop. One Petition
Ex. 3. Articles - Drums

Drumbeat For Peace
Listen to the Drums
The Big Bang Theory
Ex. 4. Federal Register - 3/5/86
Ex. 5. Articles - War- Bush
Ex. 6. Decible Measure
Ex. 7. Federal Register - 3/17/82
Ex. 8. Federal Register - 6/30/83
Ex. 9. Bush News Conf.
Ex. 10. Letter: Chief Herring 2/22/91
Ex. 11. Letters: Re: Gulf War
a.) To: Congressperson Yates
b.) To: Chief Lynn Herring, USPP
c.) From: Ann Fullerton
d.) From: Brahm Press
e.) From: Lisa Fithian
f.) Sworn Statement of Timothy P. Keenan.
g.) From: Robert D. Schurgin
h.) From: Mark Floegel
i.) From: Everett Foy
j.) From: Joanne Heisel & Karen Townsend
k.) From: Beverly Jeanne Chagon
l.) From: Abdul G. Kham
m.) From: Christopher J. Mcgargee
n.) From: Michael D. Levi
o.) Missing
p.) From: A. Matthew
q.) From: Janelle Simmons
r.) From: Kathryn C. Burress
Ex. 12. Letters: Re: Park Police 6/19/84
a.) From: Thomas
b.) From: Thomas and Ellen
c.) From: Ellen Thomas
d.) From: William and Ellen Thomas
e.) From: Thomas and Ellen
f.) From: Thomas and Ellen
g.) To: President Reagan
h.) From: Thomas
i.) From: Ellen Thomas
j.) From: William and Ellen Thomas
k.) From: William Thomas
Ex. 13. Permit 1/7/91
Ex. 14. Federal Register 6/4/82
Ex. 15. Order 4/23/87
Ex. 16. Article: Vigil - 1981
Ex. 17. Federal Register - 4/22/83
Ex. 18. Federal Register - 6/17/83
Ex. 19. Federal Register - 8/20/85
Ex. 20. Memo - James Watt - 1/13/83
Ex. 21. Letter - Hatfield - 3/5/85
Ex. 22. Federal Register - 10/4/90
Ex. 23. Articles: About Vigil
a.) 2/2/83 Defacing the White House
b.) A new home for protest signs
c.) 6/24/84 White House Officials Destroy Protest Signs
d.) 6/25/84 Philosophy in the park
e.) 5/28/87 There are indications...
f.) The Politics of Peace Park
g.) Peace Park: First Amendment on view
h.) Winter comes to the Peace Park vigil
i.) Getting at the belly of the beast
j.) 4/29/90 Keeping the faith on a D.C. sidewalk
k.) 12/4/88 A Life of Protest
l.) 1/20/89 Enduring Presidential Qualities
m.) 11/16/89 Freedom in Lafayette Square
n.) 1/28/91 Anti-War Activists Face Changed Legal Terrain
Ex. 24. Letter: Editorial - 3/10/91