William Thomas
2817 11th Street N.W.
Washington D.C. 20001
(202) 462 - 0757

Chief Lynn Herring
United States Park Police
1100 Ohio Drive S.W.
Washington D.C.

February 22, 1991

Dear Chief Herring:

For years my friends Conception Picciotto, Karin Cartright, Brett Hamrick, and Ellen Thomas, and myself have all regularly demonstrated on a daily basis in Lafayette Park. We had all used signs and literature in conjunction with our demonstration activities, until January 24, 1991 without any notable objection from Park Police. Now are experiencing deprivation of the rights we had formerly enjoyed and some uncertainity.

On January 24, 1991 Song, on January 26, 1991 Karin, on Febrary2, Conception and myself, and on February 3, 1991Ellen and myself each had the sane signs and literature which we had respectively been using in our demonstrations, seized by Park Police agents. Since then I have been requested by Sgt. Malhoyt that I retrieve the seized signs and literature.

On the one hand, each of us is anxious to return our signs and literature to the park, because without use of those signs and literature we are effectively precluded from demonstrating I the park. On the other hand, we are now reluctant to bring our signs and literature back to Lafayette Park for fear that those articles might again be seized by the Park Police, thereby causing us further psycological disturbance and inconvenience.

Therefore we are requesting formal assurance that, if we return the signs and literature presently in the custody of the Park Police to the park, those signs and literature will not be seized. Alternatively, we request to know the specific reason by which the Park Police would justify future seizures of the aforementions signs and literature.

We believe we are being deprived of our First Amendment rights, and request that youquickly advise us of your position on this matter. Please respond by telephone to 462-0757.

Thank you,

William Thomas

cc: Manuel Lujan
Robert Stanton
George Bush

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