. Exhibit 12- B

White House Antinuclear Vigil
P.O. Box 97217
Washington, D.C. 20038

June 9, 1985

Letter to: Peace Park permit holders, regulators, enforcers, and visitors

It's time to bring Peace to Lafayette Park.

We have' developed a suggested set of guidelines for our antinuclear demonstration, convinced that we do indeed reap what we sow:

* Be kind.
* Serve God, not mammon.
* Speak only Truth.
* Expose injustice wherever we find it.
* Be gentle.
* Be creative.
* Be responsible.
* Listen to information and opinions with open minds and check facts.
* Label and dismiss rumor as rumor.
* Respect each other's space.
* Point out to others when their behavior lacks respect.
* Forgive.
* Correct our own mistakes.
* Teach by example.
* Be loving.
* Never use violence.
* Be simple.
* Work for peace.
* Help others survive and grow.
* Seek the most effective way to communicate our #1 priority:
* Eliminate all nuclear weapons everywhere,
* opening borders,
* trusting,
* sharing,
* taking time to, listen and learn;
* eliminate all weapons everywhere.

If theseguidelines are acceptable to you, then we only ask that you allow us to continue what we are doing unmolested. If you think we have broken any of our guidelines, let us reason together to determine who is in error.

We will try to be civilized. Please do the same.

Your friends,
/s/Thomas, ET
Thomas and Ellen

cc: Judge Louis Oberdorfer (re Thomas v. USA, USDC CA 84-3552)
Ronald Wilson Reagan

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