Strike For Peace

March 26, 1987
Dear Mrs. Bangert,

I'm turning to you in great weariness, to plead for your intercession.

As I think you understand very clearly, I am not camping. In 1984, I gave up an excellent career, home, and comforts to begin a 24-hour-a-day effort for world peace and disarmament. The place I have chosen for this effort is outside the White House.

Because of the actions of various police officers, my work is constantly being interuppted. I spend inordinate amounts of time inside courtrooms:

1. waiting for colleagues to be processed;

2. arguing on my own behalf that I am not camping;

3. trying to challenge the nonsensical three foot rule which has been responsible for unreasonable incarcerations (and court costs) because someone may have walked to the trash can, the curb, or 8 feet away to another demonstrator's sign for a moment,

I have received two "camping" citations this week. I reiterate - I am not camping. I'm working very hard to save the lives of my children, the world's children - and now, Dr. Charles Hyder. (See reverse.)

I'm exhausted, but I will not stop. If you want to allow the police to make a political prisoner of me, you may. But I will not stop. I, too, have sworn an oath to protect the constitution.

Please have some compassion and stay execution of these heartless regulations which are responsible for so much ___. I think you understand how hard I try to be civilized. Please ask the police to leave me and my husband alone.

/s/ Ellen Thomas

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