When my friend and I arrived at Lafayette Park at around 7:00 on 2/24/91 we saw a group of drummers surrounded by people linking arms. Other persons were milling around, some holding candles, others chanting anti-war slogans. In the street (Pa. Ave.) was a line of US Park police officers. The general tone of events was loud, somewhat angry but not violent or any threat to any public safety. It was not tightly organized but it was not chaotic either.

Shortly thereafter, the sergeant made an announcement into his loudspeaker about us being in violation of some code (I forget the number). The police then rushed the circle of drummers from 2 directions with nightsticks drawn. I saw them hitting and dragging people to get them out of the way. I saw them hitting and dragging those targetted for arrest. I saw a police officer push a woman with a bullhorn while wrenching the horn away from her. They threw the drums & paint buckets around.

At the same time they cleared the observers off the sidewalk. I was pushed by an officer onto the grass. This created a panic situation because they simultaneously brought in horses from the back and sides ("front" being the Penn. Ave. side of the park). People were running in all directions, afraid of being trampled or arrested without cause.

At one point I saw two protectors who were being arrested, dragged and left face down on the ground next to a tree near the street.

One friend of mine, an older woman, who was in the circle guarding the drummers, told me that she was hit in the stomach by a police officer with his nightstick, presumably to push her out of the way. Another friend had his glasses knocked off by the police. Fortunately He found them about 1 1/2 hours later.

One protector at the scene showed me a bruise on his cheek where he was hit by a paint bucket thrown by the police.

One regular Peace Park vigiler told me the next day that he was beaten to the point of losing consciousness by a police officer. He has had to seek medical care.

While I witnessed people yelling at the officers after they stampeded the protectors, at no time did I witness any protestors strike a police officer. Some protectors did attempt to pull police officers off their friends I think.

All I can say, in conclusion, is that in my opinion the scene was peaceful and orderly, if a little loud, until the police began to arrest people in a brutal and chaotic manner. If anyone should be charged with disorderly conduct, it should be the United States Park Police.

Anne Fullerton
5236 N 5th St
Arlington, VA 22203

P.S. Later on in the evening, a group of police officers arrested one woman who was playing the tambourine by herself. Although the arrest was not particularly violent, the woman received no warning.

Still later in the evening the police attempted to confiscate a temporarily unattended bicycle. I called out a warning and the owner ran up and stopped the police from removing his bike.

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