Huddle, et. al.                   CA No. 88-3130
         Plaintiffs pro se            Judge Joyce Hens Green        

Reagan, et. al. Defendants.


I, Diana Nomad, hereby declare under penalty of perjury that the following is accurate and correct to the best of my knowledge and recollection:

1. On February 24, 1991, just after midnight a number of people were standing by the "iron curtain" chain link fence on the sidewalk in Peace Park, Pennsylvania Avenue, across from the White House, watching the arrests taking place on the White House side of the street because the ground war had just been launched.

2. I wove a peace sign with white ribbons in the chain link fence, then proceeded to weave a pink and red ribbon at other places on the fence, in memory of the thousands who had died and disappeared in the Persian Gulf war. Officer Joyner came up and ordered me to remove the pink ribbon that I was weaving or he would. I backed off and watched him rip the ribbon from the fence. He then threatened me by saying, "I'm going to put your ass in jail if you tie another ribbon on."

3. Then he and Officer Long came up to remove the white peace sign.

4. I picked up the pieces and tied them back on the fence in memory of all those that have died in the Persian Gulf.

5. Alan and Milo were standing next to me and they were talking together about the ribbon tying and the threat Joyner had made.

6. As I turned to leave the officers Joyner and Long rushed the fence and grabbed Alan, one on each side of the him. Long, on the parkside, roughly cuffed Alan, and pushed him into the fence, and two other officers, on streetside, one grabbed Alan by the hair and doubled him over the fence, holding him in that position while Long frisked him. While he was being taken to the paddy wagon I returned to my vigiling place under the tree and began softly chanting Na-Myo-Ho-Ren- Ge-Kyo while quietly keeping beat with a small stick on a plastic bucket lid. When I looked up I noticed Officer Joyner, in the middle of the street, pointing at me, to another officer.

7. The next thing I knew, he and Officer Long and two other officers were heading thru the park directly towards me. I continued chanting the Buddhist prayer for world peace.

8. Brett Hamrick, my companion, saw them heading in my direction and came and sat down on my lap moments before Long and Joyner arrived to arrest me.

9. They grabbed him and said, "We'll arrest you too."

10. They threw him off my lap, handcuffed him and took him to the paddy wagon.

11. Officer Joyner then grabbed me and said I was under arrest, seizing my prayer drum. I went limp at that point, continuing to chant Na-Myo-Ho-Ren-Ge-Kyo as they tightly handcuffed me behind my back, then dragged me to the street by the cuffs where they threw me down and a woman officer searched me as I continued weakly chanting the Buddhist peace prayer.

12. I was in excruciating pain in my hands and wrists when they threw me in the paddy wagon. I nearly threw up and passed out on the way to Anacostia, but the words of the brothers -Brett, Alan and Scott -- locked in the other side kept me lucid.

13. I was arrested at 12:20 and after three requests to remove my cuffs I was finally released from them a 1:46 AM, with both hands swollen and blue and a laceration, large swelling, and severe numbness in the left hand.

14. Brett, Scott, and Allen were still in the wagon when we arrived in Anacostia and I was roughly pulled from the wagon and shoved ahead on the sidewalk.

15. Brett was the next to be pulled out and pushed around. He said they had "no business treating a sister that way," referring to my mistreatment. Officer Joyner shoved him and slapped his face and said "Just shut up."

16. At that point Brett spit at Officer Joyner, who hit him across the face several times, threw him down on the ground, then picked him up and hit him a couple of more times. He was pushed and shoved ahead of me by Officer Long, as I followed right behind, being shoved by Officer Joyner.

17. We were hustled through the main entrance and enclosed by locking doors in the alcove between the visitors area and the booking room.

18. Brett was shoved up against the booking room door by Officer Long who hit him in the face several times, then slammed his head into the door several times, repeating his actions of hitting and banging Brett's head against the door until it opened with Long shoving Brett into the door and it opening. He then grabbed his gun from his holster and handed it to the booking clerk, who was witness to Brett's beating, Long saying "Here, take this before I decide to use it."

19. Brett was shoved into the holding cell with the other men, while I was shoved into the solitary cell. I was threatened with being sent to Central Cell Block because I had no I.D., although three of the officers recognized me and asked, "Are you back again?" They finally conceded to the fact that I was identifiable and said I would be released.

20. While I was in solitary I continued to chant the peace prayer and Native American sweat lodge songs for strength and healing of the earth.

21. After being fingerprinted and photographed and personal information taken, I was released.

22. Norb, Greg and Steven, who were arrested earlier on the White House sidewalk, were sent to Central Cell Block about 1/2 hour before I was released for insufficient I.D. and information.

23. Alan and Scott were released with me, and Brett was still held for assaulting a police officer. He was sent to Central Cell Block.

24. I feared for his well being as he had been severely beaten and brutalized with witnesses present, while I had been left alone for the journey to Central Cell Block by myself.

25. Again, there were no decibel readings taken during my arrest or warnings given, even though I was arrested for audio disturbance. Again, I was arrested while praying with the Buddhist drum chant, which was less than 60 decibels -- there was a person with a tape recorder and microphone standing a foot from me and can verify that I was not exceeding decibel levels when they came in for the arrest.

26. All the arrests of that evening on the park side of the street were without warning and blatant harassment by the police with no justifiable reasons for the arrests.

27. That same night none of the pro-Bush people were arrested or bothered even though they were exceeding decibel levels.

This is a true declaration of facts,

/s/Diana Nomad
Diana Nomad
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