Huddle, et. al.                   CA No. 88-3130
         Plaintiffs pro se            Judge Joyce Hens Green        

Reagan, et. al. Defendants.


I, Craig Kravitz, hereby declare under penalty of perjury that the following is accurate and correct to the best of my knowledge and recollection:

1. On March 2, 1991 I witnessed Lt. Clipper and his fellow officers drag Albert Cole across Pennsylvania Avenue.

2. As soon as the police had him in the middle of the street the paddy wagon was pulled into position to obstruct the view from Lafayette Park.

3. Realizing that the police were roughing Al up, I ran across to the White House side of Pennsylvania Avenue.

4. Once I reached the other side, I heard Al shouting in pain. This was evident due to the fact that the police were banging Al up against the side of the paddy wagon as well as repeatedly throwing him against a police car.

5. On February 24, 1991 I witnessed an episode in the continuing harassment of vigilers in Lafayette Park by U.S. Park Police.

6. I saw Park Police officers point to Diana Nomad from the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue. Soon after the officers pointed to Diana, It was apparent that they were going to arrest her. Realizing this Song sat on her lap.

7. Soon after Song sat down, the police brutally dragged him away as soon as they had Song out of the park, I overheard a female officer say to three of her fellow officers, "What is the point of this arrest?"

8. The rest of her colleges looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

9. Soon after this two officers came in and dragged Diana away.

Under penalty of perjury,

Craig Kravitz
Ricki-Beth Lane
Old Greenwich, Connecticutt 06870

Declaration: Concepcion Picciotto