Sunday-February 24-199l

I attended the lathering at 5:00 to bemoan the start of the ground war and listened to the speeches. I had a "Stop the war" sign and a lighted candle in a bottle. After the speech, I went with my husband and we stood at the fence holding our candles facing Penn. Ave. and the White House. The police in helmets with truncheons lined up in the street in front of us. At one point, some of them came across the street, opened the gate, briefly walked through the crowd, then stood in a semi-circle around the outside of the group of protesters. Some of the protesters were beating on drams, and many of us were standing quietly at the fence with our candles. A police car pulled up and announced, "It is now 6:57, you must disperse, or you will be arrested. This is the first warning. " I felt very upset. I was standing quietly with a candle, and yet was told to disperse, while the pro-war yelling group stationed in front of the White House was ignored. I had to choose between abandoning other people, and giving up my rights to express myself with my candle, or face the intimidating, potentially violent police. I left with great anger and regret - yet I feel I was forced out.

Kathryn C. Burress
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