Robert D. Schurgin
S. S. #019-44-4122
1954 Columbia Rd., N W., #610
WDC, 20009

On Sunday, February 24, I was participating in a peaceful demonstration in Lafayette Park. The demonstration followed a rally that began at five p.m. and ended around six thirty to seven p.m. A total of two hundred people were present at the rally, which ended in a candlelight vigil. At that time, 6:30 - 7 p.m., many people were still engaged in the vigil while others, including myself, participated in the percussion protest. I was beating on a five-gallon plastic bucket with a stick with perhaps twelve to fifteen other people hitting buckets, cans, and other percussive things. Many other people, maybe one hundred, were vocally demonstrating.

Shortly after I had started drumming, two police trucks pulled up to the park on Pennsylvania Ave. I heard something said over a loudspeaker by the police which was muted by the demonstration. After there were many officers at the park, and it seemed likely that they would act somehow, the non-drumming demonstrators circled the drummers and linked arms. I was in the middle and continued to drum. The police had surrounded the whole group. It seemed that a sign was given and they moved into the crowd. They moved fast, with clubs held out horizontally. In front of me, two officers pushed and kicked people out of the way. Since the officers pushed in on all sides, the group had nowhere to move accept into each other. I was being pushed, and saw several officers moving through the crowd by swinging their clubs and fists at anyone in front of them. It was at that time, I was punched in the back of the head, when I turned around, an officer was directly behind me with his back turned. I was trying to find an opening to leave, but it was impossible to voluntarily move anywhere in this chaos.

The police were yelling at people while hitting them. I saw people who pleaded with officers to stop, the officers looked at them and pushed them to the ground. I felt something sharp on my neck and saw that it was a horse that the police were using to move the crowd. I saw several horses pushing through the crowd with the officers swinging their clubs from the horses.

Somehow I found myself on the sidewalk. I could not, and cannot, believe the complete brutality displayed by the police. While

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