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February 24, 1991

Re: Behavior of U.S. Park Police

I was present at a candlelight vigil at Lafayette Park across from the White House in Washington, D.C. today, Sunday, February 24, 1991.

At one point during the demonstration, the U.S. Park Police moved from their position on the other side of the fence, and into the park and began arresting the demonstrators. In this activity, they, the police used excessive force.

By excessive force, I mean two thing:

a> more force than was reasonably necessary to escort the demonstrators to the police vehicle

Examples include: two large police officers dragging away a small sized woman who obviously posed no physical threat. During this maneuver, they (the U.S. Park Police) gripped her very tightly and dragged her very fast. They (two other police officers) ran from behind the woman with the megaphone, and used the save excess of force. With three other persons, one female, the two others male, I noticed a similar use of excess force.

b> the use of horses to disrupt and injure those in the demonstration.

The peaceful demonstrators (many of whom were holding candles) were charged by the U.S. Park Police on horses. Such movement of the horses was always unexpected as the U.S. Park Police had not given any order to move from the present location. In dodging these horses, many people fell down and were bruised and many ran into other people


/s/A. Matthew

A. Matthew

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