May 1986

We, Thomas and Ellen Thomas, will maintain a continuous non-violent, reproachful presence in front of the presidential mansion.

The intention of our demonstration is to illustrate and communicate our opinions and beliefs including, but not limited to:

1) Our religious conviction that in order to live as the Creator intended we must not be part of socio-economic system which values property above people, death above life. In order to illustrate this belief we are willing to forego the living accommodations which we would normally enjoy were we to prostitute ourselves to the socio-economic system which is the United States.

2) Our belief that nuclear weapons embody the efforts of two competing systems of political ideology to protect their respective lifestyles from that of the other, and that the only solution to this seeming impasse is the willingness of the individual component members of the social systems to make whatever personal sacrifices are demanded of their lifestyles in order to E-O]. . " the problem posed by competitive i forms of genocidal and/or suicidal ideologies . In illustration of this belief we the willing of live a lifestyle of such stark austerity that no one with any degree of rationality could possibly us of living with any accommodations.

3) Our belief that the often repeated, and sole "moral" justification of the United States Government in defence of its nuclear arsenal..."nuclear weapons protect religious and intellectual freedom from totalitarianism". . . is a lie of unprecedented proportions. In illustration of this belief we may continue to be arrestted by the U. S. Park Police for no "crime" other than our insistence in practicing our religious and intellectual freedom. We will continue to speak, and distribute literature to passersby explaining the recent regulatory history of 36CFR 50. 27, and 50. 19, and our adventures in the Federal Court system in an effort the to help the public understand the true nature of Freedom.

In addition to a number of protest signs we each intend to have a stock of literature, sign making materials, tools, the clothes on our backs, one extra jacket, raincoat, and/ or poncho, umbrella, several sandwiches, one jug of water, one set of' ski pants, hat, boots, and gloves during the cold weather. We will also be engaging, periodically, in "casual sleeping."

/s/W. Thomas /s/Ellen Thomas

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