Huddle, et. al.                   CA No. 88-3130
         Plaintiffs pro se            Judge Joyce Hens Green        

Reagan, et. al. Defendants.


I, Song, hereby declare under penalty of perjury that the following is accurate and correct to the best of my knowledge and recollection:

1. On January 24, 1991 Park Police agents, acting under the supervision of Captain Irwin, seized, without giving a receipt or charging any infraction of law, a legitimate sign which belonged to me. This sign, which had been in the park since the summer of 1988, was damaged during the seizure, and was later recovered after being abandoned by the Park Police. Video @ 1.10-1.30.

2. On or about January 26, 1991 Park Police agents seized, again without giving a receipt or charging any infraction of law, another sign which belonged to me, and which had also been in the park since the summer of 1988. This sign is still in the custody of the Park Police.

3. On January 27, 1991 Lt. Clipper, acting in concert with numerous identifiable Park Police and DOT agents, ordered the arrest of William Thomas, myself and others for purportedly creating an "audio disturbance."

4. After being frisked, my prayer beads, stocking hat, and mittens were removed from my person for no apparent reason. The officer who removed my prayer beads informed me that they would be returned to me. My prayer beads, which are of great value to me, have still not been returned. I have prayed with these beads every day for over a year since I received them from a dear friend who lives in a temple. They are priceless to me. Numerous appeals to arresting Officer Gurriere to have those prayer beads released have been ignored.

5. On February 7, 1991 Lt. Clipper, acting in concert with numerous identifiable Park Police and DOT agents again ordered the arrest of William Thomas when Thomas continued to play drums after Lt. Clipper had declared there was to be no drumming. After Thomas was arrested I began to beat on a drum and was arrested.

6. On or about February 11, 1991 unknown Park Police agents cut a locked chain from two bicycles -- one of which was registered to me -- and removed my bicycle from where it was locked on the western sidewalk of Jackson Avenue, outside of Lafayette Park primary Park Police jurisdiction.

7. On Saturday evening, February 23, 1991 there were approximately 150 people demonstrating on the south sidewalk of Lafayette Park across from the White House. It had just been announced that a ground war had been launched in the Middle East.

8. My friend and companion, Diana Nomad, was tying white ribbons on the street fence that had recently been erected between Lafayette Park and Pennsylvania Avenue.

9. Officer Joyner of the Park Police warned her, "If you keep that up I'll throw your ass in jail." He removed the ribbons she had put up.

10. Diana, along with Alan Benson, kept tying white ribbons. Alan Benson was arrested. Two unidentified officers pulled Allen over the chain link fence - by his hair - as officers Long and Joyner handcuffed him from behind, then put him into the paddywagon. Scott Galindez was then arrested for drumming and put into the paddywagon.

11. Officer Joyner was coming back for Diana. I sat in Diana's lap. Officer Joyner said to me, "So this is how you want it?!"

12. I said, "Yeah," and he picked me up and said, "You want to get arrested too?!"

13. I said, "Sure," and he handcuffed me and put me in the paddywagon.

14. Soon Diana was put into the paddywagon too -- by whom I was not aware. She was doubled over in pain, between crying and throwing up, and her voice was very weak. She explained that Officer Joyner had carried her to the paddywagon by her wrists, and that it had hurt her very much.

15. My anger was very great. I had always been taught to respect women. Upon arriving at Anacostia station, Officers Long and Joyner pulled Diana and me from our cells in the paddywagon. I told Officer Joyner, "You like to hurt women, you're sick." Officer Joyner replied, "Yea -- well I'm taking something for it."

16. I continued, "You're not my brother when you like to hurt the sisters like that."

17. Joyner yelled, "Shut up," and slapped me across the face.

18. I spat on his uniform.

19. Officer Joyner knocked me down to the ground.

20. At this point I more or less went into a semi-blackout. I came to with a smack on my face on the wooden security door to the booking room, which opened upon impact.

21. I was brought to the desk officer's window. I was becoming aware that my handcuffs had somehow tightened severely. I complained aloud at this, but I heard someone say, "You'll just have to manage." I tried to manage and prayed for strength. A second time I shouted for my cuffs to be loosened. Someone opened the cell. I heard someone say to another: "Leave those on." And the door shut.

22. A little while later I felt as if I was about to blackout. Doubled over, I called out again, and others in the cell appealed for help. Finally, an officer came in and loosened the handcuffs.

23. I then spent from that Saturday night to Monday morning in the D.C. jail system. I was released approximately 2:00 PM Monday afternoon, when I was told the charges against me had been dropped. Under penalty of perjury,

Brett "Song" Hamrick
P.O. Box 27217
Washington, D.C. 20038

Declaration: Craig Kravitz