November 25, 1988

Mr. Stephen M. Studdert
Executive Director
The American Bicentennial Presidential Inaugural
Southeast Federal Center
Building #159
4th and M Streets, S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20599

Dear Mr. Studdert:

This letter is in response to your November 23, 1988 letter requesting use of Lafayette Park (Reservation 10) and the White House sidewalk by the Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) and its contractors for a period beginning November 28, 1988 and ending February 17, 1989 for the construction of a Presidential Reviewing Stand, a media stand and grandstand seating to provide coverage oft he 1989 Inaugural Parade.

In accordance with 36 USC Subsection 724 and park regulations as contained in 36 CFR Part 1 et seq. and 43 CFR Part 5, the use of this parkland is granted subject to revocation at the discretion of the Regional Director, National Capital Region, and the conditions contained herein:

I. General Conditions of the Permit

1. The Presidential Inaugural Committee, et al., hereinafter referred to as permittee, agrees to:

a. Procure public and employee liability insurance from responsible companies with a minimum limitation of $500,000 per person for any one claim and an aggregate limit of $1 million for any number of claims arising from any one incident. The United States of America shall be named as an additional insured on all such policies. All such policies shall specify that the insured shall have


no right of subrogation against the United States for payments of any premiums or deductibles thereunder and such insurance policies shall be asumed by, be for the account of, and be at the permittee's sole risk.

b. Pay the United States the full value for all damages to the lands or other property of the United States caused by him or by his employees, contractors or employees of the contractors. The permittee will be required to post a bond or cash deposit to insure that the area is left in as good condition after conclusion fo Inaufural activities as it was before. The bond or deposit for htis permit is $50,000. The amount represents an estimate of the cost of the Government for permit administration, of clean-up and/or restoration operations that could occur in the event that the permittee causes damage to resources or facilities or fails to satisfactorily clean up te area. Return of the unused (if any) portion of the bond or deposit is subject to compliance with the terms of this permit.

c. Indemnify, save and hold harmless and defend the United States against all fines, claims, damages, losses, judgments and expenses arising out of, or from any omission or activity in connection with activities under htis permit.

2. This permit is only for the area designated as Lafayette Park, U.S. Reservation 10, and for the White House sidewalk for construction of the Presidential Reviewing Stand, media stand and grandstand seating to provide coverage of the 1989 Inaugural Parade and does not permit activities outside that area.

3. All activities pursuant to this permit shall be in compliance with the requirements of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (78 Stat. 252; 42 U.S.C. 2000d et seq.); Title V, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (87 Stat. 394; 29 U.S.C. 794); the Age Discrimination Act of 1975 (89 Stat. 728; 42 U.S.C. 6101 et seq.); and with all other Federal laws and regulations prohibiting discrimination on the grounds of race, color, national origin, handicap, religion, or sex in employment and in providing facilities and services to the public. Nothing in advertising for employees shall be done which will prevent those covered by these laws form qualifying for employment.


4. Permittee hereby agrees to be fully responsible for management, protection, use, maintenance and safety within the park area involved in this authorization until the work is completed, the park aras iinspected and accepted in writing by the National Park Service Officer-in-charge.
a. The National Park Service has designated Kitty L. Roberts, Deputy Associate Regional Director, White House Liaison, (485-9836) as the Officer-in-Charge to administer this permit. Ms. Roberts has the authority to assure compliance with this permit and will at as the sole NPS representative in issuing amendments to this permit or National Park Service instructions or interpretation or permit requirements and park policy. The National Park Service Officer-in-Charge may designate other NPS employees to coordinate certain aspects of this project with the premittee. Karen L. Cucurullo, Park Ranger, White House Liaison, is appointed National Park Service On-site Coordinator and can be reached at (202) 485-9836.

b. The permittee, only to the extent required bythe permitted use, is granted permission to have contractors, subcontractors, utility companies or others perform work in the area.

(1) All work performed as a result of the permitted use bythe permittee or its agents shall be subject to the conditionsof thispermit, and htepermittee is responsible for ensuring that such work meets the conditions of this permit.

(2) All proposed work shall be submitted in map or diagram form suitable for on-the-ground inspection.

(3) All proposed work shall require written approval by the NPS Officer-in-charge.

5. In the use of this area, the permittee shall require all employees and/or contractors to exercise all normal and reasonable safety precautions and to protect park property. Suitable devices such as barricades, fences, lanterns, etc., necessary for employee and public safety, shall be provided and adequately maintained. Such devices require the concurrence of the NPS Officer-in-Charge.


6. The permitee shall comply with the regulations of the Department of the Interior, the NAtional Park Service, and all Federal and District of Columbia laws, Ordinances or regulations which are applicable to hte area of operation. The permittee shall comply with any instructions from the United States Park Police.

7. No uniformed or non-uniformed personnel of the National Park Service may work for the permittee in any capacity whatsoever.

8. No personal gratuity of any nature whatsoever will be offered to any employee of the Government in connection with the exercise of this permit.

9. All requests, correspondence and meetings desired with the National Park Service pertaining to this permit or project shall be made bythe permittee only. All contractors, subcontrators or cosultants must channel their requests throught hte recognized representatives of the permittee, who in turn, will contact the NPS Officer-in-Charge.

10. All proposed amendments or additions to this permit and all proposed locations of vegicles, equipment, storeage, installations of any kind, areas of activity, work and power plans shall be submitted to the NPS Officer-in-Charge for prior written approval. These proposals shall be in map or diagram form suitable for an on-the-ground inspection. placement of trailers and other work units will be in accordance with the enclosed map. (Attachment A)

a. Arrival schedules and number of all mobile units must be provided in advance an all units in use in the park area must have specific approval of the NPS Officer-In-Charge.

b. Access for all units is to be made from H Street only.

c. All delivery vehicles will park on the south side of H Street. Delivery vehicles will not be allowed within the park.

d. Separate metering whall be installed by the permittee to segregate the permittee's utility usage.


11. A copy of this permit shall be at the site during the use of the park area.

12. All damaged or disturbed areas shall be restored to teh specifications and satisfaction of the National Park Service.

a. The permittee shall obtain approval of specifications of proposed restoration prior to initiating restoration.

b. The permittee shall not be released fromt he responsibility of restoration until specific written acceptance is given by the NPS Officer-In-Charge.

13. If, becuase of the permittee's use of the park area, the National Park Service is required to perform unprogrammed work or sustain unprogrammed costs, such costs shall be borne by the permittee. Programmed NPS services related tot his permit are limited to coordinating services, protection of the park property and routine trash removal normally provided for an event of this size.

14. The permittee shall notify the NPS Officer-in-Charge when use of the area is complete and it is ready for inspection.

II. Specific Conditions fo the Permit

1. Turf areas experiencing heavy pedestrian traffic shall be covered with 3/4" plywood walks.

2. No vehicular traffic will be permitted upon turf areas and parking will be permitted per conditions listed below:

a. Parked vehicles, stored equipment, materials, etc., on turfed or bricked areas shall be supported by plywood sheets of reasonable size for stored materials and at least 4' by 8' by 3/4", supporting the wheels and jacks of all vehicle/mobile units.

b. Temporary plywood driveway supports shall be installed over the brick walkways or the turf areas for the ingress and egress of all vehicles/units or heavy equipment by the National


Park Service. The cost of providing these temproary driveway supports will be charged to the permittees.

c. Arrangements for parking for the permittee employees or subcontractor(s) is the responsibility of the permittee. Parking of private vehicles on park property is prohibited.

3. The spillage of deleterious substances such as engine oil, gasoline, etc., is prohibited.

4. All trash, debris, and litter resulting form this use shall not be allowed to accumulate and shall be continually and promptly bagged. Trash is to be placed in outside trailers for pick up by NPS personnel only between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m, and 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. daily.

5. No excavation or disturbance of park features or landscape shall be permitted under this permit without written approval of the NPS Officer-in-Charge.

6. All necessary precautions as deemed necessary by the NPS Officer-In-Charge shall be taken to prevent damage to underground utilities, and any utilities damaged by this work whall be promptly repaired. Special care shall be taken to avoid damage to the underground sprinkler system in Lafayette Park. A sprinkler system plan is available at the NPS trailer in Lafayette Park.

7. All cables, power lines, etc., shall be run in an orderly manner and contained in throughs. No power lines can be strung between trees or overhead. Thoughs will be provided by the National Park Service and costs charged to the permittee.

8. All trees in the immediate vicinity of the work areas shall be protected with substantial and adequate guards constructed by the NPS. Costs of the work will be borne by the permittee.

9. The National Park Service will be responsible for all snow and ice removal on park roadways and walkways. Unauthorized use of salt or snow shovels is prohibited. A cleared area must be maintained to allow access for snow removal equipment (at least 4' wide).


III. Protection of the Public and General Welfare

1. Snow fence shall be erected by the National Park Service on some above-the-gound support to contain the networks andpool working areas.

2. A 24-hour guard may be posted beginning the first day units are placed until departure from the area. This guard service shall be subjected to National Park Service approval. Advance notice of this service must be given to the NPS Officer-In-Charge at least 48 hours in advance of its start.

3. Sleeping overnight in park areas, including in any trailers/work units by permittee employees or subcontractor workmen is prohibited.

4. All employees working in thearea shall have badge identification issued byt he permittee and any other identification approved bythe Inaugural Committee and U.S. Secret Service.

5. Adequate sanitation facilities shall be installed by the permittee for employee use. These units shall be placed in "low profile" locations and be subject to approval of the NPS Officer-in-Charge.

Unless revoked or extended in writing, permission to use this parkland will expire February 17, 1989, and restoration of this parkland shall begin concurrently with takedown and be completed to the satisfaction of the NPS Officer-in-Charge by April 1, 1989.

Sincerely, James J. McDaniel
Associate Regional Director
White House Liaison


ACCEPTED AND AGREED TO THIS 29th day of November, 1988

By: /s/ Stephen M. Studdert

Title: Executive Director


National Park Service
National Capital Region
White House Liaison
1100 Ohio Drive, S.W.
Room 344
Washington, D.C. 20242

United States Department of the Interior

National Capitol Region
1100 Ohio Drive, SW
Washington, D.C. 20242



Date: November 25, 1987

In accordance with Park Regulations as contained in C.F.R., Title 36, Chapter 1, Section 50.19, permission is granted to conduct a public gathering to the following:


Date(s): November 28, 1988 through February 17, 1989

Time: Starting: 11/28/88 12:01 a.m. Ending: 2/17/89 11:59 p.m.

Location(s): Lafayette Park and White House Sidewalk*.

Purpose(s): Persidential Inaugural (incuding set-up and tear-down)

Anticipated number of participants: 3,000

Person(s) in Charge: Mr. Stephen M. Studdert, Executive Director, The American Bicentennial

Address(es): Presidential Inaugural, Southeast Federal Center, Bldg. #159, 4th and M Sts., SE, Washington, D.C. 20599

Telephone Nos. Day: (202) 252-3000 Evening:

This permit is granted subject to the following conditions:

1. Permittee and all participants authorized therein must comply with all of the conditions of this permit and with all reasonable directions of the United States Park Police.

2. All sidewalks, walkways, and roadways must remain unobstructed to allow for the reasonable use of these areas by pedestrians, behicles, and other park visitors. *Please refer to the attached additional conditions relative to the use of Lafayette Perk an the White House Sidewalk.



3. All laws, rules and regulations applicable to the area covered by this permit remain in effect.

4. No fee may be collected, donations solicited, nor commercial activity conducted, and no articles, except those expressing views through printed matter, such as newspapers, pamphlets, posters, buttons, or bumper stickers, may be offered for sale.

5. The area must be left in substantially the same condition as it was prior to the activities authorized herein, and all litter shall beplaced in the trash containers provided.

6. This permit is applicable only for the use of the area designed above, and during the times designated above, or in any area as may hereafter be designated by the United States Park Police.

7. The use of sound amplification equipment, or other hand-portable sound amplification equipment to be used for crowd control purposes only, is prohibited on the White House Sidewalk (South 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., sidewalk between East Executive Avenue). All sound amplification equipment shall be limited so that it will not unreasonably disturb nonparticipating persons in, or in the vicinity of, the area.

8. The National Park Service reserves the right to immediately revoke this permit at any time should it reasonably appear that the public gathering presents a clear and present danger to the public safety, good order or health, or if any conditions of this permit are violated.

Manus J. Fish
Regional Director,
National Capital Region

Al Dale
Chief, Dibision of
Public Events

NOV 14 1988

NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC: Temporary Closure of Lafayette Park

Various sections of Lafayette Park will be closed to the public from November 14, 1988 to January 31, 1989 for the purpose of constructing and dismantling various components for the 1989 Presidential Inauguration to be held on January 20.

Specifically, the southern section of the park, which is the lower portion of Lafayette Park from south of the Jackson Statue to Pennsylvania Avnue, including the sidewalk, will be closed from November 21, 1988 through January 31, 1989. Other areas of the park will be closed as construction progresses. Persons demonstrating in the park or otherwise using the southern section of the park, including the Pennsylvania Avenue sidewalk, should remove themselves and any personal property by 6:30 a.m. on November 21.

Those persons wishing to continue their demonstration activity may do so in other prts of the park, if the areas are not closed, or in the northeast quadrant of the park. The northeast quadrant will remain open for thispurpose throughout the Inauguration construction period. For information on other area closures during the construction process, please contact the National Capital Region Office of Public Affairs at 1100 Ohio Drive S.W., Room 112, telephone: (202) 485-9660.

The National Park Service appreciates the public's cooperation in this matter.

Sandra A Alley
Associate Regional Director
Public Affairs