U. S. Department of Justice
United States Attorney
District of Columbia
Judiciary Center
555 Fourth St. N. W.
Washington, DC 20001

William Thomas
1440 N Street, NW.
Apartment No. 410
Washington, D.C. 2C005

October 2, 1989

Re: Huddle v. Reagan, et al.,
Civil Action No. 88-3130 JHG

Dear Mr. Thomas:

This is in response to your September 26, 1989 letter to Assistant United States Attorney Michael L. Martinez of this office in which you propose amending Judge Green's September 13, 1989 Order in this matter. This office declines acceptance of your proposed amendments to that Order. We have been authorized by the Department of Interior, however, to advise and assure you that the United States Park Police personnel and the other federal defendants in this matter will not interfere with lawful communicative activities between plaintiffs in this civil action, including Concepcion Picciotto, and members of the news media and general public in Lafayette Park, Washington, D.C.

Very truly yours,

United States Attorney

Chief, Civil Division