United States v. Thomas
CR 87-60, 87-64


Letter - US Magistrate

Information to William Thomas

Information to Ellen Thomas

Information to Stephen Semple

Information to Phillip Joseph

3/3/87 Motion To Consolidate Cases For Trial

3/10/87 Judges Order setting Consolidation Hearing

Notice of Consolidation Hearing

Notice of Consolidation Hearing

3/13/87 Response to Consolidation

Response to Consolidation

Opposition to Consolidation

Motion to Dismiss

3/23/87 Government's Opposition To Defendant's Motion To Dismiss

4/1/87 Defendant's Response to Govt's Opposition

4/6/87 Order to Consolidate

4/9/87 Notice

4/12/87 Letter for Discovery

Motion to Proffer Evidence

Motion for Jury Trial

Motion to Dismiss for Malicious Prosecution

Motion to Dismiss for Necessity

Motion to Dismiss for ex post facto enforcement

4/17/87 Govt. Response to Motions

4/21/87 Motion To Dismiss by Reason of an Act of God

Second Declaration Of Defendant William Thomas

Motion for Discovery of Malicious Prosecution

Motion To File Out Of Time

Declaration Of Ellen Thomas

4/23/87 Transcript

Judges Order

5/1/87 Motion to Reconsider

5/12/87 Defendants' Motion to Reconsider Defendants' Motions

Response to Govt. Motion for Reconsideration

Notice/Declaration of Ellen Thomas

Notice/Declaration of Sunrise

Notice/ Declaration of Philip Joseph

5/18/87 Govt. Response to Def. Response

5/26/87 Judges Order

Judges Memorandum

Notice of Receipt

6/25/87 Notices of Appeal

US App. No. 87-3030

7/21/87 Motion for Summary Reversal

7/21/87 Order Consolidating Appeals

7/28/87 Motion for Enlargement of Time

7/30/87 Motion for Extension of Time

8/3/87 WT Opposition to Summary Reversal

Leave to File
Petition for Writ Of Mandumus

8/7/87 ET Opposition to Summary Reversal

8/17/87 Govt. Reply to Opposition

8/25/87 Notice of Unaddressed Issues

9/22/87 Appeals Court Order


10/9/87 Petition for Rehearing

11/16/87 Letter To Mr. Davey

Declarations in Support of Indigence

12/4/87 Motion To Strike

12/8/87 Order

12/15/87 Judges Order

12/22/87 Motion to Reconsider

Motion for Transcripts

Remanded Back To Lower Court

1/12/88 Govt. Opposition to Motion to Reconsider

Govt. Opposition to Motion for Transcripts

Notice to William Thomas

Notice To Ellen Thomas

1/21/88 Motion to Reschedule Hearing

1/26/88 Motion for New Trial

1/28/88 Transcript

WT Objection to Presentencing Report

SS Objection to Presentencing Report

2/9/88 Motion to Reduce Sentence

2/19/88 Notices of Appeal

Ellen Thomas, Sunrise, Phillip Joseph

3/3/88 Court of Appeals Data

4/21/88 Motion for Sentencing Transcript

5/9/88 Memorandum

Motion to Reschedule Filing Dates

Motion to Reschedule Filing Dates

Motion for Sentencing Transcripts
Philip Joseph

Copy of Decision
Philip Joseph

6/8/88 Govt. Reply to Defendants Motion

6/8/88 Defendants Response to Governments Reply

9/23/88 Brief of Appellants

10/28/88 Brief of Appellees

11/21/88 Oral Briefing Order

12/02/88 Reply Brief of Appellants

3/15/89 Final Order

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