CO-186 (12/86)



           vs.                     Criminal No. 87-00064



Please be advised that the above entitled action is set for the Hearing on motion for reconsideration or/sentencing of ELLEN THOMAS , 1440 N St., NW, Apt . 4 10 D.C. on January 28 , 19 88 at 9:30 (a,m./p.m.) before Judge CHARLES R. RICHEY in Courtroon 11 , 4th Floor, United States Courthouse. The defendant and his/her defense counsel Robert M. Hurley, Esq. 25 E St,NW, D.C. are required to be present,

Notwithstanding the obligation of the D,C. Pretrial Services Agency and/or the Surety to notify the defendant of his/her required appearance in court at sentencing, the Court futher has directed that defense counsel also shall take appropriate action to assure the presence of the defendant in court at sentencing.

In addition and in accordance with Rule 32 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, as amended defense counsel shall secure a copy of the Presentence Investigation Report (without the Sentencing Recommendation to the Court) from the Probation Office in Room 2800 on the second floor of the United States Courthouse between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. daily, The Report shall be available-to the defendant at least five day. before the sentencing date. In personal recognizance or bond cases, the Report shall be available in the Probation Office. In custody cases, the defendant may be seen in the cellblock of the courthouse by defense counsel making prior arrange meets with the Deputy Clerk named below who Will coordinate and assist in arrangements with the United States Marshal and the facility of incarceration.

It shall be the duty of defense counsel to have the defendant read the Presentence Report, discuss it with the defendant, and in the event of any material factual inaccuracies In the report, immediately advise the Probation Office in writing. The Prabation Officer shall make any supplemental information available to the sentencing judge along with any corrections of inaccuracies and any other comments the Probation Officer may wish to make. The supplemental information shall be made available to the defendant, his/her attorney and the Government attorney before sentencing.

Immediately after the defendant has had an opportunity to read the Presentence Report and discuss it with defense counsel, defense counsel shall return the Report to the Probation Office. Neither the defendant nor his/her attorney shall be permitted to make any copies of the report.

The defendant and his/her attorney shall sign a receipt for the Presentence Report on the form provided by the Probation Office, which shall indicate that the defendant has read the report and discussed it with his/her attorney. The Probation Office shall deliver the receipt to the Clerk for filing in the official Court file.

At the time of sentencing the defendant and his counsel shall have an opportunity to comment upon the Report. If counsel intends to introduce m testimony relating to any alleged material factual inaccuracy contained in the Report, counsel shall make to the Court a written proffer of the testimony sought prior to the sentencing date.

The Government shall have access to the Presentence Report through the Probation Office (Room 2800) to the same extent that the Report has been provided to the defendant and defendant's counsel.


Deputy Clerk

cc: Judge's chambers
Courtroom Clerk
Pretrial Services
U. S. Probation Office Assistant U. S. Attorney.