versus                          CRIMINAL NUMBER 87-62
                                Judge Charles Richey


I, William Thomas (Thomas), defendant pro se in the above entitled matter, hereby declare under penalty of perjury that the following is true and correct to the best of my understanding:

1. That on or about August 20, 1974 I was married, owned a home, several automobiles, and a business in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and was on a business trip in Los Angeles, California.

2. At approximately 6:00 PM I was walking through a parking lot in a section of downtown L.A., which was unfamiliar to me, when I was suddenly stricken with a revelation.

3. The impression was as if the world and the earth stood still as I was profoundly impressed by the concept: "IN ORDER TO BE FREE YOU MUST POSSESS NOTHING."

4. I stood transfixed as my mind began to reorganize the experiences of my lifetime around, what seemed to me, a novel concept.

5. Next I was forced to confront the question: "IS TIME HOURS, OR IS TIME LIFE?"

6. After regaining control of my faculties I first took my wristwatch from my arm, and threw it in the parking lot, and then took a wad of bills, exceeding five thousand dollars, and threw it into the parking lot, and walked away without ever retrieving those articles.

7. Immediately I was convinced I had been the victim of an Act of God because many questions which had bothered me from childhood were resolved. Since that day I have not worn a watch, and my life has changed radically.

8. Upon returning to my wife and home in New Mexico, I began to think deeply about the ramifications of my experience in Los Angeles. I began studying the Bible and other "holy books" in search of the purpose which God intended for me.

9. I came upon the words of Jesus:

10. I was deeply troubled by those words for I knew that if those words were the Truth then my lifestyle ... building a bank account, buying insurance policies, trying to hedge against "the evils of tomorrow" ... was Wrong.

11. It was impossible for me to escape the necessity of putting those words to an acid test. It seemed the best test which I had been able to conceive would be to walk across North Africa, from Casa Blanca to Cairo, without any money.

12. The day after my step-son graduated from high school in 1976, I left my home in Albuquerque to make my pilgrimage across North Africa. Walking into the badlands south of Albuquerque, leaving behind a comfortable home, and a woman I loved, I asked myself what I was doing, and whether I could possibly be sane. Suddenly I remembered the verse: "He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me, and he who loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me." Matthew 10: 37-39; see also Luke 14: 25-27; 17: 33; 9: 23-24; Matthew 16: 24-25; Mark 8: 34-35; John: 12 25.

13. My experiences in wandering the world could fill several volumes; however they all lead directly to the conclusion that, in order for me to remain true to my initial revelation (supra, para. 4 and 5), and to pursue individual responsibility, I could no longer continue as a member in any organization which would be prepared to eliminate life from the Earth in an effort to protect its lifestyle, or its economic interests.

14. Incorporating by reference paragraph 13, I realized that the nuclear arsenal of the United States of America represented a clear potential to eliminate Life from the Earth. Therefore I decided to cease being an American citizen.

15. On or about October 1, 1980 I was forcibly brought from England into the legal jurisdiction of the United States of America by agents in the employ of an unknown governmental agency. My re-introduction into the United States was against my will, and, to the best of my knowledge, against the law.

16. Once inside the United States I had no alternative except to behave as outlined in paragraphs 3 thru 20, Motion Of Defendant Thomas To Proffer Evidence Of A Defense Of Necessity, filed April 15, 1987.

17. So my actions on December 22, 1986 were a direct and proximate result of the Act of God which I suffered on or about August 20, 1974.

Sworn to this 21st day of April, 1987

William Thomas, Defendant Pro Se
1440 N Street NW, #410, DC 20005


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