United States 

      verses,                      Cr. No. 87-61
                                   Judge Charles R. Richey
Sunrise, aka 
Stephen Semple 


1. This report recommends that I be confined for a sixty day period as a personal and general deferent. However, this would assumedly be to deter me from the "crime" of "camping," and I have already taken several steps to clear this matter up before the United States District Court, and the probation office by submitting several motions, and applying for a permit, from the superintendent of the National Park Service, an agency which is responsible for issuing permits "to authorize an otherwise prohibited or restricted activity" [ see 36 CFR 1.6 (7-1-87 Edition)]. This permit, which Mr. Hunter has received a copy of, was approved on or about December 26, 1987. Therefore, I feel that justice in this case would be better served if Mr. Hunter would recommend a stay of sentencing pending the outcome of the civil case Thomas v. United States.

2. The recommendation section of this report states that, (a) "efforts to supervise the defendant in the community have been to little avail as (b) Mr. Semple has not worked,(c) he has not provided court ordered monies,(d) and continues to reside in Lafayette Park."


A) I object to the premise that "...efforts to supervise the defendant ... have been to little
avail...", I believe that I have compiled a very good record for keeping appointments with Mr. Hunter. However, I do not think that I need "supervision" from a man, I seek "...the approbation of my God..." (Aquarian Gospel 50:20) as I encourage all people of all nations to do (See Aq. Gosp. chap. 122).

B) "Mr.Semple has not worked" is a false statement. I work every day, my job is to "give my life in service of my fellow men" (Aq. Gosp. 129:4).

C) "he has not provided court ordered monies" is true,however, this statement does not reflect the facts that I have taken a vow of poverty, and that the little money I do receive, from miscellaneous, unsolicited donations, and donations solicited from close associates, only covers the most basic expenses like coffee, cigarettes, and musical supplies, and that if I do receive that much money, I will pay the court costs.

I do not think that the matter of the $25.00 special assessment imposed by J. Gasch should be
represented as a "probation violation" because it is presently before the Circuit Court.

D) This statement that I "continue(s) to live in Lafayette Park." reflects an opinion held by certain representatives of the United States Government, the United States District Court and the United States Probation Office, it is not the truth. I do not live anywhere on this earth, as I have said repeatedly, I live in my heart. I use Lafayette Park to demonstrate my lifestyle, which is an
attempt to serve our Father-God in heaven, by putting myself high upon the stand, which is symbolic of putting a lamp high upon the stand so that it may light the house. (See Aq. Gosp. 95:31-34, and the Bible St. Matt. : )

3. The presentence report probation condition (2), states: Remove (self) from park for five consecutive hours "(for sleeping)" every twenty-four hour period. The phrase "(for sleeping)" is not in the order issued by J. Oberdorfer and should therefore be deleted.

4. Mr. Hunter says that I have criticized the Reagan administration by saying that his administration is responsible for the proliferation of materialism. I believe this to be a


misrepresentation of my basic religious beliefs, for I am not here to judge the world but to seek salvation for myself by seeking the righteousness of God and encouraging all people of the world to do the same before it is too late. (See Ag. Gosp. 145:18, also compare to the Bible, : _ )

5. I take strong exception to the representation that: "Although defendant and his companions espouse non-violence and biblical principles the defendant and his associates are often verbally belligerent in their unsolicited espousal of rhetoric and argumentativeness."

A) I do not claim to be the most polished of advocates, however I do not believe that Mr. Hunter can substantiate that I have been either "belligerent," or unreasonably "argumentative," or that I have uttered any word which would not be fully protected under the laws of this country.

B) I do not believe that Mr. Hunter can substantiate that any of my co-defendants in this case have been either "belligerent," or unreasonably "argumentative."

C) Aside from my co-defendants in this case, I do not believe that Mr. Hunter has any personal knowledge which would enable him to distinguish my "companions" from other individuals, whose "companionship" may amount to nothing more than that they happen to be in the same public park at the same time, or individuals, who may not "espouse nonviolence and biblical principles," or my same moral principles, but with whom I am only attempting to achieve understanding.


6. Mr. Hunter misrepresents me as "a proponent of World Peace and Anti-nuclear proliferation." The Court may be inclined to view this objection as a matter of semantics, but I ask the court to consider that Mr. Hunter has cast doubt on my sanity, and recommended my incarceration.

(a) I have met with Mr. Hunter many times, and have constantly stated my goal as "Peace on earth; good will to men." I have repeatedly explained to Mr. Hunter that, in my vocabulary, "World Peace" is a concept which relies on force and violence to strip the earth of it's resources, control food supplies, and deny basic neccessities to those in need because of money. I have stated to Mr. Hunter that "Peace on earth; good will to every living thing" means harmony between God, human, and nature. Although "World Peace," and "Peace on Earth; good will to men" may appear to be synonomus, to my mind these terms represent concepts which are as disparate as "God," and "Devil."

(b) My opposition to nuclear weapons rests on moral, rather than political reasons. I never spend my time on "anti-nuclear proliferation." My time is spent on "pro-love proliferation." Ultimately, I believe, pro-love proliferation would eliminate nuclear proliferation, but only as a side effect. It is my position that "Peace on earth; good will to men" equates to "Peace through Love," as distinct from "World Peace and arms building" which equates to "Peace through Strength," and that the two schools of thought are diametrically oppsed in principle.

(Washington Times cartoon 1-21, 1988)

Times cartoon 1-21, 1988)


7. Mr. Hunter has stated that my mother told him she thought I would benefit from "inpatient psychiactric treatment." I have spoken to my mother, and she denies making such a


statement. I would like the court to hear testimony on this point from both my mother and Mr. Hunter.

8. "...the defendant indicated people occasionally give him money for his guitar playing. This does not present philosophical dissidence, as the claims he does not solicit monies and these funds are rewards for his 'good deeds."' This statement gives the impression that I expect to receive money for "good deeds", this would definitely go against my religious beliefs for Jesus said, "...[your] deeds are seeds ... And when you sow, sow seeds of right, because it is the right, and not in the way of trade, expecting rich rewards." (Aq. Gosp. 100:8,12) I try not to take any thought for the things of earth, and especially money (Aq. Gosp. 99:22).

9. Since it is impossible for anyone to live in a post office box, I declare my "LEGAL RESIDENCE" to be "wherever my heart is", instead of "same as address".

10. I do not consider myself to be a "citizen" of the United States of America or any other country of this world. I was born into this world in Washington D.C. on 3-28-61, however, I am not "owned" or volontarily controled by any man or government of this world. I am mearly "submiting myself to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake", (See Peter I 2:?) in order to seek, the true kingdom, which is a spiritual place within the soul, the righteousness of God, and the good of men. (Aq. Gosp. 99:30, also compare to Bible). I therefore, declare my citizenship to be defined as "universal".

11. The education section of the presentence report says that my "education" consists of only 2 years college. I consider


everything that I have, do, and will experience to be part of my education. Therefore, I declare that the education section would more accurately describe me if it would state that I am "forever learning."

12. The social security section of this report claims that my "social security number" is 226-86-3725. I do not see how this number can secure me in any way. For there is no place on earth that is "secure from moth, and rust and thieves," (Aq. Gosp. 99:16-22, also compare Bible verses).


Hopefully the Court will preceive that a "civilization" which defines "war" as "peace" is on the wrong track. SEE, George Orwell's book, 1984. Perhaps "peace on Earth" factually is "world peace," in which case I would be wrong, but not necessarily evil, while Mr. Hunter would be right, but I think this would present a valid question of fact.


If the Court can accept that war is not peace, and that a society which believes differently is misdirected, then it should not be difficult to see that an individual who devotes his life to hammering out accurate definitions of "war" and "peace" does society a great service. So I ask the Court to entertain testimony to determine this fact.


At best, I think that Mr. Hunter's choice of words indicates that he has no understanding of the principles which have


impelled me to be in Lafayette Park. I pray the Court will allow testimony to determine whether Mr. Hunter has sufficient understanding of the my purpose, motives, and actions to write a report which may effect the rest of my life.

6) The report says I used Dilaudid for three to four months. I told Mr. Hunter that I used them for three to four weeks.

7) The report notes two arrests in D.C., but does not indicate that the charges were dropped. Both dropped charges appear in two places (i.e. Bail/Detention, and Prior Record).

8) The report says my signs are 5ft. x 5ft., which would violate regualtions, actually they are 4ft. x 4ft.

NOTE: My name should appear as "Sunrise aka Stephen Semple" on all headings, and as "Sunrise", in all texts written by this office because of my First Amendment right to a religiously motivated name change. (See 60 Am Jur. 2d 1156)


Sunrise (aka Stephen Semple)
Defendant, pro se


I, Sunrise, hereby certify that a copy of the foregoing DEFENDANT'S OBJECTIONS TO THE PRESENTENCE REPORT was served by hand upon U.S. Probation Officer, Henry Hunter, at the Probation Office, U.S. District Courthouse, 400 John Marshall Place, Washington, D.C., 2001 on this 28th day of January, 1988

Sunrise (aka Stephen Semple)