By a midwife in a Mount Olive Community in 1945 was born
Elijah Alfred Alexander, Jr., as he has always been known,
to Elijah, Senior, daddy, and Annie Brooks (Gaulden) mother,
with two sisters older and sandwiched by an older and younger brother.

December '63 he finished his high schooling, a year and a half late,
while working also, and by the next year's end had a military date.
He was married the next spring to one Camala Louise Taylor, by name,
who mothered Karn Marshell, a girl, and a boy the third of the same.

Vietnam was in full swing and took him twice to the east
where he, by one, helped the population to increase.
As an aircraft mechanic he finally got orders for Japan
only to have a medical discharge return him stateside again
where he, by another boy's wife, increased the population,
totaling six (two in sixty five before the marriage relation).

In '72 he divorced, and in '74 married again,
Dellie Mae Bolton, and before three months was a preacher man.
In August of '76 he gave up being a telephone maintenance man,
to obey the messianic call to "judge not, go into all the land,
observe all things though you'll have no place for your head."
Traveling by foot his comforts got heavy so the extras he shed.

Living like animals and not judging he used the art of reason,
saw all things relative and put all things of man into a season
and became mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially free.
He believes its how all christs, titled Christians, are called to be.

          MY SENDING

Who will plant seeds of understanding
in the fertile minds of man
since the harvest time is so near
and some fallow minds yet stand?

Who has observed with an understanding eye
what the meshiach within has revealed
since only by understanding the things which are
is the mystery of salvation unsealed?

I cried out to the master's finial call
"Here am I, lord, send me,"
IT purified me to the truth of The Word
and by that sending I am free!


The name Elijah was given to me,
After my dad it is said to be,
Yet they gave me a name other
Than what dad got from his mother.
Alfred, meaning Wise counselor, is the name
They gave me Junior with but dad had not the same.

"A rolling stone gathers no moss," said mom,
Telling me my life is to be that of a bum;
I was told riches are for me,
How is bum to be my destiny?
Wealth has a definition that we're not told,
A rich realization that's far better than gold.

I'm a junior, not because of how dad is named
But because of what the prophets of old clamed.
I am the rolling stone, just as mom said,
But I'm no bum; I am given provisions and bread.
My wealthy comprehension began in years past
And riches in gold will become mine at last.


There is this something strange in town
which the masses can not understand,
it looks somewhat like an animal, in actions too,
yet it looks, acts, and even talks like man.

It walks upright like most any man
but keeps its body almost bare,
it's befriended by a great number of people
and in its present both genders are there.

It has often a dirty and smelly body
with unkept hair on face and head,
it eats from most anywhere, growing, food lines,
or taking from where it is seen, but never beg.

It has little value and use for money,
caring for its body is its only concern
though at a look it seems not so,
which causes most heads to turn.

What can this strange thing be that's seen about the city?
What is its purpose? Is there something it need?
What to offer it since it doesn't seem to want?
It laughs loud and hard seeming joyous indeed.

Man of all ages like it, most cameras can take a shot
It most never rejects anyone nor requires their change,
wherever you see it, it's there it calls home,
and no matter weather conditions, it's still the same.

It once had thoughts like other man, was a sexist,
a lover of family, ethnic group, country and all,
was a middle-class citizen, even a preacher,
but found that those lives were not his call.

What is this strange thing out of place in the city
that at a glance it's thought to be insane?
It's that which gave foundation to the word woman,
the type of man the woven from man came.


Here I am on the road again
while society say I'm less than a man
because I have no responsibility
in the only life I know as free.

Food for the gut is my only care
not a bath, cloth, or my hair,
other than that, I have no worry
walking's my way, I'm in no hurry.

I enter as many towns as I can
to pick the minds of any man,
for knowledge is the thing I seek
the thing that makes my life complete.

Then I'll tell you of the things I know
of where I've been and want to go,
of the principles I use to guide my life
and even why I forsook my wife.

I follow a man who many call god,
many say they follow but dare not trod.
The open road is the way of that man
is why his words man don't understand.

Many of his words I hold quite dear
but some I reject without a fear.
A religion was made of his title
Yet they preach him, not his recital.

I'll tell of hunting and fishing just for fun
in the sport created by the gun;
of farmers keeping all but one plant down
and destroying plant's food under the ground.

I'll tell of corruption on the judgment seats,
of the police brutality found on the streets,
of a government that doesn't rule as it should
and the preaching of god for the world's good.

I'll tell how man are armed with nuclear power
they can delivered within any hour.
That's why I'll stay on the open road
with my cross the light load.


As each day passed and winter came on,
as gray clouds grew and little sun shone,
with few times snow and other times rain,
in summer's heat and winter's cold I dressed the same.

In shirt*, short-sleeved sometimes and other times long,
from slitted shorts extended reddish brown legs strong;
with bare feet the dry and cold had caused to crack
some knowledgeless man came to think my mind slack.

Some said he's loco, others asked are you cold,
some offered coverings, and their peace others would hold;
some pretended not to see as others looked me in the eye,
but harassment came from Hispanics and the ethnic same as I.

Few who see me can understand that which I do,
most man wonder, desire to ask, but are afraid to.
Since you want to know, I'll explain the reason why,
it's what Christians call being tried by the fire.

In just a few years a new age will dawn
when the new beginning will have begun,
the time when the dragon will eat its tail,
and death proves that after it there's no hell.

Before that time, what man is to do must be shown,
what is expected of our lives must be made known,
readying others for that, those who will and can,
is what I am about. "I am the Aquarian Man!"

*Written in 1982 before becoming shirtless.


Don't worry 'bout me,
I'm joyous as can be,
When my dying day is come
my batt'ul u'll be won.

You! Seek out your place
that in death is grace
and your sorrows are behind
and at peace is your mind.

I know what I've gone through to reach my goal,
the sorrows that have plagued me as I forsook their gold.
Soooooooo, on I can go
Sorrows are no mo.


It is written that Elijah1, a prophet, shall come on the scene
prior to the great tribulation with the end it brings.
Hearts of fathers to children and children's to fathers he's to turn
which is the work of a counselor, that should be easy to discern.
There is a name that means counselor, don't you know,
a name he will wear to identify with scripture, I think so.

He's to fight diligently for a curse, man's end, to prevent
like a defender would to stop any unwanted event,
that makes a defender to be a name he will also wear
to identify with what is written in the scriptures there.

There were two signs2 to come in the ending the cycle's matter
and a name for the second one will surely mean the latter.

There's a scripture saying in my mother's womb god spoke my name3
meaning some form of a certificate will show from birth it came,
making a changed name person to have no right to such a claim.
Out of the Judah4 prophesied for the end will he come to fame.
As a Faithful and True5 warrior he'll be the only party to his name
with all their definitions to give as he's accepted and gains fame.

Elijah—Almighty God Is I Am That I Am.......Exodus 23:20-21
Alfred—Wise Counselor.......................Malachi 4:6
Alexander—Defender of Man......................Malachi 4:6
Junior—The Latter...........................Exodus 4:6-8

—Elijah Alfred "NatureBoy" Alexander Jr.


This is called The Book Of Elijah because it's how I have read the events of my life to come into the understanding in SEEDS OF LIFE. It is called A Letter To The World because each man, in order to survive the end of civilization, must do the same for their lives. I, Elijah Alfred Alexander, Jr., wrote this to show how the events of my life set the foundation for the understanding presented in SEEDS OF LIFE. That analysis did not began until I began to walk without hitching, in 1978, in this wayfaring life of the nomad, and unless otherwise stated, everything is from memory.


Records indicate Elijah Alexander, Sr. married Annie Brooks "AB" Gaulden in 1940. They produced Annie Louvinia in August of 1940, LaJoye in July 1942, Frank in June 1943, Elijah Alfred, Jr. in February 1945, and Lloyd Andrew in December, 1946. That's six children by one girl in six years, four months and about eight days. For me, that was to many children born so close together, especially since all other mammals have one set of offsprings they nurse until just prior to puberty. That caused me to search for the cause behind man's sexual behavior.

I am told a midwife separated me from the womb at midnight between February 2 & 3, 1945 in a house some two or three football fields west of the Mount Olive6 Baptist Church building the community got its present name from. Then the area was called Ruston Rural, and is now called Grambling, Louisiana, United States of America. (Louisiana is actually "set apart from" or is the only non-Constitutional state of the United States, so it is qualified to be called "Nazareth"7 of prophecy [there was not a place called Nazareth in the land called Israel during the time of Yeshua ha'meshiach, one was not founded until about 100 AD].) The United States is a young country and the only land of plenty today, it is, therefore, qualified to be called Bethlehem Ephratha and Judah.8.

My earliest memory occurred when I was less than a year old, about the time I was just pulling up, standing alone or maybe learning to walk. I estimate about eight-months-old. I was left asleep in a rails-up baby-bed in the house of my birth and awoke to an empty house. I called out for someone to get me out of the bed. No one came after the much noise I was using as my calling out, so I began to cry loudly. After what appeared to be a long time an inner voice said, "No one is coming to get you, you may as well become content", and I began to play in the bed. After a while my mother came and praised me for being a good boy and not crying. My memory is the house faced south and the bed was against the east wall of the southeast room. That memory's lesson "learn to be content alone and was my first conscious memory of being taught by Yehuveh," as you will see under My New Conception, Gestation And Birth, where Yehuveh reminds me.

My next memory was in a house I remembered faced east (no one else of our family group remembers it) during the winter of 1946-47. Lloyd was still a baby and it was my first memory of snow. My other siblings were allowed to go out and play in the snow but not me. Using tears I was allowed out but the other children would not allow me help build their snowman. Using the lessons of my first memory I went across the front yard making balls of snow, like a fence that I called my snowman, while saying to the others, "if you won't let me play with you I will make my own snowman." That memory's lesson was, "if others do not allow you be with them do things for yourself". Those two memories also caused me to be independent and not have close attachments to people [I an joyous because of it]. They caused me to enjoy being alone exploring and doing other things while the other four children played together.

I remember drinking a foaming Coke and the foam ran out of my nose, so I thought I could eat through my nose. One evening later, while the whole family ate peanuts around the fireplace, I remembered the Coke incident and pushed a peanut up my nose attempting to eat it. It got stuck and AB used a pin or needle to get out. There is the feeding of man through their nose although they use feeding tubes, another early lesson.

I remember eating my own waste, because our dog did it, and drinking my own urine as a small child. That taught me that if necessary my own body's waste could be used for my survival. In observing the natural animals I have noticed that often times they urinate and defecate in their drinking water, in observing cracks and cuts on my feet since being in this life, I've found when I step in urine or urine water the healing takes place must faster. I also know that the contents of portable toilets are used by drug companies to make antibiotics. Our bodies are the best bio-chemist for its own healing, it takes only what it needs and pass the unwanted out. And I have also discovered that stingings from grass and plants, insect bites, and other irritants, are eliminated by urinating in one's bath water or rubbing ones urine over the area.

There are a multitude of other experimental acts because of my curious nature and observation of other animals. Some I received punishment for after being caught, such as the urine, others only I know about, but all taught me something. My experience of every memory have taught me something once I looked back upon them indifferently.

During the spring of my fourth year I remember Elijah, Sr. loading all of his farming equipment into what I thought at that time was the biggest truck in the world, and left our school teacher mother of five children, who was away teaching school. That left me searching for a father that was never fund until what later became my "New Birth." The father of my "New Birth" is Yehuveh within me.

During that spring's Mount Olive revival, I am told, I asked AB for permission to join the church with an explanation she felt justified in allowing me. During my baptism, I am told by many, as I was being submerged I kicked the water violently. Since water symbolizes knowledge that action was a symbol of my life's purpose. I am to stir all teachings taught by man, as you will see here in SEEDS OF LIFE.

The following year Sr. came to visit us. The three boys went to Baker, Louisiana with him. I was five and began public school at Leland College that fall, where my first two years of school were completed. In 1952 we returned to Mount Olive to visit AB and the girls. As we were about to return to Baker I decided not to return and Lloyd stayed with me. So my third school year was at Live Oak's three room, eight-grade school, across the road from the Mount Olive church-house, still standing in 2005.

It was during my seventh year that I began to question "what is my life's purpose". The answered came by a dream that returned each time I questioned it. The dream: I was leaving AB's house to go to Grambling by a shortcut through the woods. As soon as I entered the woods the ground in front of me became covered with snakes. I turned to return the way I had come to discover I was surrounded by snakes. I stood in the ever-narrowing circle of rapidly approaching snakes and decided to climb a tree but the limbs were covered with snakes. Finally I said as the snakes were almost upon me, "if I am going to get out of here I must do it now" and jumped up and caught a snake by its head and swung on it like Tarzan. At the end of the swing I released it in mid-air, caught another and swing on it. When I released the second snake I was out of the woods in the edge of Grambling. There I passed New Rocky Valley Baptist Church-house and went to Main Street to sit just short of Grambling (then) College and tell the people my experiences in life. The fulfillment to be shown as I get to them.

During that seventh year I remember wanting to be as free as a deer, though I can not remember having seen a live deer to know what being free as a deer was. Also, the next spring, after AB brought Frank back from Baker around Christmas of 1952, he and I were standing in the field across the road from our house when something whizzed by us we thought was a bullet. From then on I have always wanted to know what it feels like to be shot. And it was around this same time that I desired an Asian girl, for no reason that I am aware of.

AB's aunt in Fort Worth, Texas died August 1953 and her preacher uncle asked us to spend one year with him, so we went. [NOTE: Fort Worth is west of Mount Olive on I-20 and was once a fort or "strong hold" as was Jerusalem in II Samuel 5:6-10, fulfilling Zechariah 14:4. It is not the New Jerusalem of Revelation.] From the fourth grade through the ninth I attended James E. Guinn Junior High School. At the end of my fifth grade year, ten-years-old, I became a paperboy and did yard work to get the money I had been conditioned to need.

In my seventh grade class we were taught positive and negative numbers in math. I told the teacher that since positive one added to negative one equals zero (1+ -1=0) the only whole number is zero. Not being able to really explain it I allowed the teacher's denial of it, "zero is not a number", to stand but kept my concept in memory. I did not want to continue going to schiil but AB insisted I at least finish high school, which I did. Now I can explain it. Any positive number added to an equally valued negative number equals zero to make all numbers half of zero since negative is the other part of the number's value. Zero has no negative nor positive therefore it is the only whole number. Since Zero is the only whole number, what we call Universe, with uni meaning one, I call Zeroverse.

My seventh grade year began at twelve. My twelfth birthday is the only time I remembered having any celebration as a child. It was only a family Sunday dinner and AB told me to get the Bible. When I returned she told me to open it and read where it opened. It opened to Ecclesiastes 3 and I read through twelve verses before she stopped me. That concerns a time and season for all things, which caused me to question why the things of man were not seasonal.

At that same time a Christian Mother, Albert, coming to visit uncle Wayne A. Prescott and AB found me playing on the porch. She asked if I was ready to do the work of Elijah9. She did not say what that work was so I replied, "I'm only Elijah only because my daddy's name is Elijah"10, but kept the memory. I am now doing the work of Elijah, working to restore things to its natural state as required in Matthew 17:11 .

At twelve my curious nature turned rebellious and I began to drink, smoke, and to stay out pass the time I should at night. I wanted to see what people do at night. I also began dish washing in a cafe on Friday and Saturday nights, helping my curiosity. [It must be noted that I got more punishment than the other four children together because of my curiosity. Also, I later realized, I was being punished because I was named after Sr. and AB still had a loved/hated for him for leaving her.]

I also began saying thing like this is my sixth time of being on earth, to which my mother gave me a book on reincarnation. Upon saying that I thought to myself that I will find the other five in the Bible. I now realize that the Bible has five avatars, Enoch, Melchizedek, Moses, Elijah and Yeshua ha'meshiach, and I am to become the sixth to complete this half of man's earthly cycle.

I also said, I'm not from this earth but the planet "Zonar" of the dimension of "unasolidation". There the people are large where the people on earth are small, and small where the people of earth are large, yet they look like us here. They also have the ability to plant their children in earth's man-girl. The meaning is: "unasolidation" say I am from what we call the disembodied state, and became incarnated by being put into the sperm-egg combination of AB. "Zonar" begins with the last letter in the English alphabet means I come to end this half of the cycle. Our being small where the people of earth are large and large where they are small says, "I have a love of wisdom where most earth people have the love of material goods".

I grasp things easy. I read slower than most but understand what I read because of reasoning with the words. As a seventh grader I often did English outlines for Annie Louvinia in high school. However, spelling I still have difficulty with today, the poem Focus gives the explanation why, and I have not overcome that yet. Also, since I reasons with my reading, at twelve I was a Sunday School Teacher over six through nine-year-olds. Not enough adults attended Sunday School to have adult teachers. As a Sunday School teacher I felt the need to put the things of the Bible in a direct order. I had noticed how the Bible is a written jigsaw puzzle and I wanted to put in sequence.

My tenth grade year was at I. M. Terrell high school. I did something in one class the teacher saw and asked me to explain why. To my answer "I don't know, I just did it" he replied, No! To everything there is a cause and effect, I can see the effect, now you tell me the cause. Nothing else was done about the incident but the encouraging seed was planted to explained my curious nature. That act was for that teacher to plant that seed with his answer, I now realize. I search for causes behind the effects.

That spring Lloyd and I were washing dishes, grudgingly, and in the process of putting a dish in the drain Lloyd's actions caused a drop of hot water to fall on his neck. He cried and AB wanted to know the problem. He replied, "Elijah dropped some hot water on me", not mentioning it was caused by his actions. I told her he caused it but it didn't matter, I was to get a whipping. Before she drew the "ironing cord" back I told her I was not taking a whipping. When asked what was I going to do I said, "I don't know." When she hit me I came back with a right cross to the mouth. That taught me "self-preservation is the law of life" even if it is against one's own parents. It also helped solified my present view that a child is to be on its own at 12-years-old. So AB offered to pay my way to Sr., I wanted a father but I gave her no answer. The whippings stopped but nagging was ever present. Finally I accept the ticket but she said if I wanted to go I would have to ask him for the money. I did, and after getting the money I stayed with a friend in Fort Worth for the summer from Jasper, Texas, and rode back with them. They took me to Beaumont, Texas to catch the bus and I arrived in Baker before school started that fall.

The school system was segregated, in 1960, and I was bused from Baker to Zachary, Louisiana to Northwestern High School. I lied that I had played football, "A" string at Guinn and "B" string at Terrell. On the field they knew better. Before the end of the year I earned a scholarship to Southern University of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, all I needed was to finish school but I went back to Fort Worth instead. I had gotten suspended from school anyway. Coach Smith said he would get me makeup tests to allow me to play, but I still returned to Texas. I had lost all desire for school after the seventh grade.

I lied about my sex life also. I told them that "I have six children by five different girls, one of them isn't Black and one is by another man's wife," though I had only had one pre-puberty sexual relationship. That lie became a prophecy to be fulfillment later in life.

We Elijahs couldn't get along either, especially after 11 days in a detention center for stealing, of all things, a clock. Being put out of school for the last seven weeks made bad matters worse. Before being suspended from school we Elijahs got into it about Linda June, Sr.'s three-year-old ninth child. I was preparing to wash my clothes since Dorothy, Sr.'s wife, had a problem with me and required that I do my own laundry. Sr. was working on the house and Linda was bothering me. I didn't let it go so she cried. Sr. came running in to hit me with a hammer I took from him, flipped him on a bed and left so he would "cool off".

After being put out of school I was bringing Cora, his mule, to water and to relocate her grazing stake. She was spooked by my cracking a rope whip and ran a quarter-mile down the street with me running after her. When I got back Elijah said I should have let her drag me. I replied, "You talk like a fool." Elijah then picked up an oak 2X2 and came after me. I stepped inside of his swing and decked him taking it away from him. He then got a sledgehammer and I blocked that swing with the 2X2, decked him again and took it away from him. He went in the house, got a shotgun and threaten to shoot me. I turned my back and said, "If you shot me it will be in the back." After nothing happened I left and walked to Baton Rouge to one of his three daughters', older than AB's children, and stayed until I got the bus fare to Grambling.

Most of the summer was spent in Grambling and in late June I worked with a brick mason, uncle Roy Gaulden (Ab's only brother alive in 2005), to earn enough to get to Fort Worth. I arrived Sunday night before the Sunday School-Baptist Training Union (SSBTU) Congress was to begin Monday. To the knock on the door AB asked, thinking I was Frank, "Do you want to go down there where Elijah is." I answered, "this is me," and the wayward son was accepted back into the fold.

Until then, except with Sr., I was required to attend church services almost ever time AB went. We lived with a pastor uncle and musician of the church mother. All her children were in the youth choir that often sang on the church's outings. Except for school homework, I seldom did because I did one class' homework in the preceding or study class, we often went when the youth weren't singing. Being back I was not required to attend the church as much. For a lack of things to do on Sunday evenings I often went to BTU and evening service, however. One Sunday night uncle Wayne's sermon was about how "children are to obey their parents to increase their days upon the land." Preparing for bed I seriously considered what was to become of me since I'd had a fight with both AB and Elijah. The next morning I began expressing, "before twenty-nine I'm going to be rich and after thirty nine I'll be dead." The fulfillments as I get to them.

I went to work as a dishwasher in a department store's restaurant, at sixteen, and school in the morning under the Distributive Education (DE) program. Except for a firing for leaving sick and rehired about a month later I was there until prior to my eighteenth birthday. I left to work for another restaurant. Shortly after eighteen I went to Sears & Roebuck Company as a porter in the garden shop. Prior to finishing school in December 63 I was sent to salesmanship school and worked as a porter/salesman. I refused to wear the shirt and tie. I am told I had assisted some prejudice Whites with a sale that so impressed them they went to the store manager demanding my promotion to salesman.

I had always desired Helen Collier although she was about six years older with two children, and she did become my first girlfriend at 19-years-old. One Saturday night I was in a store playing Ruby and the Romantics' Our Day Will Come and the flip side on the jukebox when she walked in, bought pickled eggs and I asked "Can I go", on her way out. She answered yes and I walked her home. The next week doing the same thing about the same place and time she came in and I asked the same questions getting the same answer. I walked her to the movie, went in with her, then walked her home with a promise of seeing her next Tuesday. That next week, after not making the date, I was in the same position when she walked in to find out what happened. I lied about going to the church and she asked me to the movies. We got a cab to go the two blocks but instead of the movie she told the driver to take us to a motel.

A month or so later I took her to the church Sunday night. At home AB said, "Either she goes or you go." After Monday's work and Tuesday, my day off, I found a room. Payday was Wednesdays so I came home, packed and asked AB for two sheets and a pillowcase. She asked why and I replied "you said 'either she goes or I go,' I'm gone." I got them and left encountering the snakes of my dream,11 wisdom of man. She had conceived her third child and my first prior to my moving out. A month later Helen became impossible to find so I moved to room with Olla May Taylor.

Across the street and diagonally across the corner from Olla May's were apartment houses. A four-foot-eleven Edna May (last name forgotten) visited her sister in the one across the street and conceived her first and my second child before returning to her east Texas home in the Tyler area. Baby Sister (the only name I remember now) diagonally across the corner was my third partner but no child, although she is believed to have had an abortion.

Olla's son, Horace Taylor, Jr., loved partying and ran across a twenty-four-hour club's waitress named Camala Louise Taylor no boy was able to get close to. He wanted me to make a play for her. He also got paid on Wednesdays so payday we arrived at about 11 pm, she was our waitress. I didn't know which of two waitresses I was to approach but I pointed her out and said, "She's the one I want". "She's the one you have to get" he replied. She brought our order, my 7-Up and his malt liquor, and I asked "What is the label on your table". She said "Camala" and left. The place was crowded so I didn't bother her. We finished our drinks and left for another club. We returned about 2 am, stayed only for an hour or so, it was still crowded so we retired for the night. After a week and a half of just sitting in the club drinking 7-Ups and saying only a word to her now and then, I told her I was to take Lloyd to Grambling. Her reply encouraged me. Tuesdays was my day off so Monday night I stayed all night and walked her home and we became "lover" friends.

I was layoff from Sears in early August 1964 (for refusing to wear the necktie), and I went to work at the laundry with Horace. I stayed there until late October, worked two more weeks "stocking" at a grocery store and November fourth entered the US Air Force. I took the oath at 3:15 pm (CST) and was off to Lackland AFB, Texas to basic training. I went to Air Craft Mechanic School at Amarillo AFB, Texas. In February I disobeyed a student leader before the three-day Washington's Birthday weekend, punishment was to go to "chow" every meal that weekend, but instead I went to Fort Worth to find James Washington, my first manchild, was born that weekend. Upon returning I lost my stripe for failing to fulfill my punishment.

I finished training in April with orders to George AFB, California and a fifteen-day leave. I married Louise on the twenty-second and spent seventeen months at George where Louise conceived her first manchild, Karn Marshell, several months before orders for Vietnam and a Temporary Duty Yonder (TDY) to England AFB, Louisiana in route. One year was spent at Phan Rang, Vietnam, fourteen months at Webb AFB, Texas with a TDYs to Shepherd AFB, Texas for Non-Commissioned Officer's School (NCO) and George again in route to Da Nang for six months and Phu Cat, Vietnam for my last six months ending November 1969. [Karn Marshell was born during my stay at Phan Rang and on the same day I had my first affair so, I wrote Louise and said, "I know you have sexual desires so, just don't have anything in the hanger when I get home. Be sure to take Birth Control."]

September before my Discharge my fourth manchild was conceived by a bar girl12 called My My (pronounced me me), her first and my fourth. She told me in October and a combination of my misconduct and disobeying a Sergeant's orders got me a medical discharge under honorable conditions.13 My last military paper discharging me was signed at 3:15 pm (PST) November 10, 1969.

My return to Fort Worth on the eleventh caused the conception of Elijah III, Louise's second and my fifth, and I began work for General Dynamics (GD) on the seventeenth. At GD I had a nuclear incident, an X-ray burn to my right hand, preceding "The Hulk" metaphor of my present appearance. GD lasted seventeen months with the conception of my sixth manchild, the mother's third, by the wife of an Army boy in Vietnam. The birth of Chevette LaShan (Wimberly, I believe) in mid 1971, made the lie at fifteen become a fulfilled prophecy at 26 with one "seed in the east and several scattered in the west"14. James and Elijah, III are boys, Karn and Chevette are girls, the other two I have no knowledge of their gender nor name as of Februray, 2009.

My sexual experiences had different erections. The first conceptions' erections have never been matched in any of my other sexual indulgences. The erections for the second or later conceptions were very firm but were in no way as strong nor enduring as the first conceptions'. The erections where there were no conceptions were very weak, and there were times I don't get an erection at all for some girls. To put that in Parallel with the other mammals I find man have a mating cycles just like them. When an animal's offspring die before completing the nursing the smell of her "heat" does not attract as many suitors as it does after full term nursing. Man are taught we are not animals [having the power of self-mobility] so we don't want to recognize the parallel between man and the other animals. Also, our likes and dislikes cause us to not want to know the sexual cycle, but it is there. The cause for no erections is the internal natures of the two people are not opposing each other to manifest in the flesh as a sexual attraction. When the natures oppose each other there is a weak erection but when internally natures are the same there is no erection at all, has been my findings.

I have reasoned the following parallel. When a manchild become a girl, or enters puberty, she mates and nurse her manchild for twelve years. At twelve she separates from the manchild, placing it on its own, and a short time later "ovulates" for another reproduction. [This is true when no civil survival teachings are needed; in nature a manchild needs only the basics, air, food and water. Should man-girls stop nursing before twelve years they have weaker sexually attracting odors. That is the reason for "It is time I be about my father's business", said Yeshua at twelve.] In so doing, there are thirteen years between children, nine months for gestation, 12 years of nursing and three months before ovulation begins again.

Because I associate with homosexuals I find homosexuality is caused by the same effects found in the poem attractions. Two people of the same or different genders will have sexual attractions when internal natures are opposite, they will have no sexual attraction when internal natures are the same. People with internal opposites is the cause for extra-marital sex. When one person develops the internal nature that attracted them to the other person they will have no sexual desire for that other person except during ovulation. That is why many girls' first sexual indulgance, unprotected, causes conceptions. It is also difficult for girls to resist during ovulation. [There is mental attractions between like minds when internal natures are the same but no sexual attractions.] Those same effects cause "best friends" in friendships.

After GD I went to construction laying the water main for the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport and scared the back of my left arm and hand by turning over my VW "Bug" on the way to work one morning. Once I felt the car skidding on my left arm I said, "Oh, get up off of me", and the car set up right. A police officer was watching, it happened as we passed him, but saw no cause for the incident. I now have scars on both hands,15 A right hand X-ray burn from GD and left asphalt burn from the car incident.

After that I went to The American Truck Driving Academy and drove tucks for a while. From there I had several jobs for only one or two month each, including Coca-Cola bottling company where I met Dellie May Bolton. Though married to Louise, Dellie and I became party friends. [Louise had already told me "I don't mind other girls helping me with my homework, I just don't want you taking money out of my house".] That caused Louise to put me out for the fifth time. When I returned from the fourth time of being put out I told Louise if she ever put me out again I was leaving for good. Her reply was "I've got you wrapped around my little finger, all I have to do is yank and you'll be back." When Louise ordered me out I called AB and asked her if I could store my clothes there, though I mostly stayed with Louvinia. Louise's little finger yank didn't pull me back, but caused me to leave my coat at the house, like Joseph,16 to get away. And Dellie became "my girl", who was as true to me as I had been to Louise [I don't believe Louise was ever untrue to me].

Dellie suggested I go to Frito-Lay where I stayed for some seventeen months. On August 7, 1973 I became a "prostitute" to Southwestern Bell of Dallas, Texas. I kept both jobs for three weeks prostituting forty hour per week for Bell and 52 for Frito-Lay trying to become rich before twenty-nine. At this point the "wisdom of the world" was about to consume me. I had little freedom by the true definition of freedom, the snakes had surrounded me and were in the trees, ie, on the communication airways. I had to make a move.


To be born one must be conceived, gestate and cause the mother to trivial before they come out and have the umbilical cord cut. To be "Born Again" one must first be spiritually conceived, gestate, trivail and then exit the womb and cut the umbilical cord [seperate from all attachments]. The umbilical cord was ties to the church, in my case, and civilization. The following is my "New Birth". Please note that I am using Yehuveh for god and Yeshua for Jesus in this narrative.

To work for "Ma Bell" one goes to school for about a month before working in the field. After about a month in the field, the ending of September or beginning October, I was at lunch listening to my radio and thinking about dropping Dellie when "Bobby Bland's" Going Down Slow started me thinking about how I had treated Louise. On what KKDA radio station called "Back to Back Soul" "Gladys Knight and the Pips'" Midnight Train to Georgia followed it. I thought it said "he's going back to find someone he left behind" rather than "he's going back to find a definite place in time". I began looking over the girls of my life for one to return to. Two of the three I wanted were dead and I thought Louise was already married again, so I said, "None of them fit the bill". My inner voice said, "Go back to the church" and I accepted its directions. The records were the two snakes I swung on like Tarzan causing my "New Conception". (I called it my "New Birth Experience" but reasons it wasn't a separation from the church and world enough to be a birth, even though in eastern civilizations the conception is considered the birthday.) That experience was the true riches I was to come into before twenty-nine, the beginning of my understanding life.

I drank and partied a lot in those days.17 Any excuse for partying I welcomed, but after the new conception I stopped drinking completely. It was so complete that in October Dellie was surprised when we went to a party and I refused the spiked punch for the children's. I didn't want to dance, nor did I want my favorite liquor or beer she had brought, I wasn't the same person so she demanded I take her home. As soon as I entered my apartment the phone was ringing. My answering it was met with, "Elijah, what's wrong with you?" I had expected some such question and answered her with, "Are you willing to be second in my life?" That was of little consequence to her who replied, "if you have another girl I guess I'll have to be." I said, "No! Are you willing to be second to Yehuveh". She ranted and raved that I was not supposed to ask a girl that kind of question. But I said to her that if she wanted to be my wife, thought she may want to be my wife, or plan to be my wife she would have to answer that question.

Shortly thereafter we decided to get married on February 2, the day between my birthday and Louise's. (The importance of that information is, as a teenager I decided I would marry a virgin born on or near my birthday and we would be married on our birthday or the exact day splitting our birthdays. Louise was born February 1, 1945 which made it necessary for me to marry twice in fulfilling it.) Before the first of the year she call off the marriage, though we continued as friends. Then, two weeks from our date she called it back on and we had to get the papers, tests, and the preacher to perform the ceremony. At our reception, after our private wedding, I only touched the toast to my lips.

AB had deteriorating bones in her hips' balls. They were so deteriorated she used a wheelchair. On my way to choir practice, now that I was back in the church, I visited her and heard her complaining of the pain. That same week the church was having a special prayer service preceding each of the weekly meetings for the following week's revival. During our prayer I prayed within, "Father heal or kill her" concerning AB, while saying something different openly. Two weeks later I visited her again and she had been walking for the two weeks with less pain.

During that March Revival I rededicated my life to Yehuveh, and I preached my first sermon the first Sunday night of May 1974. The title was "My Paycheck". I used the analogy; I work for the telephone company and if the telephone company send me to the gas company I don't expect the gas company to pay me them I go back to the phone company to be paid again. But I go fix the gas company's phone then return to the telephone company for the phone company to pay me. So if I work for Yehuveh I don't expect to get paid by the people to whom I give the message and by Yehuveh also, I expect only to be paid by Yehuveh. My text was John 6:27. That set the groundwork for me not to preach for money unless it was the cost to and from a called engagement out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

My calling came as Dellie went either to play softball or be with her other boyfriend. I asked her to take Sammy, her son, with her because I wanted to study the Bible. She did and I read the book of Luke and was about to start on John when from within the empty apartment I heard my name. I remembered the story of Samuel and answered "here am I lord, what will you have me to do." The voice said "read on and you'll find your way." That was the first of many times I heard that voice orally giving me directions. I prayed an inner prayer I have never remembered any part of, and began the book of John. At the text's passage in a Revised Standard Version, it reads in KJV, work not for food which perisheth, but for food which abides unto everlasting life,... the concept of the message came to me. Being a slow reader, it was well after dark but I had not turned on light to read. I turned on the lights, found pen and paper and made an outline of the sermon. Dellie and Sammy returned just as I finished the outline, still rocked from the power moving in me. She wanted to know what was wrong with me and caused me to recognize my rocking. I answered, "nothing" and put up the Bible and sermon's outline.

The third Sundays of that May I was smoking my last cigarette and thought, "I have to buy another pack before I go to work in the morning." Then I thought, about half way through it, "No I don't" and put it out saying "Father take the taste of cigarettes out of my mouth." As usual, the next morning I had to "cut" my way through cigarette smoke to the coffeepot, but was not affected by the smoke. Now, if I pull on a cigarette, even to light it, the taste in my mouth is so undesirable I don't do it. If I inhale it I gag like cotton is in my throat. However, I am not bothered by the smoke except if it goes up my nose directly from a lit cigarette. Before the end of the week Dellie and I were separated, I spanked her for interfering in my disciplining of her child, Sammy Joe Specks Jr.

Sammy asked me for a piece of cheese toast and I told him, "If you didn't eat it I am going to spank you". Dellie was gone at that time. I gave him the toast but he refused to eat it. He had a habit of going into the bathroom whenever he didn't want food he thought he wanted. He remained for about an hour, until Dellie returned. I told him to come for his spanking. Dellie intervened by throwing it away. Before spanking him I spanked her, so she took him and left. I prayed for her return and the voice told me "don't worry, she'll be back."

There is the case of my wanting to get into Southwest Baptist Seminary. What I had been shown to do with my pay caused me to loose my credit, a requirement for the seminary. The voice answered my prayer to open a way to go to the Seminary with "you don't need to go, I've already taught you." This analysis of my life is a major part of that teaching and when I first realized I have always been taught by Yehuveh.

To not having the money to pay auto insurance my prayer's answer came as "do you trust me." Though I still owed on the car that is usually repossessed if your insurance isn't kept up, I never lost the car. I also had a "near miss", that I can't physically understand why I didn't hit the other car on a rain slick road. Plus, I had two accidents with the other drivers at fault, and was promptly paid off without question.

Around May '75 I got sick, a cold with Strep Throat and a fever, and had to take three days off. Friday I prayed, "father, you can heal me or kill me but I'm not going to a doctor." I got back in the bed and slept for two hours to awaken completely healed. Dellie lived with her old, then divorced, boyfriend two blocks south of my room. She say she always looked to see if my car was home as she returned from work. She usually returned before me. She came by to see if all was well by explaining she was my wife, I wasn't allowed girls in my room. She bought me some juice and asked about other need. I, knowing she was on her way back, I told her I expected to become an evangelist traveling with little to no money and few to no cloths, "You have to be willing to live that way same if you came back". A few weeks later we were apartment hunting and furniture buying, but after she and Sammy got a room in the same house.

Preaching follow Yeshua causing me to feel the need to become a wayfarer18 without working. In the sermon I used the game "Follow The Leader " as my foundation. I said, in Follow The Leader if someone doesn't do what the leader does they are out, so if we don't live like Yeshua, with no place for our heads19 and not judging20 then we are out of salvation. Then, in December 1975 I told Yehuveh "if you want me to give up everything and follow Yeshua just tell me when." In January the inner voice said, it was mostly inner now, "this is to be your decision, you tell me when you will give it up." It was in February when I decided that August 6 would be a full year and Bell doesn't let anyone keep leave time into another year, plus it was a Friday. That would be the perfect time for me to terminate my prostituting. I made that known to Yehuveh who came back in March with "take a three week leave of absence and go where I will show you. Take a $20 bill and get a bus, but don't take the few pennies change you get back with you."

My contractions began when I then told Bell that I was going to take a three week leave of absence in April and terminate my employment August 6. The leave was refused but I was told to take the eight days of vacation due me and call them the second weekend. The Wednesday before I was to go the voice said to get a ticket to Amarillo, Texas. I thought it would cost more than $20 but Friday when I called the bus station it was $19.95. Dellie took me to the station with five leisure changes of clothes, three suits and three pair of shoes, bought the ticket and kept the change just before the bus left.

I Arrived Saturday before light but not knowing what to do I sat in the station until sometime that afternoon. I finally took my bags and started walking. The inner voice told me to get a motel and I argued against it until the third time. I went to a relatively new motel downtown, told the desk person I was on a "faith mission" without money but Yehuveh would provide. She gave me a room. I had ran up a more than a $70 bill by Wednesday and I went to midweek service that evening. I was denied my things and the room, leaving me with my Bible and clothes on my back. The first night I sleep under a bridge wrapped in concrete quilting, the other nights in empty houses and abandoned cars. Most days I only ate one meal a day form a place that often gave people food even if they didn't have money to pay, and spent rainy days in bars. The last week, however, I did get some $60 so I was able to eat and get a ticket back to Fort Worth the third Saturday.

When I got back I called Dellie who sounded happy to have me back. When she arrived at the station and saw my well-tanned face, dirty clothes, and no luggage she lost her happiness and ask "what happened!" My answer was, "The only thing I can say is I was shown how I am going to live once I give up my job." That made her fight my imminent departure, though I had told her of my asking Yehuveh for a Recreational Vehicle (RV) and believed in my prayers due to my many answered prayers. With her fighting my every move I asked Yehuveh what was the problem and the inner voice said, "she is not ready." I related this to her who said to me, "Yehuveh have not told you no such thing, I am ready and I am going. You just didn't want me to come along but I am going." I made no further attempt to relate that to her but began to spend much time walking the streets, going to the places drunks and the like hung out, since that was with whom I lived in Amarillo.

August 6, I was told come in an hour or more early from work. Back at the garage I was told by my supervisor I could take a year leave of absence and "If Yehuveh didn't take care of you the way you think he should, come back and you get your job back". I laughed at the thought and replied, "If Yehuveh can't take care of me then I don't need Yehuveh." My car was on the verge of quitting but I had prayed to let it continue to run until I quit the job. Once I parked it, though I had already made several other stops, I was never able to crank it again and left it parked. My "New Birth" was complete and I was an immobile baby.

That day Frank, a Baptist preacher since sixteen and a pastor then, was at AB's. He attempted to persuade me not to give up the job I already had quit. AB had a preacher friend to asked me to preach at his church for three Sundays since he was going to be out of town for three weeks. [The plan was to leave me with the church so I would have some income, although I was not told. That is how Uncle Wayne got his last congregation and Frank got his.] I accepted. The third Sunday Dellie, with her twin, was going to Louisiana, I was to be left behind. However, when I got back from the church the phone rang, Shellie's new car had failed and couldn't make it out of Dallas. Dellie wanted me to bring her car and we all would go together. [Yehuveh overrides man's best laid plans.]

That was revival time in the Lincoln Parish area of Louisiana and we attended one nightly. Her hometown is in the same Parish and Thursday we went to the church there with her aunt and family. After the sermon the pastor said, "the spirit was here, you could feel it." I said louder than I had intended, "I ain't felt nothing." When we returned home I began to walk the dark street questioning why I didn't "feel the spirit" as everyone had claimed to. After a while the inner voice said, "Don't go back to Fort Worth". I related this to everyone while playing cards. When Dellie and I went to bed she questioned me about my plains and I told her to just leave me at uncle Frank's, in Mount Olive.

I remained in Grambling for about a week then went to Shreveport, Louisiana to stay in the Veteran Hospital's Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with a first cousin. All his family was working and I wasn't, I was the best candidate. Before the beginning of September I returned to Fort Worth until near the end of the month. The Last Monday I packed five changes of clothes and asked Dellie if she was going. She asked, "What are you going to eat? Where are you going to sleep?" I answered both with, "I don't know." She then answered, "I'm not going". I said, "I promised Yehuveh I'd go, so I'm gone." I prayed, "father, take my nature" (sexual desire was my meaning) "until such time you see that I have the need of it" and left. Thus, the umbilical cord to the church and world was cut, and I had been crawling "new baby", now I was beginning to be a walking "new child". I was passing the church house of my dream and had become the woman to give birth to a manchild21 and the virgin to give birth to Emmanuel22, the concept that "in man is Yehuveh".


During one's childhood one plays until their parents call them to eat, sleep or do chores when they get old enough. In reality, "all Man" are children of Yehuveh but the "New Born" are on their way to the "dominion power" Yehsua ha'meshiach had and only then have we the power to do Yehuveh's work. For the sake of this narrative however, my "New Childhood" was mostly my studying scriptures, nature and myself, and the comparing of man to the animals.

I was given a ride to Dallas on Monday, September 27, where The National United Council of Churches (NUCC) was having its first convention. I spent that week there and nights with aunt Glory Dean, Dellie's aunt. The following Saturday I left for Shreveport. Just as I passed the LBJ Freeway east of Dallas, on I-20, the singer and songwriter Bob Sieger gave me my first ride by an unknown driver. He let me out in Longview, Texas and went to visit someone. An independent trucker picked me up and took me to Shreveport. He gave me understanding why I wasn't given the RV when he said, "I'll believe you before believing the suit and tie wearing, Cadillac and Continental driving preachers. You are living as Christ said when they are only talking about following him." The desire for the RV was gone, I was content to be a person people believed before believing the churches' preachers.

I spent most of my October in the hospital's ICU and weekends with the cousin's sister, Annie Ruth Cole. He was released to her and I stayed there to look out for him while she and CD, her husband, taught school. In December a conflict between CD and me caused me to leave. I began to live in a pool room and so long as I remained there and business picked up, until February when the cousin discarnated. I returned to Grambling, spending most daylight hours in a fun arcade and sleeping at an aunt's, Mattie Lee Conley. While there I made a staff23 from an Oak limb I found with an attractive grain and neat bends.

Another aunt, Lucy Ellen McGuire in Atlanta, Georgia wanted to return to Louisiana and I promised to drive the U-Haul for her. The arrangement was I would leave, hitch hiking, at 10 am Saturday and if I wasn't in Atlanta by midnight I would call her as soon as I could get to a phone to let her know when I would arrive. Some student who knew me from Grambling University took me to Monroe, Louisiana. From there I got a ride to her house by a military boy about to go to Europe. I told him, once he told me he would take me to her house, that if I had to sleep on the floor that he could sleep on the couch and save motel cost. So about 1 am I gave her a call telling her we where in Atlanta, she confirmed his staying and came to show us the way. True as I had said it, he took the couch and I the floor, though I had no foreknowledge of her apartment's arrangement.

We returned to Grambling and in early June I returned to Atlanta. This was a pattern, go to one place, return to the first place and later go to the other one. June and July proved to be difficult months for me until I remembered I was given a leave of absence. After thinking about the option I realized that if I went back to the job I would be the laughing stock and exploited to the fullest. I decided to continue even if I died in the process. As soon as I made that decision I was reminded of eating many raw vegetables when living in Mount Olive and Baker. I began to eat from any vegetable I could find and half ripe fruit until food24 was again given me freely.

In the downtown Atlanta park, I spent most days, many preachers of Christianity's various denominations preached. I was condemned for not preaching there.25 One dressed all in white with Hebrew writing on his clothes and dunce like hat, claimed to be the Elijah of Malachi 4:5 & 6. I had received the same revelation and inquired, the inner voice said, "Look at the definition of the name." I asked his disciple his given name to find Elijah was an assumed name while Elijah (all mighty Yehuveh is I Am That I Am) Alfred (wise counselor) Alexander (defender of man), Jr. (the latter) is my given name. Another day I enter the Georgia University's library in Atlanta and met a boy who asked my name. I told him and he said, "The spirit told me to stay here Elijah was coming." I told him of the one in the park but he insisted I was the one, confirming what the inner voice had revealed. He made a drawing and wrote a poem and asked me to interpret them. I couldn't. Upon ending our conversation he told me I would meet "Meek", a short-term prophecy, and him again at a later time when I could interpret those things. The short-term prophecy was fulfilled, as you will see, but the long-term prophecy is not by Februry 2009.

Also In Atlanta I studied with The International Society of Krishna Consciousness, The Unification Church, The Perfect Church, and any Christian or non-Christians groups I encountered. I studied with Muslims and attempted to study at the Temple of the Black Madonna but my staff was considered a weapon I would have to store or not enter. I chose the latter. I studied with any religion or one who would have me. The thing I found is different cultures use metaphors with different terms meaning the same as the terms in metaphors of other cultures.

The pattern came again as I went through Ocala and Orlando, Florida on my way to the National Baptist Convention in Miami Beach. (In Orlando I received the revelation staffs are for walking man and had the dream of pulling a comb through my hair and it all came out in the comb. I interpreted the dream to say I would become totally bald if I continued to comb my hair.) I returned through South and North Carolina to Atlanta, and November 1, left for Ocala again. There I ate mostly pecans during the daylight hours and peanut butter on Gram crackers before going to sleep at night (a totally raw vegetable diet leaves one hungry in the night when beginning), and a standing invitation to one meal on Sundays. That brought about such a clear mind until one Sunday afternoon I was going to one of the church's 3 pm service [all young mammals nurse from the mother for a time after their birth and the church was mine] with my makeshift backpack on my back, staff in hand, sandals on my feet, and jeans with the legs rolled half way up my calf when I heard a voice say, "where do you think you are going like you own something". There were three people standing at the entrance and I stopped to talk with them. One was an older boy in his fifties, more or less, and an early twenties boy and girl. After being established as an acceptable person I mention what I had heard. The older boy's eyes got wide as he decided it was time to go in. The young boy was a member of that congregation so he had seen me several Sundays. The girl had seen me at the Seventh Day Adventist' building the day before. I had read the older boy's thoughts though the voice sounded like a girl's.

I left for Orlando December 1, and met two boys who took me swimming in some clear blue water coming up from the ground, if my memory is correct. From there we went to another town to do laundry. We put our clothes in the washers and went to the attached store for detergent, passed a drunk on a binge, I believe, for six weeks, talking on the phone with someone from AA. On our way back he stopped me, hung up the phone, and brought his unopened half-gallon of wine to sit on their car to talk. I didn't know what to tell him about to how to stop his addiction, but we talked. I did tell him to ask his higher power for help each time he asked me what to do. Finally he got up with his half-gallon and walked to a near brick building flung it against it and returned crying and saying, "if someone had told me to break my bottle I would have fought them, but, praise Yehuveh, I flung it against the building and broke it."

He stayed with me, so we took him to a Christian home group session. We discussed biblical concepts and gave testimony while he slept. When we got to him he woke up and gave the only testimony he had, breaking his wine. The leader told him to "Shut up and go back to sleep" but I reproached him with, "That's the only testimony he has, he's a drunk who has just been delivered from alcohol tonight, so don't stop him from giving the only testimony he has." From there we returned to Orlando and he stayed in the empty house I slept. Next morning we went to breakfast and as we walked away from the restaurant he testified to not having the "shakes" or "DT's" along with the wine breaking testimony again. We stayed together about half of the day and he realized he needed to return to the other town and get his clothes. He had no money so I shared with him half of mine and he went away rejoicing in his deliverance.

I lost my comb about then and stopped combing my hair [if you don't listen Yehuveh will force it after you are committed]. Christmas Sunday morning I was up at 5 am EST, and called Dellie to wish her a Merry Christmas. There was no answer at the old number so I called her boyfriend's. She answered but refused to accept the collect call. After a couple of other attempts I gave up and went to an early Catholic Mass. After Mass I was invited to a girl's house for coffee to find she was about to be put out in two days and had no food or money. I knew of a Baptist group having lunch after morning service, we went. She helped in the kitchen during and after service and was able to get some of the leftovers to take home. We spent eight days together, went to Hollywood, Florida before New Year's Eve where I combed my hair one last time to satisfy her for a party. The next day she left.

I stayed in Hollywood a week and walked to Miami. I was attending an Apostolic service one Sunday afternoon when in walked a tall slender boy dressed in a white robe. He sat next to me and asked if I was free. I answered yes. He asked me to go with him and we soon left. He introduced himself as "Meek", fulfilling the Atlanta boy's short-term prophecy. We rode in his automobile toward his northern Alabama home while discussing the Bible and relating our experiences. As we neared Tallahassee, Florida discussing the "Beast" of Revelation 13 I said some people could take the mark, number, or name of the beast in their hand and still be saved. I explained that to overcome something26 one must first become entangled with it. He turned east on I-10 for Jacksonville, south on I-95 to Key West. We gave "Peace Pilgrim" a ride but he began to condemn her. She got out before we reached Miami. After Key West we went back to Miami where he again decided to go to Decatur, Alabama. This time we made it.

Because of almost no sleep since Saturday night, it was now Wednesday, we fellowshiped with his group and I nodded a little. As the service ended he got up, announced me as a false prophet and took me to a friend's where I spent the night. He returned the next morning and ordered me to leave Decatur or he would call the police. Wednesday's clear skies had turned to freezing rain Thursday and all I had was sandals for my feet, no money for food, a coat of many colors received in Atlanta, two changes of clothes in a backpack and not knowing the way to the southbound Interstate. On my way a family coming from a fish and chips restaurant gave me a meal and directions to the Interstate. By Friday I was in Dothan, Alabama where I spent the weekend at the Salvation Army. They wanted me to stay on but I couldn't "go into all the world"27 while remaining in one place. Monday I continued for Florida.

I spent my first sleep covering from the cold with hay. It is quite warm, but before daybreak I was awaken and instructed to move on by my inner voice. Just before a rain came I entered a roadside restroom and finished the night dry because of my obedience. I reached St. Petersburg, Florida two nights later where I spent a week and returned to Miami. From Miami I began walking28 without hitching because I didn't want to leave the state until March fifteenth, plus, to ask for a ride and be refused frustrated me. Also, I had already been told staffs are for walking man.

I attended one of the larger Baptist congregations in Fort Lauderdale. The Sunday School lesson was about Israel's exodus from Egypt. Just before class ended I asked what does Israel represent. The answer given was a comparison of Israel in Egypt to Blacks in the United States. I clarified my question with how does Israel represent any man of any ethnic. No one had an answer, including what I later found out to be the pastor, so I was asked to answer it. I answered: Israel represents any man enslaved to the world who must come out of the world and wonder the earth before entering the promised land. The cities of Cannon represent the multitude of habits we have but must destroy [before being at peace in the promise]. First we destroy some of the lesser ones before coming to the walled city of Jericho, our greatest habit which could be homosexuality, alcohol, love of money, love of family, and the like. Once it is destroyed it will make all other habits easy to overcome as we recognize the need to eliminate them. Moses is the person who has already made that transformation and goes to all of the places people's habits keep them and give the message with a demonstrations of power. After class the pastor said to me, "I know strong meat when I hear it" as if meaning, "don't teach my people those truths."

From Fort Lauderdale I continued north on US Highway 1, spending anything from one night to more than a week in the different towns. With no money I ate mostly from citrus trees, getting only enough for one meal, six oranges, six tangerines, or three grapefruit. A few times I was told by my voice to get a double portion. It always turned out that I would not find food until the second portion had been consumed and another appetite returned. I reached Jacksonville the first part of March where I attended a Baptist minister's allowance and was told "write it in a book, people will read what you have to say but they will not listen."

Along the way I studied with all religions, denominations of the Christianity, or individuals I encountered. A Seventh Day Adventist church where they talked about Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada, gave me my next direction. I was given A pocket Atlas and mapped my travels across east Georgia, through South Carolina and across a corner of North Carolina, into Knoxville, Tennessee. North on I-75 through Kentucky to Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio. I went west to Indianapolis to visit with Frank, and north to Fort Wayne, Indiana to visit three Gaulden cousins. There I made my first sandals from a car tire. I then made a loop through southwestern Michigan up through Lansing, Grand Rapids, Holland, and back though Lake Odessa and Jackson into Detroit, Michigan. I remained there until June first and entered Windsor, Ontario, Canada going east to Toronto before turning north. I was given a tent at North Bay and I went the northern route through Hearst to Thunder Bay almost a month later.

I entered Winnipeg, Manitoba July first and met a girl who had been told by "the spirit" "the Black leader is coming." She thought that leader to be an African president but upon asking my name realized I was he. She gave me two prophecies, the short-term "Kathy will reject you", and long-term unfulfilled as of February 2009, "you will return to Canada traveling by a means not known to man". I left Winnipeg and went through Swan River and Mafeking, then Hudson Bay, Prince Albert, and Meadow Lake of Saskatchewan. Crossed Alberta by way of Westlock and Slave Lake to the Mackenzie Highway for Yellowknife. I spent a weekend there and came back, spending some invited days in Fort Vermilion by people picking me up northbound. In Grand Prairie, Alberta I saw my first "Northern Lights", spent some days in White Court before going to Edmonton. From Edmonton to Calgary a father and son picked me up. The father had planned to pay his tithe to a Black Radio minister but determining I was a minister following Yeshua's example, gave it to me. The son required him to give me an additional $77.77 that I kept separate from the money I use for myself.

In Calgary was a Native American "Roundup" or "Pow Wow" where I met two girls who sometimes used their bodies to supplement their income supporting their one child each. I felt they were the intended recipients of the extra $78, and I spent the weekend after the Pow Wow with them. Leaving them I found $336 in a wallet buried under grass and dirt. I tried to contact the person's name on the check stubs but he no longer worked for the company and they had no forwarding address. I discarded the wallet and kept the money. The last few days of the September first date to leave Canada I spent in Cardston for my first contact and study with Mormons. Then back in the US I gave away everything except the clothes on my back and coat of many colors.

After mapping my way to Canada I was told to make a "B" line to the south once in the United States. After returning I felt I should travel US 267 through Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Oklahoma's panhandle to Fort Worth. I was begged ride to New Orleans, Louisiana by people going to a Muhammad Ali fight but I didn't make the "B" line to the south. My decision to not follow inner directions taught me the value of obedience in a way I will never forget. The almost four hundred dollars I had vanished immediately and the weather became bitterly cold with only sandaled feet and clothes on my back. I walked through three snowstorms, was often without food for a day or two and reached Fort Worth mid September. I remained there until October. I got liberated from having to pay child support to Louise and I met Cathy in Dallas, only to have her to reject me, fulfilling the Canadian girl's prophecy.

A speeding ticket I had not paid in Arlington, Texas caused an arrested in Dallas and transportation to Arlington, Texas. Along the way the officer asked why I look so strange. I told him I was a preacher following Yeshua's example because I had preached follow Yeshua and needed to do what I preached. I told him of some of the errors of the church and some of the prophecies I'm given another interpretation of. When we got to the Arlington station he told the clerk "book him" and walked out. About thirty minutes later he returned and told her "when you finished booking him, give him time served and let him go". My "law breaking" got me the title of Public Minister on the national police computer to be tried by only the US Supreme Court.

With a pair of swinning trunks wrapped in a blanket from Louvinia I headed for El Paso, Texas to enter the United States of Mexico on November 1, 1978. It cost two cents US to cross the Rio Grand into the state of Chihuahua that left three cents United States and the 25 cents Mexican, I had found. Before leaving Juarez, however, I had fifty Mexican dollars, over $2 US at $22.50 per US dollar. After being told go back and get the required papers I walked around the checkpoint and traveled through Durango and Zacatecas to San Luis Potosi where I spent the two weeks before and one week after Christmas with some bean farmers in a small town. I saw how money does not make the disassociating classes there like it does in the United States. I saw the beauty of working without the constant rush, rush, rush found in the US and, throughout the whole 11 states and Mexico City I traveled, I saw how humble people are always accepted by almost everyone.

Leaving San Luis Potosi penniless I passed through Zacatecas and into San Luis Potosi again. As the day came to end I was told "A feast is prepared for You". One was, and as soon as I had dined and on the road again some truckers called me to a restaurant to offered me a meal. I explained my previous dinning so they invited me to ride to Ciudad de Mexico. I was there several weeks, during the Pope's arrival and mild 1979 earthquake. From there I went through Puebla to Oaxaca and visited a pyramid. Went North through Veracruz, into Tabasco where I preached in Spanish while thinking in English not knowing most of the words I used (my only knowledge of speaking in tongue). I then passed through Campeche and Yucatan to Puerto Juarez, Cancun, and finally to Ciudad de Chetumal, Quintana Roo about a months before Easter.

Easter Sunday morning I enjoyed the morning sun on a park bench while awaiting a place to get food. Forgetting it was Easter I fell asleep. I was arrested and remained in jail for 32 days before being taken to the border of Belize, away from the checkpoint, and told not to return. I arrived in Orange Walk the next morning and was stopped by a policeman. After telling him: "I am from the kingdom of Yehuveh." "Yehuveh is my father." "The earth is my mother." "I am going into all the world." responding to his questions I was arrested. In court the next morning I repeated the same answers and the judge sentenced me to seven days of observation in the mental institution at Belize City.

At the institution they immediately attempted to medicate me, Thorazine tablets, but I refused. When the doctor came a few days later he asked me: "how are you doing?" "Do you know why you are here?" and a few other trivial questions including: "Why aren't you taking your medicine?" He ordered me to take my medication and dismissed me. I continued my refusal and the next time I went to him he asked the same questions, minus why was I there. He got the same answers, and I was ordered to take my medication again. That routine happened a third time after which a patient told me to expect to be held down by seven orderlies and injected with the Thorazine.

My daily exercises followed a pattern used by many self-defense artists and were not unobserved by the orderlies. As sure as told by the patient, one morning seven boy came in at shift change. The room was up stairs so I cleared out the area behind the stairwell and sat on the railing awaiting their arrival. They came. They asked me to take my medicine or they would have to inject me. I told them, "let me talk with the doctor one more time and if he ordered me to take the medicine I will consider it." Afraidness was in their eyes and their voices that told me they didn't want to tackle the job, so they considered my request and agreed.

On my next visit with the doctor he again asked his ritual questions with "why aren't you taking your medication" being the last one. I said, "if you had a doctor and you told him you were going on a trip and he ordered you not to take anyone's medication, would you take the medication?" Almost happy he asked, "So you are sick?" I replied, "This is an hypothetical question and you are the patient, so would you take the medicine?" He continued to ask me who was my doctor and I countered with the hypotheticalness of my question. It went on for a few rounds before I answered "Yehuveh is my doctor." "But I thought you said Yehuveh was your father", was his come back. "Wouldn't the one who made you know more about you than someone who didn't know you and had only asked you the same questions but had never even observed you except maybe through a window for only a moment," I responded with. He turned to suppressed a smile and regained his composure, still demanded I take my medication and dismissed me, but I was never asked to take it again by the orderlies.

I only had two Belizian dollars and I was left in the institution to be fed. That info came to me later for an indirect source, but I was given free roaming. The fredom came because the institution moved from Belize City to a country sight between it and Belmopan. They expected to take a week to complete the move. I taught them how to load military five-ton trucks, loading most myself, with so much stuff it cut the time in half. And in the country site I was able to supplement the cooked diet with fresh Mangos, Coconuts, and the abundant of berries and plants growing in the area.

After about a months of being at the new location I refused to blindly obey a nurse who caused me to be wrestled down and injected with Thorazine. The amount given me caused me to sleep for three days though, the boy who warned me about the orderlies said I was injected a second time during my sleep. The day I awoke I went to use the bathroom and passed out before completing it and had to be carried back to my bed. So for two more days my food was brought to me in the bed. After I got up I had to take a lesser amount in shot form once a month. The side effects were slurring of my words and a numbness of my tongue. Raw fruit and vegetables, I found, reduced the effects and garlic completely counters the effectiveness. My eating Mangos, Coconuts and other raw things kept me from becoming a "vegetable" like so many others I observed. After some two months of the shots I walked away from the institution during the rainy season. I was free for about a month before being rearrested and taken to "Her Majesty's prison." I remained until denouncing the belief in god29 when someone in Louisiana was contacted. Aunt Ellen and uncle Hubert sent the money for my return that got me back to New Orleans in February, some 1260 days30 from the time I first left my job on August 6, 1976.

That is when I became a Christian [one in the likeness of the anointed one] Atheist [do not recognize god and devil as valid entities] since the following interpretation of Isaiah 7:14-16 suggest Yeshua was atheist.
14 Therefore the Lord [I Am That I Am] himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel [in man is god].
15 Butter [another animal's food processed by man into a food for man, civilization is other animal's natural way of life processed by man into one for us] and honey [a natural food made excessively so many animals can use it, man's natural way of life] shall he eat [learn the laws of], that he may know to refuse the evil [civilization], and choose the good [nature].
16 For before the child shall know to refuse the evil, and choose the good, the land [death] that thou [man in general] abhorrest [dreads or is afraid of] shall be forsaken [by the child] of both [the 2] her [of death's] kings [god and devil]. Then verse 22, And it shall come to pass, for the abundance of milk that they shall give he shall eat butter: for butter and honey shall every one eat that is left in the land" suggests that everyone who will enter the millennium (Rev. 20:4), to give birth to the discarnated in the anointing (I Thes. 4:15-18) for their rapture, will have to follow the same and forsake the concept of god and devil. Therefore, I choose to be in the likeness if the anointed Yeshua.
From New Orleans I visited Elijah Sr. in Baker for a week or so then returned to Grambling where I stayed until April. Re-entering the states I had only the pants and shirt on my back but somehow, by the time I left Louisiana I had obtained so much I needed a backpack to carry it. I began to travel no longer believing in god so I only wanted to go and live in nature where I could study the animals in their natural environment to determine how to live. I took US 167 north to Little Rock, Arkansas, went across Missouri and Illinois to Davenport, Iowa. From there I passed through Dubuque and went to Decorah, Iowa in May. I left Decorah for Minneapolis, Minnesota and the inner voice said to "work day labor to have $150 when you return to Decorah to write your book".31 The "My Book" is SEEDS OF LIFE and to put the Bible in the sequence seen in THE BIBLE UNSEALED.

Out of Minneapolis I went to Chippewa Falls and down to La Crosse, Wisconsin before returning to Decorah with $148.50. Decorah provided a log cabin for my dwelling, a typewriter for writing, and food stamps to eat as my money disappeared. Spending change came from picking up the five cent deposit cans along the seven miles of highway between the log cabin and town. Natives of the area told me about the cold and snow common there. Because of the lesson learned returning from Canada I said, "Because I am where I am supposed to be we will only have two inches of snow and it will not be nearly as cold." The prophecy was so true that in January they often wore shorts and short sleeved shirts. However, the snow was only true in that we only got two inches at a time for a total of less than twelve inches for the whole winter. The snow lovers blamed me for no snow and lost money from purchasing snow equipment but no snow. Sky resorts and other snow related enterprises loss due to the lack of snow.

While it was warm I ate only raw vegetable salads by day and peanut butter and honey on whole wheat bread at night. The effects of the Ocala's pecan diet returned. A girl who worked in a cafe and I were close friends and each morning she would come into my mind before I opened my eyes out of sleep. Some times I would see what she was putting on, other times a tree or something would flash into my mind as if I was looking through her eyes as she passed it, and every time she wanted to see me I knew it and would take that day to go to town, often knowing what she would be wearing. She inspired the poem The Drifter To His Love.

While Married to Louise I began writing a book about a slave who had served in the Civil War, ran away into the Dakotas, cut wood for a White widow, lived in the barn behind her house, and was to later enter a relationship with her. Its fulfillment was not exactly as written. A farmer came by and asked me to help him hay and I agreed provided he help me get wood for warming the cabin. The fulfillment: Vietnam was a Civil War for that nation and to Decorah, Iowa I had run away from the slavery of civilization. The day I went to work with the farmer his widow daughter, Sharon Myers, and two children, Roger, 12 and Linda, 10 had recently returned home. Through the winter I split wood for Sharon's wood heater and the cabin was about a mile through the woods behind her house. Around the first of 1981 we began to get close and in February I spent more time with her than at the cabin until I left in April. The name of the location was not Dakota but Decorah.

Our get together was as I had dreamt it: the bowl I ate cereal from at the cabin had cracked through the middle where it had been glued together. In the dream it was full of cereals and milk and broke but nothing was lost, everything was caught in the two half's. When I contemplated the dream my Voice told me "the bowl is the farm where you work, the crack is the road between the farmer's house on the north and Sharon's trailer on the south." I had always eaten from the farmer's house on the north but realized I would eat from both places without missing a meal. That day our relationship began.

At the cabin I read several books and began putting together my understanding. My writings were my life and an interpretation of the creation of the Bible together [Tamar Arnon, a New York University worker when I first went to NYC, has my copy she was to correct but never did and has since returned to Israel]. At first I considered Adam to be a twin until I realized the word "replenish" is an approach not considered by most students of the book. Adam was a child whose mother had died when he was only a crawling baby who, after finding food and water it always returned to its nest. Having no memory of its mother it assumed it had come from the ground. Since there was no statement that Yehuveh had told Adam of the operation I gave its knowledge of the operation to a dream. It was in a deep sleep is written, and there are many dreams in the Bible as messages to man. I considered, in order to eat of the vegetation from over the whole earth, man are nomads. Many people who talked with me often wanted to live free of the compromises necessary for family and marriage relations so the nomadic state was individually rather than family. I considered the boy getting his pregnant wife's food made her lazy and dependent on him. That provided her with the time to play with the child(ren) which created the attachment of children to parents. Thus, the church's creation story was disappearing. Sometimes I found it easier to write some things in poetry rather than in prose, so I wrote many poems.

April fifteenth I left for New York City where I had intended to find a means of getting to Europe since "go ye into all the world" started my wayfaring. I got another backpack with an aluminum frame. The old one had been too weak to handle my way of life. The frame cracked before I could get out of Iowa and sent me into Chicago by way of US 30. From there I took a train to South Bend, Indiana and took US 31 south to 30 and into Fort Wayne visiting my three cousins again to await my new frame.

On US 30 I went into Ohio where I used hemp32 for the first time in the eastern city of Canton. As I entered the city a boy picked me up and invited me to smoke with him. At first I declined but the inner voice suggested I use it. I took a few tokes and in a few minutes heard "don't think you are going to get me high and rip me off." We visited some of his friends or relatives where I was so relaxed I just wanted to lay down and heard many different voices I believe to have been more than just the spoken words saying so many things I could hardly recognize any one thing. We left them and went to a restaurant. He ordered first and included coffee. Then the girl asked if it was going to be on separate tabs. She then turned to me and thought, "and what can I do for you" to which I answered in thought but thought it was words, "a hamburger deluxe with everything on it," while pointing to it. In about the time it should have taken her to write down my request she then said in words "would you like some coffee to." I answered in words, "yes, and some coffee too, please." She then walked away and later returned with the food for the other boy and coffee for me. After a while I began to ask about my hamburger only to find out I had not ordered one. I called her back and asked her who said no, I had not ordered one, so I ordered it. I spent the night at his place and the next morning we discussed the incident at the restaurant. I asked about his statement shortly after smoking with him. He was shocked but answered he had only thought it. That confirmed it, hemp caused me to hear thoughts projected at me.

I followed US 30 through Pennsylvania from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. In Gettysburg was a carnival where a young artist paintings were displaying paintings after paintings of bound, chained, incarcerated, barbed wire penned and blindfolded people. I missed the message of his work by focusing on the German Holocaust and reincarnation. He had to inform me of his vision so much like mine. The paintings were telling of how society want to bind and blind people rather than freeing them to be as they want so long as they didn't harm other in the process. Society chains, pens, bounds and control all of its people, was the message of his painting, he explained.

In Philadelphia the locked haired group, M.O.V.E., had its leader incarcerated and about to be tried. Because of my matted hair a policeman came and ordered me to stop eating from a berry tree because the berries could be poisonous. I had been eating from the tree in the memorial park for four days. No one else ate from it. I told him "I should already be dead, I have been eating from it for four days". He cuffed me and took me out of town to investigated my background, found I was not a part of M.O.V.E., then returned me without letting me know anything about the Probable Cause (PC) [thanks to the Public Minister status in the computer records].

After a week's rest I left for New York City using the Interstate highway. A Highway Patrolman ordered me off of the freeway. I replied, "I'm not trying to be smart, ok?" He gave me the go-ahead and I continued with, "for you to keep me off of the freeways you would have to keep deer, rabbits, and all other animal, insects and birds off of the freeway because I live by the laws they live by". He then expressed envy of my getting out of the "rat-race" but instructed me to leave the freeway at that exit. I started off and he left. Once he topped the hill I returned to the highway and in a few miles someone stopped and said, "If you have the nerves to walk the freeway I have the nerves to pick you up. Get in." He let me off not far from the Lincoln tunnel into New York City. I was not allowed to walk it so I hitched my way through. It was then the first of June. I had used up two pairs of sandals from Decorah to New York so I decided to go barefooted from then on.

I stayed around the Forty second Street area until about the fifteenth of June when someone gave me a list of eating places. But after a few nights on Forty Second Streets I was arrested for not moving and taking a drink of a beer. I believe it was a setup because the officers had tried several nights to get me to move from in front of the closed door where I sat. In one of the pockets of my backpack was a .22 automatic pistol I had found on the highway, but it was never searched. Mace was sprayed in my face because I refused to let them put my hands behind my back. Finally they walked me blindly to the paddy wagon. I tripped and released my hands to catch myself and they cuffed me. Once inside one officer, I couldn't see which because of the mace in my eyes, beat me. When I got to court the next day the judge gave me a diversion, if I didn't get into any more trouble in the next six months the charges would be dropped. I asked what was going to be done about the officer beating me after getting me in the wagon. The courtroom became quiet for a long while but nothing was said about it, but the officer I believed responsible for the beating I never saw again as COP of civilian.

The day I entered the city I walked south on Seventh Avenue looking for the post office. I didn't know the Empire State Building but when I look down that street I saw a vision of heaps of glass and metal where the Empire State Building was. The sandstone was glass from an intense heat leaving melted metal and glass in a glass-metal heap. I had already written The Fate Of Babylon and that vision confirmed the destruction of the United States by a nuclear burning.33

I found the post office and got what General Delivery mail from Sharon Myers of Decorah that was still there. She had asked to come to New York to visit with me, along with Linda. I wrote her back granting it, provided she allow her cold black beard on her chin to grow since I liked it so much. We met in Philly to walk twenty miles a day to New York, ten miles in the morning and ten miles in the evening. Our fourth day I felt the need to walk past the ten evening miles and someone gave us a ride to where we could get the Path Train into the city. He had passed us by and turned around and came back to pick us up saying, "someone must be looking over you because I had gone five miles past you when I felt the need to come back and get you." I asked the girls which one had been praying for a ride, they both answered they had. Then I explained that their sincere desire for a ride was heard by their guardians, we call angels, and transmitted to him. I explained how everyone has guardians, some monitor only the one person on the path to enlightenment, others monitor groups of 50, 100, and the like, depending how close they are to entering the path of enlightenment or everlasting life, based on a parable given by Yeshua. 34

We spent five weeks together passing through all areas of New Your City except Staten Island, and finally settled for Washington Square Park to spend most of our days. The day we walked into the park I had my shirt off, pants rolled up, and barefooted; Sharon, with her black hair and goatee, along with Linda had on shorts, halter top and sandals, and we all had on backpacks. Many days Linda and I played with me turning and swinging her around, walking with her inverted with her long blond hair dragging the ground. We ate from the different places giving food to the homeless and, toward the end, slept on a warehouse dock. Just prior to school's opening for the fall semester they both got on the bus with tear filled eyes, and I had mixed emotions but Linda's schooling took priority35. I was later told that when we entered the park no one expected us to make it but by the time they left we were the most respected.

With Sharon and Linda gone another Sharon from Brooklyn, New York, began to give her three-year-old son, Michael, into my care on weekends. Having only his afraidful mother as an example, Michael was too afraid to even walk through pigeons. My playing with him like I had Linda had him screaming so I only took him to the children's playground where he only wanted to play with me. One day, in '82, I climbed on a slide and sat down. He wanted to come up so I told him to come on and he asked for my help. I refused. He began to climb, got a few steps as afraidness took over again and he began to cry. I refused to neither help nor let the concerned mothers help him up or down until he decided to do something on his own. He climbed up happy at achieving something without having to be helped. He then wanted me to help him go down the slide but I again refused and told him to do what the other children did. He did and again was happy doing things without being helped. I went to another slide with small ladder rounds and did the same thing until he went up and slid down alone. Shortly after his accomplishments Sharon came over to check on us. With great satisfaction he showed her what he could do without help, doing it a few times. One time he lost his footing and cried but I told him to come on, his mother being outside of the fence could do nothing, so he got his courage together and finished his task happily. I then began to leave him with instructions to play with the other children, that I would be near by if he needed me. After a while he began to play with the other children, getting "dirty" against the wishes of Sharon. I told her to let him be a boy and she did. When the years got cold she no longer brought him, but the next spring when she brought him he was beyond her control, jumping off of the about two-foot wall around the fountain area [eight inches higher that what Werner Bogner and I are on in a picture above], petting a dog that its master said never allowed children pet it, and just being a confident child. I was able to achieve that because of how I had been raised by my inner voice.

As winter '81 neared I began to sleep through the Bowery Shelter, Third Street east of Bowery, and spend the cold sunless days playing cards at the shelter. I spent the sunny and cold ones in Washington Square Park. That winter they opened a new shelter in Flushing Meadows, Queens, home for Democratic State Senator Gary L. Ackaman. One evening as we waited to be bussed there I was discussing our plight with another and Gary in attendance. Once we got settled in the shelter, this stranger came over to talk with me. I, and some of the fellows in nearby bunks, noticed how he often said "we" about the two of us and "they" when speaking of the remainder of the homeless. The next morning's New York Post carried a picture of Gary, incognito, with the explanation of his purpose revealing the need for the new shelter. He later took me from the shelter to dinner (with people from some type of office). Snow was on the ground and I was barefooted walking through snow and on ice. We became friends and he arraigned a lecture at Queens College the following spring semester.

Spring of 1982 I made blue jeans into shorts. They were tight on my thighs so I split them just a little to give me playing room as I threw "Frisbee" in "my Living Room", Washington Square Park. As I played the splits increased until they reached the waistband and, except for a few religious meetings for food they were all I wore except shirts in eating places, including the Bowery. That winter as I walked in sub-freezing weather in the shorts36 one of two boys on New York University's campus asked me if I was cold. The other answered for me, "no colder than your face." That answered my constant self-questioning, "should I put on long pants though this is not so uncomfortable. Girls wore skirts in winter when I was in school, often with nothing on their legs but the rolled down socks." [That became my standard reply to the question but I explain, "it is conditioned into us".] One cold night in January 1983 I was given a sleeveless shirt and later the shorts and only a T-shirt was all I wore. After that winter the only time I wore a shirt was when I went into eating places. I now realize when a child is first born it is covered entirely, after six weeks the face is uncovered but the rest of the body never has the opportunity to feel cold. As a child it can't to go out to play in temperatures below 70 degrees "F" (about 21 "C") without a jacket. Therefore, our rejection of cold is due to the conditioning by our parents and schools.

During the summer of 1982 I was instructed by the inner voice to go by a fruit stand, which often gave me trouble when I took a piece of fruit to eat, and take something at all cost. I did so and was sent to jail at Rikers Island sentenced to 25 days. During the 13 days I served I was sent for a mental examination. The girl considered herself the "tough bitch" as most inmates called her. After the interview she said to me, "Mr. Alexander, I am very happy to have made your acquaintance. My son would love to meet you because he is interested in the same type of stuff."

I was invited to visit Mennonites in Leola, Pennsylvania in 1983. Returning to New York I was walking I-78 in Huntington County, New Jersey when I got arrested for refusing to go into my backpack for my birth certificate. I'm assuming he thought I had drugs. Because I don't shower daily I had a "high up" of the jail to order me to shower. Being tired of the harassment about it I said, "suck my Dick and call that a shower." Not judging the act I questioned myself for saying it. As I reasoned with it the realization came from my voice. A Dick is that part of man by which the egg is fertilized; to fertilize a mind one must plant a seed in it therefore, if he suck your mind for information he would have sucked the 'Dick of life' which would give him new life. That caused me to see enlightening properties in every type of verbal communication, writing, songs, science fiction, and other forms of communicating.

Also during that incarceration I played on my appointed attorney. [I don't usually use the Immunity and didn't know for sure I hade it until 2005.] I played as if I didn't know my Social Security Number and told him to contact the Bowery in New York to get it. After a time he came with nine numbers and said it was my Social Security Number. That caused me to mistrust him. He did get me off of all charges except disobeying a police officer, however.

Another thing happened while there. Dorothy Carol Melaney, whose last name I had forgotten or never obtained, and I were getting close. I had told her I would be back in about two weeks but I spent 56 days in jail. After about a month the name Laney kept coming to my mind but I couldn't figure out who it was. When I got back to New York and looked on her buzzer I realized I had been working to remember her name so I could call and let her know where I was.

Before leaving New York for Leola I had been telling others in "my living room" how to detect secret informants in front of someone I had determined was one but didn't want to blow his cover. When I got back he confirmed that he was one by saying, "everyone kept asking where you were but I never told them anything."

Though I had noticed how I often I got colder after eating an orange during the cold weather, it was not until the winter of 1983-'84 that I found out the real effects. The temperature never got above freezing and I was asked to eat 13 oranges for a girl friend, after she was told by a doctor not to consume them since she was suffering from a vaginal infection and Citrus worsen the symptoms. They were all I ate that day while she was at work and that evening she wanted to visit her brother living at Seventh Street near D Avenue. The temperature was about 22 degrees "F" (about -6 "C"); when we walked out of her Sixth Street between First and second Avenue apartment. Before we could get to First Avenue I was almost shivering, something I had never done. We got to "A" Avenue and Seventh Street where we ate from the International Society of Krishna Consciousness' Thanksgiving or Christmas homeless feeding. That neutralized the effects but I had loss to much body heat. While eating I contemplated the cause of this unusual condition. The Inner voice said, "What did you eat today." I realized how oranges grow in warm climates and recognized they must be for the purpose of cooling the body by opening the pores. That Summer I had eaten an apple in the heat of the year and recognized how hot and thirsty I got soon after eating it. I then recognized how apples ripen in the cold season to close the pores. I tested hot season fruit again in cold weather and found out that all hot climate foods are for the cooling of the body and cold climate and season foods are to maintain the body's heat, when eaten raw. Cooked foods I found to be neutral, except most spicy ones, leaving only the feet's sensors to regulate the body's climate control system. When we put our feet in cold water we get "goose-pimples" closing pores to protect the body's heat, though the effects on the body indicates it is cold. To put the feet in hot water causes us to sweat with a feeling of hot, but it is releasing the body's heat to prevent over-heating. Though unknown to me at the time that is why I began barefooting before my other clothes.37 [Refer to INTRODUCTION TO HEALH].

That winter I used peyote but didn't regurgitate it as is common. During the twenty-four hours I was under the effects I saw a ball of something like twine representing the totality of all things. That meant all things are in cycles, from the largest one to the smallest. I saw things speed up so fast that I couldn't determine what was happening but when I called my own name or said "change constantly" things would slow down to where I could comprehend them. That taught me to look within myself for all answers or change what I was doing or where I was, and reflect on them for an understanding.

In January 1984 I left New York, via Greyhound Bus lines, for San Francisco, California. I had completed a year (a time) in Iowa and two and a half years (times and the dividing of time38 ) in New York City. At the friend's house I went to visit I took some mushrooms. Under the effects I was able to see cold, hear cold, and feel cold; see sound, hear sound, and feel sound, and hear color, feel color and see color. I then realized our abilities are limited by how we are conditioned to perceive things, because blind man can often compensate for their sight by such enhanced other senses it makes sense that we all can enhance our senses to a similar state. After talking to one OBE [Out'a Body Experiences] person who said he had ben able to see in 64,800 degrees at one time, I have come to realize all parts of the ghost (Matthew 27:50) functions as the individual physical parts. Carlos Castanida's TEACHINGS OF DON JUAN say we are not to depend on the aids but learn to do what they teach from within ourselves.

I remained in the Bay area until June, where I learned about the Rainbow Gathering39. Some expected the meshiach to descend on that Fourth of July Holy Day. On the fifteenth I left for the Likely, California Gathering. Though the meshiach did not descend, as those few Rainbows and Christians believe he shall, during the Fourth's evening meal I assisted in circling the group for prayer before eating. As we were about to serve a thunderstorm appeared in the western sky and everyone got up to leave but I said, "don't leave, it is not going to rain on this gathering." Most returned to their seats and I watched the storm split to the north and south of the gathering, only the wind blowing and a few drops of rain fell on the circle to show them the meshiach was there, but none recognized it that I am aware of, even though they marveled at not being rained on and enjoyed the Rainbow that followed. Some did talk about it later when we met else where.

I left the Gathering for Eugene, Oregon where I observed the hemp use effects again. I went with friends to a "trading fair" where I ate some "green-brownies" the day we were to leave. I then walked near the trade circle and laid back enjoying the relaxed state it put me in. Lying there I felt the couple leave the circle and go to the teepee were we staying. After a time I heard the girl say "we should go and find Elijah so we can leave." The boy replied, "don't worry he'll be here in time." [I even discerned the differences in the voices for the first time.] It took about fifteen minutes to walk the near mile. As I entered she told me they had just been talking about me. I told them what I heard and they confirmed it.

I headed for Grambling through Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas where I was given a ride to Grambling for staying at a party of all Whites. The Gaulden Family Reunion was that day and I went shirt-less from then on, I had left my T-shirt in the transporter's car. I stayed with aunt Ellen for a while but then went back into the streets. I slept in the woods unless it rained, and finally the cold sent me under the bridge over the railroad tracks as my sleeping palce. My days were spent on Main Street less than 100 yards from Grambling State University's (GSU) campus. At first students only spoke to me mostly with "what up" and I answered the socially normal "nothing". Then I began to say "the opposite of down this week, the opposite of left this week, the opposite of right this week, the opposite of front this week, the opposite of back this week." Each new week a different opposite. One day a fellow asked me why did I change my answer each week. I answered, "it is written that man named everything 40 and whatever he named it so it was. Being that I am a man, I can name whatever I want to be up and it will be." After that my often sitting on Main Street and walks though the campus had students stopping me to communicate about my views. I was also invited to talk to different classes at both, Grambling and Louisiana Tech Universitie in Ruston, some five miles east of Grambling.

I arrived in Grambling neither dressing nor believing as is common to man to complete the dream of entering Grambling and telling people my experiences in life. It also made me to become "dead to he world" and I was thirty-nine. Thus, my "new childhood" was completed and I entered "new adolescencce". I was using knowledge from twelve different sources and am waking in the way foretold by the prophets. The comprehenison I had clothed me in the pure understanding of life, the sun.41 The first smiting of the second rock by Moses was then complete, only the second smiting of it remains.


Adollescents are on their own to deal with the challenges of life .A New Born adult has the "dominion powers" demonstrated by yeshua, New Born adolescents are required to deal with the challenges imposed on them by the world. Adolescents in nature have to fend off their predators and provide for themselves; in civilization the stronger nations prey on weak nations and free man. Born Again Man are the only free man which civilization makes it as hard as possible for them to remain free since freedom causes the loss of money by which man control other man. This is my fending the world off to this date, February 2009. This is also the time my vision began to solidify. SEEDS OF LIFE is that solified vision.
I had intentions of leaving Grambling in the spring 1985 for no return. I had a dream in San Francisco: I went into a tunnel through a mountain, left my body there and went over the mountain, down the other side amd entered the tunnel and got my body and walked nude out of the tunnel and down Main Street Grambling. It hadn't happened but it didn't matter, I don't like Louisiana and didn't want any part of the state. The year is almost 1985, I am thirty-nine years of age and expect to die and resurrect because of the dream. Either I will or I want. I expected it to happen before February, so I sent a letter to AB telling her I expected to be shot42 [the purpose behind the desire to know what it is like to be shot at age 8, and is yet to happen] and die on January 13, 1985 so don't let anything happen to my body until after at least 84 hours. (NOTE: Yeshua ha'meshiach died about the ninth hour, 3 pm, Friday and was out of the grave before daybreak Sunday, per Luke 15:34-16:8, a maximum of thirty-nine hours. Yeshua prophesied "in three days" concerning himself [John 2:18-21] and 72 hours [Matthew 12:40] for our "evil and adulterous generation", therefore he was talking about the second rock Moses smote twice43.) If I didn't resurrect before that time they could do with my body as they wished. Copies of that letter were sent around Grambling ending the mayor's office, on record until fulfilled.

Before the end of January I was arrested, intended to be charged with vagrancy but it was unconstitutional, the charge was trespassing on GSU's campus. While incarcerated I was given a physical and the word was I was the healthiest man in Louisiana. I was released after 6 days and in a few days given a mental examination. The statement made at my leaving was, "Mr. Alexander, we don't have people with your level of understanding passing through our area." To say that about an area with two state universities tells us much about the schooling of the state, the forty-ninth lowest of fifty.

I planned to leave before the semester's end but six students wanted me to attend their graduation. I entered the auditorium and found a seat upstairs in the back. Soon as I was seated two university police escorted me out, carried me to Lincoln Parish Detention Center (LPDC) and booked me for trespassing where 13 days later I was released ROR (Released on Own Recognizance). I went for trial in June only to be escorted out of the courtroom by six sheriff deputies. I was taken to their office and told to contact LPDC's Charles L. "Chuck" James when I returned for the fall. That required me to come back in the fall, so after the Missouri Rainbow Gathering and a journey through Iowa I was back in August for the Gaulden family's reunion.

I notified Chuck and was summoned to court in September. Judge James Dozier [I thought was Bleich and wrote him a letter about it] told me my religious habit was not acceptable in the courtroom. He asked me for an explanation and cut me off as soon as I said it was a religious habit. He ordered me not to say another word in his courtroom or be in contempt, then he proceed to ask me questions to get me to speak. I refused to answer and he told me to leave his courtroom while asking me another question as I was walking out. I left without a word, not giving ear to his demand to dress the next time or be in contempt nor his questions to earn a Contempt of Court then.

October I was summoned again. For entering the courtroom in my habit I was given 10 days "Contempt of Court" without being allowed to negate the charge, required by the Louisiana law. I got out and went into the GSU library the next day where a dress code had been put in place, I hadn't seen upon entering. I was arrested again for trespassing even though the university had made a law pertaining to my religion practice. I was released ROR in December. During that incarceration a "Restraining Order" was issued by GSU's president, Joseph Johnson. [NOTE: the Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure, Articles 22 through 32, requires a judge or magistrate to issue restraining orders. I believe the judges told them to issue it so they could trial me and stop me from going on the campus.] I was summoned to court in January before judge Joseph Bleich. He sentenced me to 30 days "Contempt of Court" without allowing me a chance to negate the charge even after I asked for it.

From LPDC I went to court and given another contempt sentence, and then another, and maybe a fourth before being released prior to the semester's end to made a trip around the United States. I went east [was arrested leaving Monroe, LA and released the next morning] to Georgia, north through Washington, DC to northern Pennsylvania for the Rainbow Gathering. I went west to Washington state, south to Los Angeles, California, and back to Louisiana in October. I was again arrested for trespassing and held for several, maybe six months. During that incarceration I filed a suit to the United States District Court, Western District of Louisiana, Monroe Division against food being denied to me and the refusal of the courts to trial me, it would have force GSU to stop arresting me.

I was released ROR before getting the decision and re-arrested in April, this time charged with Obscenity. The facts: "I was sitting on the wall in front of the cafeteria talking to three boys when I saw Chief Adams approach more than a block away. In order not to be on campus property I got down off the wall and stood on the public sidewalk of Main Street, running through the campus, when he arrived and arrested me." He lied during trial: "He was sitting on the wall with his legs crossed, one calf half way across the dangling leg's knee with his penis and genitals clearly exposed. Two girls saw him and told me of his exposure. I went and saw it clearly for myself." [NOTE: Louisiana's Obscenity law, Revised Stature 14:106, require the exposure to be intentional with a motive to cause sexual arousal, to be patently offensive, or to arouse prudent interest. I believe the judges told GSU to use obscenity.] During trial he could not tell if I was circumcised completely, partly, or not at all because, after being clearly exposed he now said, "his penis was rolled between his thighs so I was not be able to determine that". How was that clearly seen I still wonder, though the judge found me guilty [I chose a judge trial thinking he would know the law and decide accordingly]. Also, the law requires corroborating evidence when one policeman brings the charge(s), and there were no other witnesses or testimony.

While incarcerated the U.S. District Court denied the claim and I appealed to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. On the hundred-eighty-sixth day I was brought to the Obscenity trial as my own counsel. [Judge Bleich had ordered James to bring me to court in prison clothes "even if you have to carry him".] The court refused to allow me to sit or dressed in my habit as described by Adams so I was found guilty and sentenced to six months, time served and two years probation. [NOTE: Louisiana's Revised Stature, 14:106, gives a six months maximum sentence, which was already served not allowing time to suspend for a probation.] The only condition of the probation was to stay off of GSU's campus, including the parish road of Main Street and the sidewalk, which runs through GSU's campus [although the sidewalk to the street is always public property on state or parish roads]. I was released Sunday, two days later and the day after GSU's Homecoming, to make 188 days. The sergeant releasing me asked Chuck James what to do with the Fort Worth, Texas address I gave her to forward mail. She wrote it on scrap paper and discharged me. The Friday before trial I gave them a letter to mail to the Fifth Circuit Court of appeals giving the notice of my new address. I believe the court had already forwarded the reply to LPDC and I don't believe LPDC mailed my letter.

In Fort Worth I stayed with AB until she told me to put on long pants while at home, about February 1988. I moved in with a friend and then to the streets. I usually ate at a place called "Loaves and Fishes" (ODE TO LOVES AND FISHES) where the needy ate. I helped prepare to feed and cleaned up after the meal. At AB's I filed an appeal against the obscenity conviction, but noticed that the Second Court of Appeals of Louisiana refused to send replies to the address on the appeal. After a year I returned to Grambling to find out about both, the federal and state, appeals. Both had been denied but not sent to the address given them.

Three hours after being in Grambling I was at a concert on the football field and arrested for trespassing. I remained in jail until January, tried against the illegal restraining order appointed attorney, John L. Sheehan, refused to attack, found guilty and sentenced to six months. Ninety days to serve and ninety suspended for two years probation. I chose the whole six months. During that stay I wrote the Fifth Circuit for their decision who replied they made the decision October 1987 to have it returned with no forwarding address. [Now you see why I believe Chuck James knew about the appeal before my leaving?]

Upon release a GSU TV students wanted to interview me in front of the student union the next afternoon. I spent the night in the bushes and as soon as the interview was completed the next day I was arrested for trespassing [Note: Institutional Trespassing require interfering with the activities of the institution but the courts refused to use that charge, instead used Criminal Trespassing]. I attempted to defend myself but the court denied it. I was tried, found guilty because another appointed attorney refused to attack the restraining order or use Institutional Trespassing and sentenced to six months ending September 1989. [That appointed attorney later became an assistant DA in an adjoining Parish although he promised to aid me in getting my suits filed.]

October is usually GSU's Homecoming. I walked across the campus Friday before it, about to leave the campus when I was stopped, pictures taken of my dress and arrested for obscenity. The next day I posted my only bond to get out. Exactly one month later I was walking a friend to his dorm because we were going someplace. As we passed the cafeteria he decided to eat since the lines weren't long. I stood against the wall because of the rising wind as a cold front lowered temperature into the fifties. Adams walked out of the security police station, across the street south of the cafeteria, and to arrest me. He took me into the station and got two girl officers to come out. He pulled one flap of my habit back intending to expose me. The pulled didn't and since I wasn't secured with cuffs I held both flaps down in the front. I was transported to LPDC as a girl officer stood to one side to see if I was circumcised as I emptied my pockets. She wasn't able to see me. I served three months, was released ROR, in late April was arrested for trespassing and released ROR a few days later. Days before graduation and I was to leave for the summer I was re-arrested for trespassing. I remained incarcerated until late June and again released ROR. Chuck James took me part of the way to Grambling and instructed me "don't come back or the judge will hang you". The release was too late to make the Minnesota National Rainbow Gathering so I went to a regional in New York State. After the gathering I spent time in Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, leaving five states of the continental United States not visited in my travels. I then returned to New York City.

In NYC I felt the need to call aunt Orivia, in Grambling. She told me a summons had been sent to AB with an October court date. I ignored Chuck's warning and returned to Grambling to clear my name. I entered the courtroom on the day of my trial but it was continued. I was arrested for trespassing around fall graduation and kept until February or March before being released ROR. A month later I was re-arrested for trespassing to be in jail for May's Obscenity Trial and forced to wear something other than my habit to court. [Judges Bleich's order to bring me in dressed in something other than my habit was still in force.] The jury was picked one evening and asked to give their work and home telephone numbers and sent home for the night. The next morning only one could look me in the eye as they had the day before. [I believe they were offered compensation for a guilty verdict.44] I was guilty after being disallowed to prove Adams had lied: "He was standing with one foot cocked against the wall," correctly stated, "and I could see his genitals" from "90 feet" away through the leg of my habit. [NOTE: one can lay on the floor with me standing in that manner and can not see my genitals most of the time.] When the jury went to deliberate I expected 30 minutes to be found guilty. 29 minutes later I was guilty as charged with all six agreeing. [The "Charging of the Jury" did not include the ulterior motive for an exposure to be Obscene.]

I went to trial in June as my own attorney for Trespassing. [An appointed attorney would have to tell me about their using the "Habitual Offender Law" against me—If one goes to trial and is thee times found guilty it is upgraded to a felony with up to ten years maximum sentence—as my own council they would not, an appointed attorney could have been persuaded not to attack the restraining order. I knew what was coming and prepared for it.] Adams was called by the DA John L. Sheehan, my first court appointed attorney, and questioned. I cross-examined asking by what authority did President Johnson have to issue the restraining order. He reply, "He's the sovereign authority of Grambling State University". To does he have the authority to make laws to exceed state laws he answered, "No". I asked do you know the state law concerning restraining orders. "No". How can you police the law and don't know the law in order to police it. I don't recall any answer as he looked confused to the judge's and DA's dropped heads. I asked to read the law to the court but John L. objected, so I asked if he knew the Louisiana law requires a judge or magistrate to issue a restraining order. Joe Bleich's eyes got as big as his glasses and John L.'s chin dropped to the "no". I pressed on until badgering and John L. objected so I countered with, "I am trying to find what was the authority he operated under in arresting the defendant on that restraining order" (RO). John L. motioned for a recess to find out the authority Joseph Johnson had for issuing the RO. Being pro se I failed to counter with a motion to dismiss so I remained until my obscenity sentencing that November. That trespassing trial has not reconvened as of February 2009.

My pre-sentence investigator saw I was educated and asked for a written statement to the court. I denounced the entire procedure as unconstitutional. It was put in my attorney's folder never to read it in court and my attorney didn't tell me I was to read it. I had already played my appointed attorney, Louis Jones, by telling him "I can do five-year 'standing on my head'," knowing I could only get three for second offense. Sentenced near the end of September Dozier said, "I'm going to sentence you to almost the maximum, I'm going to give you three years." Louis motioned for an appeal and October first I went to prison, the grave45 of the wicked, dressed in my habit.

It began at Hunt Correctional Center for two weeks of induction into the prison system. I, and one other, was transported by a sheriff car. The girl officer on the gate had to call another guard to witness my appearance. At the induction center all eyes turned when I got out. The transporting sheriff's deputy told all inquirers to talk to me; those who did were amazed at my understanding and ability to communicate. I allowed my beard to be shaved but accepted no haircut. After two or three days of induction and tests I no longer went with the other inductees but remained in my cell. I believe they saw the immunity on the national computer and just held me without completing the induction.

I went to Winn Correction Center (WNC), an American Correction Corporation (ACC) prison. On the way another asked me about working. I replied, "I don't work to take care of myself as a free man, I'd be a fool to work for free after my liberty has been taken away from me, especially since I've broken no law. Plus, I don't wear shoes and I doubt if they will allow me to work without them." Upon my arrival the chief of security offered a release form to vindicate WNC from liability if anything happening because of my barefootness, to be ready the next day. It never came and when sent to work I refused to go. I was placed in administrative lock-down, tried for "Aggravated Work offense" and sentenced to probation. I was next placed in administrative lock-down for Aggravated Disobedience, I refused to wear shoes, was tried, found guilty and served both sentences. The third offense caused me to be placed on Extended Lock-Down where I remained for the year at WNC.

In refusing to stoop to the level of the other inmates I ended up with a cut on my left thumb and a piss-shit mixture thrown on me by inmates while on Extended Lock-Down. I saw the use of the electric shield but no other really brutal treatment at WNC. I filed all types of Administrative Remedy Procedures (ARP) showing the First Amendment right to be barefooted, attempted to help them prevent other inmates from using my religion as a scam, and how Louisiana's law require them to prove that I am not entitled to "religious immunity". All denied by DOC. They didn't want me teaching the truth in prison or they would not be able to control the prisoners.

Louisiana has "Double Good-Time," an inmate gets one day Good-Time for every day served. My "rap sheet" indicating I was to serve 18 months, I served 90 days prior to prison, my date of release with Good-Time and without was given me in November. In January I was counseled to give up my incentive pay for Double Good time since "You aren't going to work any way". I was expecting to only serve twelve months instead of the eighteen shown on my rap sheet. I looked for another but never got a new time of release.

Early October 1992 I was transferred to David Wade Correction center, home for prison brutality by correctional officers. Mace was used on maximum security or Extended Lock-Down inmates, inmates were beaten in their cells or taken out of their cells and beaten are things I saw. I am told of correctional officers' killing an inmate while in his cell but didn't witness it. They came at me with mace because a sergeant got tired of telling me to put my shirt on. They only pointed the can toward my face. I filed am ignored ARP then wrote a letter to the Homer, Louisiana court. The next time a macing situation came the captain came alone. He cried tears while asking me to keep my shirt on. I promised that I would put the shirt on every time the sergeant ordered me to but as soon as he left the tier I would pull it off again. Of course the sergeant always lied that I didn't put the shirt on until the third order [which doesn't make sense, a fool knows it is a lie to wait until the third telling before putting the shirt on] and the pretend court upheld his lies. Therefore, for twenty days out of every thirty I had remaining, three to six months, I had all of my bedding taken leaving only a slab of concrete to sit and lay on from 5 am until 10 pm. When I was discharged I owed them more than 120 days of isolation, as it's called. A warden witnessed my not getting my mattress and shook his head, they could find no way to punish me. When I asked why I answered, "I am preparing to go back on the streets and I sleep on concrete and dirt there, this is getting me ready for that."

At first Wade had no outside recreation for "Max" inmates. Our one-hour out of the eighty-one square foot cells was spent walking the tier and showering. The following May it came but because I don't wear shoes I wasn't allowed to go out. About the same time my Good time date came but I was not released because I refused to wear shoes to sign out. I filed suit against Wade and the Department of Corrections and Safety (DOC), it was denied.

In June 1994 my discharge came and again I refused to wear shoes to sign out so everyone came to me to sign out. They threaten beating and mace but it never cam. [I suggested they didn't want me leaving with bruises nor mace burns.] They took me to Grambling's police chief who began a lecture about my being on parole. I corrected him, "I'm discharged, I served my full time". He copied the discharge papers, I got my habit sent to aunt Orivia's, and went for food stamps since the state wanted to take care of me. I remained in the Grambling-Ruston area, except for a few trips to east Texas and Monroe, Louisiana because of court filings I was waiting for, until spring 1996. A computer and copier center was opened in Grambling in an unsecured building, so I became the night watchman as a trade off. I could copy my poetry and writings to diskettes, much of the poetry on this site was written in prison, and had a place other than under the bridge to sleep during the winter.

During one Monroe trip I met John, his brother Justin and Whitney, now John's wife. In 1995 John and Whitney suggested I put my work on the Internet since I wanted it free for everyone. I have felt since my "New Birth", any information worth receiving should be free, money decreases the value of the information because whatever has a money values is of a no value.

Some east Texas trips were to enjoy the company of Karen M. Horgus, the one person, other than aunt Olivia, I depended on while in prison. We met during the 1987-88 Fort Worth stay when she worked feeding the needy. We are close to this day. The other trips were to be with the Texas Rainbow Family.

No Grambling arrests for now, only a few escorts from GSU's library. Johnson was no longer president of GSU, Adams was no longer chief of security police, and Dozier and Bleich were no longer Third Judicial District judges. Bleich had become a temporary state Supreme Court Justice but loss the election for the permanent position. He is now a practicing attorney again. I suppose Dozier is also working as an attorney. In 2001 I began to receive citations for using GSU's computers, I got 5 before ever going to trail. In late '01 I was sentenced to 60 days each for each citation and 60 for contempt, making it 180 days to be served. One Sunday morning, about a month prior to my release, when I went to get Breakfast I noticed how the feeding officer reached in the cart for everyone's tray except mine. For me, he reached all the way to the back of the top to give me my tray. Shortly after eating I felt the need to regurgitate and defecate at the same time. I went to the toilet and my bowels were water as I emptied my intestines. From then on until the last meal Thursday, every time I ate anything, from the store bought things I had to the meals brought, the same thing happened. When eating from the kitchen most of the time my body would shiver and I would stop eating. The store bought food and any drink of water went through me to come out like water. I was weighing about 235 pounds and by the time I got out I was only about 190 pounds. My knowledge of poisons tells me I had been poisened but there were no other effects except the weight loss and watery bowels.

In 1996 I followed a Supreme Court filing to Washington, DC. There I met Ellen of Proposition One Peace and Anti-Nuclear Vigil, who took the picture in Refer to LETTER FROM THE AUTHOR and most of the Washington, DC pictures. The court said to file the claim again, that one was denied. From there I traveled through New York City to the second Missouri National Rainbow Gathering, and from there into South Dakota, Colorado, Nebraska (my forty-fourth state leaving four), western Iowa, again across Missouri, Tennessee, and Mississippi. Passing through West Monroe, Louisiana some children stopped me across from the First Baptist Church building. Someone from the church called the police and the children, seeing him, left as I continued on my way. Officer Steve Theddis came up and asked if I was passing through. I replied, "Yes, how did you guess." He replied something about "if you are not you are going to jail". "You just changed my mind about my leaving your town," I responded. I was arrested and charged with indecent exposure and resisting arrest. I was found guilty and sentenced to sixty days or $398. Aunt Orivia found out where I was and went to West Monroe and paid $398 for my release46 even though I was given $60 off for time served. That gave me grounds to return to the Supreme Court and began new rounds of arrests by GSU.[Louisiana became the first southern state to rejoin the Union after the civil war under the conditions that they be allowed to continue with the French laws they use, so the U.S. Supreme Court refuses to do anything about any filing from Louisiana.]

I filed to the US Supreme Court and again they denied it. I filed for a motion to rehear on May 15, 1997 and followed it to DC. Again it was denied so I wrote the president, Clinton, in July '97 and again in January 98, but got no reply. I sent it to Gary L. Ackaman, now a Senator in DC, in September 97 who, I thought, was getting the convictions overturned47 and enough monetary compensation for me to be considered rich48 by civilization's standards.

From May 1997 I was invited to spend time at Proposition One Peace And Anti-Nuclear Vigil, in the District of Columbia, and I did until June 1998. I attended their signs a minimum of 4 hours each morning the whole year. Here I was allowed to put my information on their Internet Site, under the section called "protest", while waiting for the results of Gary's never to come decision, which never came.

Had the decision been received it would have brought the final prophecies' fulfillment for the second smitten rock, latter rains, branch from the root of Jesse and second coming of the meshiach not to be fulfilled by Yeshua. Whenever it happens, the return of "Yeshua meshiach" will manifest only as the title meaning I AM THAT I AM IS The Saving KNOWLEDGE. Yeshua means I Am That I Am Saves49 and "meshiach" is an anointing which is also a knowledge50.

From 1998 until 2004 I didn't travel because I didn't know what to do since I had expected the fulfillment of the prophecies before 2000 but it didn't come. I spent that time in Grambling searching for understanding. Around 1999 GSU began arresting me for Criminal Trespassing rather than Institutional Trespassing again. I filed against the court in the Third Judicial Court which was, of course, denied. In 2003 I was shown two prophecies I had misinterpreted. One was Edgar Casey's I can see nothing for the United States past the year 2006 and Nostradamus' 1999 and seven months prophecy. Research shows Nostradamus was Ethiopian and that calendar is seven years behind the western one, equaling 2006. Now we have two prophecies testifying51 to the United States' destruction in 2006. Because in WARNING FOR THE TIMES I suggest for people to get a backpack, sleeping bag, changes of clothes, tent and the like to begin this life, I have been provided a tent, a backpack, sleeping bag and several changes of clothes to demonstrate the fulfillment of it. However, that has since changed to the realization in my HOME PAGE and edited THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IN PROPHECY.


The following is the last filing in the Louisiana courts for the overturning of the judgments and compensation for my incarcerated time, sent to the court on March 3, 2005 and my last communication to the United States Supreme Court August 14, 2007.

Judges Woodard, Bodie, Joyce, Smith and ex-judges Dozier and Bleich;

RE: Request for Information

Written in Amos 3:7 of the KJV Bible is “Surely the Lord God will do nothing but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets”, and man this nation over believe these times are the last days. Because these are the last days Yehuveh has provided Elijah the promised Prophet of Malachi 4:5-6, in the person of Elijah Alfred Alexander, Jr. to confirm it. Some biblical evidence of him is Isaiah 63: “1. Who is this that cometh from Edom, with dyed garments from Bozrah? this that is glorious in his apparel, travelling in the greatness of his strength? I that speak in righteousness, mighty to save. 2. Wherefore art thou red in thine apparel, and thy garments like him that treadeth in the winefat?

One of the responsibilities of this prophet is to demonstrate, within the limits of man’s laws, what is required to survive the end of the world. In living the demonstration he has the peculiar minimal public dress of no shirt, no shoes and only shorts opened in the outer seams to the waistband all year. Being dressed this way the prophet has traveled in 44 of the Continental United States, and in many areas of Louisiana other than Lincoln Parish and the City of West Monroe, and if incarcerated is usually released no later than 72 hour, but in most cases he is never arrested.

The state of Louisiana prides itself for not being a constitutional state operating out of the boundaries of the United States’ Constitution. Most judges who enter the federal courts in Louisiana are from the Louisiana courts, therefore, many people in Louisiana do not get to receive the protection of the US Constitution without repercussions to the courts or state. Even when they file in the Federal courts the judges will not prosecute Louisiana for being outside of the Constitution. The prophet has filed in this and the Federal courts requesting the Religious Immunity provided by the United States Constitution and Louisiana law and compensation for the “False Incarcerations” imposed by Lincoln Parish and City of West Monroe. They were denied. Also, Louisiana’s courts are not disciplined enough to prevent their own misconduct nor punish their misconduct therefore, they should not be able to punish anyone else’s misconduct. Because of those facts this PETITION FOR INFORMATION is being submitted to be answered by this Court.

During one of the prophet’s first arrest Charles James of Lincoln Parish Detention said he had run the prophet’s name through the national computer and received no reply. However, in other states and areas of Louisiana when his name and date of birth is run through the national computer the officers often give him their business cards and duty hours and inform him that if he have any trouble to call them. Why hasn’t that happened here in Lincoln Parish? When the petitioner was identified through an arrest why wasn’t he liberated at least within 72 hours?

Why has Lincoln Parish charged Elijah the Prophet with Trespassing for being on a state university’s campus where alternative views are to be explored, which denied access happens on no state campus? Why was he charged with Obscenity because of his Religious Habit, which has not happened in any other state? Why does the court charge him with Contempt of Court for wearing his Habit in the courtroom when no other state has denied him his habit in the courtroom? Don’t the courts realize that his ability to withstand the conditions he does in his Habit he has to have the power of Yehuveh protecting him or that he refuses to comply with the court’s orders because of Yehuveh’s guidance, the superior law?

Why is it Elijah the Prophet not considered a “public Minister” with Original Legal Jurisdiction in the United States Supreme Court here in Louisiana, provided by the US Constitution, Article III, Section 2, and paragraph 2? Why wasn’t he granted that Immunity by Lincoln Parish and West Monroe city Courts after being provided with that type of Immunity in every state he has been arrested or stopped in? Is it because Louisiana has no respect for the US Constitution?

Why do Louisiana courts see fit to deny the Prophet the Immunities and Privileges granted in other states the United States Constitution provides, Article IV, Section 2, Paragraph 1; which reads, “The citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of the citizens in the several States,” and First Amendment? With the First Amendment to the US Constitution stating “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibit the free exercise thereof,” why has Lincoln Parish courts made judgments pertaining to the Prophet’s religious practice, especially since the Louisiana law pertaining to Religious Immunity requires a three-man panel of Appeals Court Judges to establish when one is not entitle to Religious Immunity? And why wasn’t that ever done?

How could the prophet be charged with Obscenity on the word of single police officers’ uncorroborated testimony since an uncorroborated testimony is not enough for a conviction?

Why has Lincoln Parish and West Monroe city Courts refuse to allow the prophet’s habit as evidence after being charged with Obscenity and Public Indecency because of it?

Why did judge Dozier say to the prophet “you may get a second charge” during his first Obscenity trial because he asked to wear his Habit as proof to the falsity of the charge? Louisiana’s law requires an ulterior motive for an exposure by someone to be Obscene or to have the body parts covered by his habit exposed for Public Indecency, therefore, what would have been the charge?

How was a single accusing officer’s uncorroborated testimony enough to convict him of obscenity in Lincoln Parish without any testimony to any of the 3 ulterior motives needed for the charge or Public Indecency in West Monroe by a single officer’s uncorroborated testimony?

After the petitioner was release from his felony obscenity conviction the prosecuting DA asked him if he was going to vote for him and said the conviction had been expunged so he could vote, why? Was his incarceration kept off of the records because he is entitled to Religious Immunity and the courts know it?

Therefore the petitioner would like to know why he was denied the compensation he sought through the courts. The American Jurisprudence say, when the courts make errors in judgment with malicious intent—an attempt to change a person’s religious duty is malicious intent and a violation of the First Amendment to the US Constitution—they are liable. If it was because Louisiana is not a “Constitutional State” how is it possible for Louisiana to receive the various payments from the United States that the other 49 Constitutional States receive and is still not bound by the Constitution of the United States?

Elijah A. Alexander, Jr.

NOTE: The Louisiana law concerning INSTITUTIONAL TRESPASSING; on state school, college and university campuses; requires the person to interrupt the normal activities of the institution. The law requires some disruptive activities by the person before the authorities may asked the person not to use the facilities. Elijah's using computers does not interrupt the institution's activities. The exception is on closed institutions' campuses; Grambling State University is not a closed (meaning not open to the public) institution.

Also, since filing this petition I have found that there is no record on the nation's computer of any charges ever being filed against me in the state of Louisiana. That has caused me to wonder if my appeal of the Second Offence Obscenity is removed from the 1992, 93 or 94 LOUISIANA DIGEST where I have read it.

Public Minister, Elijah A. Alexander, Jr.
P. O. Box 334
Grambling, LA 71245

August 14, 2007

Clerk and Justices of the Court,
You have again denied Original Jurisdiction by the correspondence dated August 9, 2007 and received August 13, 2007. You reasoned:
1) “The original jurisdiction of this Court generally extends only to cases or controversies between two or more states or between the United States and one or more states”.
2) “The Eleventh Amendment amends the language of the Constitution and holds that the Judicial Power of the United States does not extend to any suit commenced or prosecuted against a state by a citizen of another state”.
3) “The Supreme Court has subsequently held numerous times that states cannot be sued without their consent and that the Eleventh Amendment bars suits brought against a state by a citizen of that state”.

In your first reason, you did say “generally” suggesting there is an exception to that rule. The First Amendment, baring laws from being made against the practice of religion, should also by comprehension, bar “Lower Courts” from trying one for practicing their religion, especially after a United States’ Court have awarded a practitioner of their religion “Original Jurisdiction” in the United States Supreme Court, therefore, that is the exception.

Reason 2 invoked the Eleventh Amendment, ratified after the First Amendment without erasing or changing it, therefore, the reply to your “reason one” is also an exception to the Eleventh Amendment as written. However, the Eleventh Amendment does not even imply, as your court has numerous times stated [your reason 3, Hans v. Louisiana, 134 U. S. 1 (1890)], you "bar suits brought against a state by a citizen of that state”. What you have stated numerous times is a part of the reason citizens of the United States are not able to obtain justice in the United States’ Courts, you the Supreme Court, not the Constitution or Laws, bars citizen from requiring the governments of the states to be responsible for their actions toward its citizens.

It is the responsibility of the Courts, lowest to the supreme, to interpret the written Constitution and Laws [not Executive Orders, Ordinances, Traditions, Rules (of court and institutions), and the like, which prevent justice from being served], when they are violated and what punishment should be accessed the violator(s). When a Court makes a decision totally contrary to the Constitution and Laws, they have become "Domestic Enemies" of the United States Constitution because of "their oath to protect the Constitution and Article III, Section 1. In that light, the decision, Hans v. Louisiana, 134 U. S. 1 (1890), is the Court's upholding "Domestic Enemies" of the Constitution as "protectors of the Constitution". Likewise, because the Courts have refused the "Original Jurisdiction" of the petitioner, a Constitutional requirement, they, and all attorneys associated with the decisions, are "Domestic Enemies" of the Constitution.

The petitioner is a “naturalized citizen” of the state of Louisiana, born in Mount Olive Community, (Ruston Rural is birth certificated) Grambling, therefore, the Eleventh Amendment does give the petitioner the right to sue Louisiana, and any Court upholding their decisions, for their misconduct. In turn, because no Court up to and including the United Supreme Court have chosen to correct an unlawful decision by the United States Supreme Court, every judge of every Court of all states refusing to abide by the requirement of the Constitution are liable for their misconduct demanded by Article 3 of the Constitution. And furthermore, every District Attorney and Court appointed attorney to represent the petitioner, the Departments of Correction and Safety (DOC) or jails responsible for holding the petitioner on behalf of the Courts, have liability because of the Courts’ misconduct, which made them “domestic enemies” of the United States Constitution.

Therefore, the power invested in the petitioner by the United States Constitution as awarded to him by the City Court of the City of Arlington, Texas provides him the authority to receive $500,000.00 for every day he was/is incarcerated and the repayment of any fine paid with 2% interest per day until repaid. It requires any denied rights provided by the Constitution and laws, because he practiced his religion in prison and jail, pay a compensation of $1500.00 per day his incarcerated rights were denied. It further requires every decision by any judge after denying his rights be reversed and the repayment of any fines and any money, the value of all property (drugs and weapons included) confiscated from individuals because of “guilty verdicts”, the repayment of any “work release” fees, the reduction of any “multiple offences” number incurred, and liberated with the offences expunged plus a compensational fee of the “minimum wage” for eight-hour-days for every incarcerated days to aid in their readjustment to society. And all persons responsible for carrying out the miscarriage of justice to loose their jobs and/or any retirement revenues from their services, the disbarment of all attorneys and the reconstruction of the Court system of the United States of America.


Elijah A. Alexander, Jr.

NOTE: US Constitution, Article 6, paragraph 3 states "The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States." By the Supreme court not fulfilling their oath to protect the constitution, the Justices of the court are disqualified from making judical decisions.

Because US Constitution, Article 3 states concerning the president, in part, "...he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed", and the 43 rd president Bush committed treason [Article 3, Section 3] when he grounded all commercial aircraft and allowed the only connection to the "supposedly responsible party for 9/11" to be flown out of country and denied a proper investigation as to why concrete became a powder during the supposed "pancake effect" crumbling of the building, why there were no desk, chairs, computer or other office furniture parts recovered from the incident; President Obama is committing treason by giving aid and comfort to the enemy since president Bush did, and a domestic enemy of the constitution.

Because Congress have not seen the foregoings concerning 9/11 and worked to do anything bout it, because they supposedly represent but never let the constituents know in detail what they are voting on and inquire of them as to how "We The People" want them to vote, nor will they allow "We The People" access to them, our calls are usually not passed to them, our mail is usually filed and not read, but "special interest groups" are alway able to communicate with them, Congress are "committing treason" and are not meeting their responsibility to the people and, thereby, are "domestic enemies" of the constitution.

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by: Elijah Alfred "NatureBoy" Alexander Jr.

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