What is the emotion, love, that without it man feels alone?
Is it an emotion of just a conditioned state that's strong?
Is any emotion an emotion or just a thought in disguise?
Is there anyone able to show us where the answer lies?

I find all emotions to be thoughts, desires out of proportion
due to a lack of understanding and misplaced devotion.
Man accept half of a category and reject the other part
misplacing their devotion which gives emotions a start.

There is Yin and Yang, opposites in all things that be,
masculinity and femininity it's called by westerners like me,
and there is yin and yang in each gender of animated kind,
but we man develop one and leave the other dormant behind.

The dormant half longs for the animated half in man
is what we call emotions which we need to understand.
The active's desire for the dormant causes the longing
for a physical form to satisfy, thus, the need for belonging.

By knowing that thoughts and desires are out of proportion
we are to activate what's dormant, give it equal devotion,
eliminate the parts, make the whole stand in their places,
then emotions die carrying with them shames and disgraces.


Love, a word which cannot be defined,
not what you do but a frame of mind;
yet it does create an effect
few are ever able to reject.

It does not build empires by setting boundary lines,
neither does it stake out claiming things as mine.
It's not selfish to any at all,
not to rich nor poor, nor great nor small.

It's not bias in any light,
not to red nor yellow nor black nor white;
but it does make every living thing your brother,
spirit your father and the earth your nursing mother.


You say you love you but do what makes you sick.
You love your child making it cling to you and not go its own way.
You see a plant you love and transplant it to smother it with care.
You love your cat, your dog, your horse, and your cow
so you leash it, pen it, corral it, and hook it to a plow.
The bird you love you cage, not letting it take to the air.
All those things are no longer free because I love you you say.
Because you say you love your ass they must lick!


A boy beholds a girl and the girl the boy
and by the sighting determines it's a source of joy*
to be obtained by the bodily act, to mate,
but pleasure was denied and blamed on fate.
In the heat of passion the boy was un-stirred
which frustration caused to forever be blurred.
The reason can be realized by the magnetic effect,
like things repels so no pleasure did they get

A boy and girl meets and, for reasons unknown,
into a lustful rumple their bodies are thrown,
passions run high and their pleasure is every true.
The reason is something known by only very few.
Again the magnetic effect came into play,
unlike things attracts so lust is there to stay.

A girl has longed for a boy who upon her today casts an eye
though before today he seemed to never notice her passing by.
This day a force from within her compelled him to see
and ask her will you please spend some time with me.
Though surprised she did readily and passionately agree,
and in some nine months time an offspring came to be.

In our first example their internal natures are the same
and without understanding it they gave impotency the blame,
but since like things repel what man calls love was denied
even though from the physical perspective all was desired.

In our second example their internal natures are opposite
and the differences are lust's only needed prerequisites.
Man who fall into such attractions call it love at first sight,
but only in the mind of the ignorant is that explanation right.

Our last example functions according to the nature of man
where mating is for reproduction, as the Zeroverse did plan,
but believing such a cycle exist in man we usually deny
saying we're not animals, leaving us living society's lie.

*Joy is used here to mean pleasure but it means
"being at peace and content because of understanding."

The Marriage

"For that cause a man must leave mother and father and cling to his wife,
and the two shall be one flesh," that union is for the rest of their life.
Two separate man cannot merge into one as the above quotation suggests,
two different personalities or characteristics merging we can all attest.

Femininity and masculinity, Yin and Yang it is also called, as we can see,
does not conform to a standard based on the physical form it's temple be
but to a standard based on which characteristic we develop and use.
Most man develop Yin or Yang, makes it a gender and become confused.

Femininity is the development and use of what we call intuition,
an instinctive action in other animals we call in man premonition.
Masculinity is the use and development of actions based on reasons
since things are separated by characters like a year its seasons.

Man gave their genders titles which were to determine the modes of thought
and to produce sameness of understanding to their offsprings it is taught.
The believed operation on a man where woman was made from his bone
was showing us loosing a character in starting the family as now known.

Knowing that each gender has both of the thought characteristics
marrying femininity to masculinity should be what is realistic.
With thought characteristics returned to the truth of what they are
we eliminate the discontinuity causing the endless gender war.

Then, "a man must leave mother and father" must mean to become a man
one must leave parents, teachings too, marry Yin to Yang, which we can.
Don't try that "all things are possible with god" as most man usually say,
"come let us reason together, said the lord" will make man's sin go away.

No wonder there's no marriage nor giving in marriage in the resurrection,
each man becomes whole, reasoning with intuition, which is holy perfection.
Being whole there will not be the magnetic effect, what love is all about,
as thoughts become a balanced of intuition and reasoning, eliminating self doubt.


My love is like no other's love
my love is one that's free,
a love without any conditions
you are to meet to satisfy me.

My love is not like other's love,
since you have a mind of your own,
to choose or refuse, as you will,
or to stay at home or roam.

If I loved like others love
I'd hate your right to liberty
by making laws you must obey
or else you must do without me.

Do you want me to love like others
who claims you are less than me
by calling you my woven from man
though from your gender I came to be?

Do you want me to love like others
who attach to you the name female,
which say that I did work for you,
like you're some object up for sale?

NO! I love you differently, girl,
who bears the egg of our species;
and I as boy who carries our sperm
know we both need certain liberties.


I want to be your lover and desire you as mine
but not to be each other's puppet nor control their mind.
I want to be your friend to last all our life
but not me a henpecked husband nor you a rooster-spurred wife.
I want to love you with a love true, one that sets you free,
so your friends can enjoy you and mine can enjoy me.
I want to know I'm in your heart when you aren't around,
that it's said with love when you say to me "be not found".
I want your love to be so real you'll not say it's only for me,
that it be so when we're with someone else there'll be no jealousy.
I want not to rule your life nor for you to rule me,
my joy is all I ask, and the same I ask for thee.
So if you'll love me this way, this way that I love you,
with our loving each other free we'll know our love is true!!


Man make vows of celibacy before god and man,
boys and girls alike make the vow to take that stand.
The boy becomes a priest, the girl becomes a nun,
imposing laws on themselves no god requires of anyone.

Where is such a vow decreed and in which holy writ?
I've seen no sin for which celibacy is the penitence for it.
Whence comes the law disallowing the law of birth
to be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth?
Still man make such vows in penitence to their god
though the path god commands man follow they dare not trod.

All lifes have a cycle in which to multiply their own,
pleasurable it must be or the desire would not be so strong,
but because we know not what that cycle in man be
they vow, in penitence for ignorance, a vow of celibacy.

The mating in man is to be once each moon, at ovulation,
when the egg comes down preparing for procreation.
Twelve years a child is to nurse, till prior to puberty,
and during that time mother's don't mate till set at liberty.
Thus, celibacy is from conception to the weaning of the child,
all other lifes in nature are celibate only for that while.


Each morning as I awake thoughts of you rush to me
even before I open my eyes for the light of day to see.
Those moments are so pleasant as you control my mind
it seems our spirits meet stopping the movement of time.
Then I think of my principles and wonder are they true
'cause I know it's not wrong to spend much time with you.

I know someday I'll be leaving, most likely you won't go,
then will our parting bring sorrow or will it just be so,
will you long for me in mourning wishing my return
or would the joy of our togetherness cause your light to burn?
The problem is not me, I know what I would do,
I would put it in the background, my concern is you.

If you were to go, could you stand beneath the load
of sleeping in the cold or along side the road?
Could you walk the many miles destiny has in store
even when you're tired or on your foot's a sore?

The life I live's not easy, food's not always there,
in times of just enough for one two would have to share.
So I think of you, the life you live, and things accustomed to
and wonder if our togetherness mean so much to you!!


In this system man have made
To obtain a mate boys pursue a girl
Has become the general rule
All over this man made world.

In the natural order before this world
When man had sex only to procreate
Girl decided if and when to give birth
Choosing a boy as she began to ovulate.

If you are a girl and expect me to pursue you
After you give me your come on sign,
Forget it, take the place that’s rightfully yours
And tell me what you want to save yourself time.

Daily I show I have an interest in you
And always make it known that I’m free,
Yet you play that role set by society
Waiting for the asking to come from me.

by: Elijah Alfred "NatureBoy" Alexander, Jr.

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