Dear Seeker,
I hope you have chosen this book because you are interested in overcoming the ignorance your belief in good and evil caused you. This is written as a guide to transcend that ignorance. The concepts here are based on my faith of what I had been taught by external sources. I've learned that the first most important thing a seeker of truth should do is ask god, great spirit, higher power or any other title given to the inner self, to teach us how to hear ITs voice and give us the mind to obey it. Everything else falls into place once we have learned to hear that voice and to follow ITs guidance. When this is done one will no longer have a need for any teacher other than their inner self.

After I learned to hear Yehuveh's voice I became a nomad or a wayfarer, as suggested by the Bible (Isaiah 35:8 & John 3:8), and I reasoned day and night (Pslams 1:2 & Isaiah 1:18) concerning the concepts I had been taught. By reasoning and contemplating I united the various myths (words, including scriptures) with science, nature, and technology, I am revealed a new beginning, never ending set of cycles. SEEDS OF LIFE is that vision explaining those cycles.

Fellow seekers, unless you are a seeker conscious of your seeking I don't recommend this for you because, the price to understand it and put it into your own words is to give up all of your comforts, gained through civilization, and apply the concepts found here. If you choose to pay that price, after you prove your worthiness, the soon to manifest meshiach will teach you to become god. If you choose not to pay that price reincarnation is for you, after the first 1,000 years of earth's rejuvenation (Revelation 20:4-5), until you become god.

Please forgive my continued reference to the Holy Bible. They are the scriptures I am most familiar with since I was brought up in the Baptist denomination of Christianity. I do, however, use other sources for reference since the Bible does say that all scriptures are for correcting, doctrine and proof. But I am in no way suggesting for you to worship nor to believe in a god nor any prophet, like Yeshua ha'meshiach, buddha, Krishna, or any other sage. I do recommend for you to live the message of your scriptures since most, as suggested in Elijah's INTRODUCTION, point to the vision found here.

The old King James Authorized Version (KJV) is the Bible I was recommend to use when looking up the Bible references in these writings. In other translations the opposition to the meshiach's teachings have done much to eliminate the cycle in the Bible, such as removing replenish for fill. They have changed terms such as dominion, which means to do with more ability than, to rule. Plus, the method used to translate the KJV was superior to the other translations. Each scroll was translated to English by several translators without consulting each other and then compared for accurateness. That would make that translation the most accurate, and also because the scholars did not translate to cause people to believe what they believed the book to say, but they did it to show their scholarly abilities. Today's translators want to direct our belief.

Note, I don't capitalize titles such as buddha, god, meshiach, devil, lord, master, and the likes because they are not proper nouns that require it. Don't take offense. If you are a conscious seeker you will not.

The question I am asked the most is, "how do you stand the cold", because I dress the year around as you see in the pictures. My answer is, "accept cold feet and watch what you eat" (see INTRODUCTION TO HEALTH).

This SEEDS OF LIFE information will allow anyone to survive outside of what I call The 666 System, soon to be installed. That system, to be put in place by the manifested meshiach (Isaiah 9:6 & Atlas' shouldering the world) to separate the wheat from the tare (Matthew 13:30), will disallow any man without the mark, name or number in their right hand or in their forehead (over their right eye) to buy or sale. Without buying or selling no man can expect to be clothed, have a house, or eat the processed food. Therefore, knowing how to live without society's comforts is vital to our species' survival. Many believe in a "Pre-Tribulation Rapture" but they are in error. Yeshua ha'meshiach said in Matthew 24:13, only those who survive the tribulation shall be saved, and the time has been shorten for the elect's sake (24:21-22), meaning church goes through the transition.

I could give you much more information than what is found in SEEDS OF LIFE but what I have given here is a foundation on which to build your own understanding. If that understanding is based on your own experiences your vision and mine will become the same vision. You will be able to express this same revelation in your words. Anyway, philosophies only need a foundation on which to begin the proper application of knowledge, since wisdom is only obtained by experienced application of knowledge.

Please feel at liberty to make a copy of this book in its entirety, and if you bind it place the "Table Of Content" after the Home Page. If you ever see me with your bound copy I will sign this section where I have allowed for it below. There is no charge to copy SEEDS OF LIFE, nor share it.

Peace be within you, inner peace is the only peace, with the choice you make, or as I would say, with understanding your timeline.


Elijah A. Alexander, Jr.

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