One summer afternoon, while wandering through Washington Square in New York City, I had the privilege to meet an exceptional individual, Elijah Alfred Alexander Jr., also known as "NatureBoy". His friendly, yet uncommon demeanor due to his lack of "appropriate" clothing, awakened my curiosity to meet the man. Like so many had before me, I discovered one of the kindest and wisest human being I had so far had the opportunity to encounter, and quickly ranked myself among his endless list of friends.

This website, to which I added my slight contribution, gathers a multitude of texts written by Elijah himself, and includes both prose and poetry, along with different media articles written about him, and court excerpts illustrating his continuous mission. Whatever your style preference might be, whatever subjects you may have interest in, whatever religious or political beliefs you may adhere to, and whatever age brackets you belong to, you will find the appropriate text in this website to match your reading preferences. Not only should Elijah's writing teach you about the author and his beliefs on life, but it will also charm you with its beautiful poetry, entertain you with its autobiographical writings, and also, hopefully, open your eyes on certain issues the writer addresses, regaredless if you believe in them or not.

Throughout your reading, I advise you refer to the writer's dictionary of terms frequently, as his interpretation of some words often take a different meaning based on his education, studies, and life experiences. Also, you are encouraged to communicate your thoughts, opinions, or questions by addressing an email directly to Elijah.

Writer, poet, philosopher, religious man, conservationist, activist, nomad, wayfarer, homeless man, NatureBoy… the terms are endless to describe this man I simply see as magnificent.

I hope you enjoy your journey…


NOTE: Any words you find in bold print you may want to consult the DICTIONARY OF MY TERMS for their meanings.

This book, SEEDS OF LIFE, is my life's story and understanding of life written in prose and poetry. My life, since separating from the one who gave me birth, plays a major part in my Anointing. I knowingly, although unrealized until becoming a Wayfarer and Nomad, began to be taught by my Inner Self before I was one year old, therefore, it is impossible to separate me from my Sophy. I am living my understanding, and it is for that cause that I present to you this INTRODUCTION. Do understand, however, this is not social Religion, it is the Sophy of the Scriptures.

You will notice that I use many different sources to obtain my views. Sometimes I only take a line from one source and add to a line form other sources, other times I use a whole precept and add it to other sources' precepts, sometimes I add lines to precepts of various sources, and by uniting them I have my vision. All too often the believers in, and teachers of, a set of scriptures accept them as literal facts, no matter how much proof show the improbability of their being facts. I, on the other hand, find most scriptures to be metaphors and allegories rather than exact facts. My understanding, through observations, is if the scriptures were facts man would manipulate then to their own end, but not being sure of their being facts they are almost left as written.

Because I chose to live as my Inner Self instructed me, and Yeshua (Jesus) ha'Mashiach (the christ) taught, I have been anointed with the truth of various scriptures and folklore. Being raised Christian, I often use the Holy Bible, but nature is the main source I tie the scriptures into which has provided me with my sophy, not the other way around. Since I am obedient to the Inner Self I have been made the Watchman for the world. As the watchman I see the approach of civilization's end, therefore, SEEDS OF LIFE explains how I became the Watchman, what I see, and how to survive it.

As the Watchman, I agree with the wide belief that this is the time for the end of the world. A part of my reasoning is the Parable of the Fig Tree prophecy by Yeshua ha'Mashiach— the parable being the Nation of Israel restored in their previous homeland the second time in 1948—suggesting a maximum time before civilization's destruction is completed to be C.E. year 2028. [Add the time given in Psalm 90:10 to 1948 for that year.] The following is the overview.

Illustration of Infinity

The above ILLUSTRATION OF INFINITY, in the colors of a Native American medicine wheel, represents man's earthly cycle. This boys' time of rule will soon come to its end, illustrated by the lower TIME DIRECTION OF FLOW LINE. Man should now learn too live in Nature so we may be prepared to move into the millenniums of balance, shown in the graph as the green connector. There we will live in harmony with the natural environment. Those millenniums are balanced and followed by a girl ruled world. It will have a beginning similar to the biblical creation metaphor for this boy ruled time, where the girls are called man and the boys woman, or the equivalent. That is due to the law of Reaping and Sowing or, as it is called in the east, Karma.

Following the green connector representing the balanced times, each cycle begins with yellow, the symbol for Yellowman who starts the cycles. It is represented in nature as the yellow-green budding of plants to mark the beginning of the year. That is followed by the color red, corresponding to Redman's rule with nature providing the "red-ripe" fruit of summer as its representative. The fall's darkening of the leaves and fruit, shown in black, symbolizes Blackman's ruling. Lastly, the white color shows the Whiteman's rule, represented by nature's winter snow to end this half-cycle of civilization.

The Vedas of India provides times and names for the four epochs [I call them quarters]. They are 1,728,000-year Sat-Yuga, 1,296,000-year Treta-Yuga, 864,000-year Dvapara-Yuga and 432,000-year Kali-Yuga. Their cycle is called Chatur Yuga and equals 4,320,000 years. I, on the other hand, am suggesting two 84,000-year half-cycles, equally divided into 21,000-year quarters, with two 7,000-year rejuvenation times between them for 182,000 years to complete. My cycle, as you can see, is based on the equal division of earth's daily and yearly cycles, since the bases for most of my teachings are found somewhere in nature. [NOTE: I also suggest, each 21,000 year quarter is divided into four similar 5,250-year quarters.]

In the Great Pyramid of Egypt existed a painting of a Yellowman followed by a Redman in front of him and a Blackman following him all facing one direction, then a Whiteman was set apart looking back at them. This fresco represented those same four quarter cycles. We know Blackman built Egypt as the reason for being the last man in line, the Aztec preceeded them and Asians them, and we know Whiteman's rule followed Egypt's destruction. The painting had Whiteman looking back showing them anticipating their time to rule.

As the beginner of civilization, Yellowman's contributions to man are the foundation of family units and set territories. Redman's legacy is the harmonious life with the natural environment, though the Bible implies the Americas' natives introduced metal smithing and musical instrument making. Blackman brought the knowledge of sciences and mathematics, although today's African nations give no such indication. As for the Whiteman, they are the mechanical reproducer of man's abilities and the destroyer of Chatur Yuga or civilization. At the end of this Whiteman's reign the world will be destroyed, along with the man-made material properties, and, with the exception of the few granted eternal life, all man die. Snow destroys all, except the evergreen plants able to stand its destructive weight, since evergreens symbolize everlasting life.

Man who survives civilization's end will unite those four ethnic attributes within them, along with their Yin and Yang and the 12 western monthly Zodiac signs multiplied by the 12 eastern yearly Zodiac signs, for a total of 150 attributes. The survivors are then individually holy man with dominion powers. In being whole, each man will either be a Boy or a Girl by their gender, a Man by their understanding, and a Hermaphrodite by their united attributes. They are called god in the Bible's creation story, and Brahma in Hindu because they will use all of the power Yeshua the messiah demonstrated, and more.

According to the Bible's intended revelation, the girl ruled civilization will be lived over the salt water and the sun will not shine in order to replenish its fuel. The earth will also replenish its minerals, which are depleted by man during the boy ruled times.

Infinity, like my Illustration of Infinity above, is nothing except the twisting of the Zero to separate the two halves of the whole it represents. For that reason, I use the word Zeroverse rather than the term Universe commonly used. Thus, the Zeroverse is a place which recycles ghosts from what is called the lowest form of life to the highest form, including the Zeroverse itself.


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