The only way to have someone understand what another say when using words is to be sure the words' meanings are clear. This SEEDS OF LIFE dictionary is needed because my life's experiences defined the words to me differently from how the state define them. Written in Isaiah 28:11 is: For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people, and my definition is like speaking with another tongue. These definitions are to help you comprehend what I'm saying, even though I use the terms normally used by English speakers I define them differently.

All definitions by the various nations or states are given to brainwash man into supporting the nations and subjecting them to the states; these definitions are given so man may know how to become independent of the different nations for self government. Please know that these definitions are not for man who want to be governed by others. Know there are no good nor bad words; there are no profane words since in our Timeline we have been every species, therefore man should not be hurt by them. The hurt man get from words comes form not knowing the definitions of the words or the attitude one uses when speaking them. When we have the definitions the attitude of the speaker will not cause us pain. "Call me anything, just don't call me too late to eat;" should be our attitude toward name calling and the spoken word.

Abstract— Anything without concrete evidence of its existence; anything ones senses are unable to detect; any word used as a judgment.
Adam— Hebrew for man; our specie’s name; Bible’s person who began this civilization.
Adultery— Spiritually, to knowingly seek to obtain something produced by another although not life sustaining: worldly, a married man who engage in sexual intercourse with someone else or including married to another.
Adolescent— The age weaned mammals separate from parental care, age twelve in man.
Adulthood— Age animated life are able to reproduce its kind.
Afraid— Stop all sense functions except those needed for self-defense.
Angel— A messenger.
Animal— Any self-mobile life form.
Anointing— The comprehension obtained when objectively observing good and evil to find their purposes; endowed with evidence and substance in support of unseen beliefs.
Ante- and Anti-Christ— Actions preceding the manifestation of the final opposing the Bible’s Christ’s teachings.
Attempt— Putting forth an NOT to achieve a pretended goal.
Armageddon— The place 5 of the “10 virgins” will survive the “Battle of That Great Day of God Almighty.”
Atheist— Recognizer that god and devil as invalid; one refusing the concept that anything is superior to any other.
Attached— A self-compromise for staying with another person or thing after adolescence: clinging to or depending on none self-sustaining things.
Attribute— One of the personalities segregated Yang from Yin producing lust in woman.
Avatar— The embodiment of what is called god; any man comprehending all things.
Beast— Any ferocious life that kills its own specie or other life for gain, greed or pleasure: the pre-Christ governing system of the United States of America.
Belief— Externally accepted concepts without comprehensible proof.
Birth— To incarnate; when a life-force enters a sperm-egg-combination; transformed from one being into a similar without discarnating as in New Birth and Metamorphosis.
Birthright— A life's self governing responsibility; to be governed from within.
Black— The color made by uniting all colors; symbol for purity but called evil and ignorance.
Born— A being separated from their gestating source.
Born Again— A woman metamorphosing or “born again” into man.
Born of Woman— A child begotten and conceived by descendants of the Bible’s Adam.
Boy— The sperm producing gender of animated species.
Brahma— The Hindu term for Christianity’s holy ghost and messiah.
Brainwash— A forced acceptance of human’s teachings.
Buddha— An eastern title for being enlightened as Christ is to Christianity.
Center— The exact middle point; a term I use meaning “one's own life force.”
Christ, the— meshiach, ha'— Christian and Judaism’s (respectfully) for an anointed person.
Church— Called out from or set apart from civilization to become enlightened.
Church, the— Christianity’s congregations who re-enforcing their belief in Jesus the Christ for salvation; the building they gather in.
City— Woman’s interdependent on other woman for producing none life sustaining things.
Civilization— Woman conditioned to live in cities governed by economics rather than Ecology.
Communism— Woman sharing earth’s resources without excessive infringing on others.
Conditioning— The forcing of habits; schooling.
Cultivate— Forced to grow selectively: Forcing some things to grow and develop freely while attempting to prevent all others from developing.
Culture— Selective in beliefs and development: schooled into accepting the dos and don'ts as a group.
Day— The 24-hours produced by 11 hours morning and a transition hour to 11 hours of evening and a 1 transition hour back into morning: Bible reference to a certain time period.
Death— Becoming unable to comprehend all things; to change one's believing until a change of personality occurs; socially, a discarnation.
Democracy— System governing woman to equally share earth’s resources without excessive infringing on other life forms.
Desire— Longing to obtain something other than a need.
Devil— To oppose; the abstract being superior to everything except god; apposing earth’s Eco System.
Die— To change; a personality so transformed it’s not recognized by those who knew it; short term for discarnating.
Discarnate— Permanently separated "life-force" from its physical manifestation.
Domesticate— Forced into subservience; animated life forced to live contrary to instincts; living in the self-reproducing environment; mobile beings forced to preform for woman.
Dominion— Exceed the ability of.
Dominion Power— The abilities woman have after being morphed back into man.
Dragon— The collective desire of woman: woman wearing the name Democracy during civilization’s end.
Eco— The system where for sustaining one and their specie by consuming others; the primary cause of Karma.
Economics— The eco system system’s replacement by money woman after loosing their hair and becoming dependent on things they made.
Educate— Objectively observing and participating producing different outcomes for reasoning a comprehended explanation; the 360-degree study of a subject with its associated subjects.
Energy— What sustains and give growth and/or mobility to a physical manifestation.
Enlighten— To verbally illuminate the understanding opposites’ purposes.
Eternal Life— Maintaining an understanding until everything in existence is learned before being forgotten to repeat the cycle endlessly.
Evening— Time preceding light: a day’s hours when the sun isn’t seen because the earth shadows it from its viewers.
Everlasting Death— The half of the infinity cycle a life-force has forgotten everything.
Everlasting Life— The half of the infinity cycle a life-force imprints the knowledge into it.
Evil— Woman living contrary external teachers’ schoolings.
Faith— The proving of beliefs: finding evidence and substance supporting beliefs.
False Prophet— The religious teachers of an external god: the people to wear the 666 mark during civilization’s end.
Fear— Proceed with cautious learning; the means of educating.
Female— The price paid to a male when someone works for a spouse, not a gender.
Femininity— The spiritual ability providing man’s dominion powers.
Fire, Lake of— Civilization burning with an unquenchable desire for human made things.
Flesh— The non-skeletal body of an animated life.
For— Do because of; to do instead of.
Fornication— Seeking goods spiritually: seeking goods and sex for civil pleasures.
Free & Liberty— Live ecologically and independent of the specie except for reproducing.
Fuck— To have sexual intercourse for the pleasure of the act: an exclamation for leave me alone when followed by "off".
Ghost— The life-force of living beings unseen by human except as an aspiration that passes through objects.
Girl— The egg producing gender of animated species: man’s gender representing our dominion power and spiritual nature.
God— The abstract being supposedly superior to everything; the life-force life where understanding is imprinted: another man.
Good— Follow external teachings; judgment showing appreciation for.
Grace— Doing what is called good and evil for finding intended purposes.
Gravity— The force keeping all unbound earth entities from floating up from the earth.
Greed— Getting anticipated needs; obtaining needs exceeding the moment’s requirements.
Habit— To use with such frequency that one believes it’s a need.
Habituate— To cause to be over dependent on things.
Happy— Being Ignorantly elated.
Hate— Utterly rejecting: refuse associating with.
Heaven— Being beyond all desire; obtaining needs as needed.
Hell— A burning desire for things.
Hermaphrodite— Anyone with all man's attributes integrated within; a whole man; a man having both body genders.
Holy— Complete within one’s self.
Holy Ghost— Complete and able to function as a ghost, commonly called god and angels.
Holy Spirit— Whole understanding of cause, effect, consequences of existence.
Human— Man cut into incompleteness; mind unable to comprehend all things.
Idea— Thought not put into action.
Ideology— Studying of thoughts in action for knowing the effects.
Ignorance— Not knowing.
Illuminate— Revealing the unrealized aspects of.
Indifference— Being in the balanced between opposites.
Incarnate— For a life-force to enter a physical manifestation.
Inheritance— Requirements for existence.
Inner Self— The life-force beings.
Israel— To endure.
Israel, the Nation of— The people who settled in the area the Bible called Palestine.
It— A pronoun for any thing.
Jesus— Appears to be France’s “Je Suis” meaning “I am” and pseudonym for two messiahs.
Jew— The chosen; man with balanced karma who survive the world’s end.
Joy— Being at peace and content because of understanding or seeking understand.
Justice— The proper compensation for actions.
Judge— To determine if an act is or not according to the rules.
Karma— It is: every life-force experiences both sides of all possible experiences.
Lady— Escort for gentleman, lords, knights and kings; a royal whore.
Life— The ability to comprehend all things {spiritual}; to maintain an incarnation {physical}.
Life-Force— The energy that maintains physical manifestations.
Live— Determining purpose for things {spiritual}; maintaining a manifestation {physical}.
Lot— Man's destiny; a piece of earth claimed by man.
Love— Respecting for its purpose; longing for attachment to another: a civilized term for lust.
Lust— Attraction developed between man with opposing attributes.
Ma'am— To belittle one’s self to girls of a higher social class.
Male— A mind able to comprehend all things; our specie but not a gender.
Man— A mind capable of understanding all things and synonymous with god; our specie.
Man-child— A human or woman “reborn” into man with an early stages of dominion powers.
Manifest— Physically recognizable; a physical being.
Marry—Attaching one person to another.
Masculinity— The intellect’s power to reason and comprehend all things.
Meat— The consumable portion of another life to maintain one’s manifestation: food.
Metamorphosis— Living being transformed into another form living differently; Christianity’s new birth.
Mind— The processer of information; where life-forces imprint experiences.
Miss—Mrs.— I belittle myself before girls of an upper social class.
Modest— A minimal portion.
Morning— Time of light; when the sun lights earth; when many animated life obtain their bodies' requirements.
Mr.— I belittle myself before boys of an upper class.
Myth— A term meaning word used that signifies beliefs unproven and folklore.
Naked— To be ignorant of; a mind unclothed of understanding.
Natural— Any existing things when it appears because of repeating cycles.
Nature—The self-reproducing environment minus human produced things.
Nazirite— Set apart from the world to gain enlightenment.
Need— Requirements for sustaining one’s self.
New Birth— Woman’s transformation from civil to ecological living; human metamorphosed back into man.
Nod, Land of— The founded and forgotten many times Americas prior to 1492.
Nomad— Man who relinquish attachments to people, places or things for understanding life.
Nude— Having an unclothed body.
Of— Something belongs to.
One (1)— The first fraction of zero equaling 1/2; zero’s largest half that each succeeding number, 2 through infinity reduces to 2/4, 3/6, 4/8 and the like since each number has a negative counterpart equaling zero.
Opportunivor— One who eats whatever is available during times of need.
Opposite—Things that magnifies each other as light magnifies dark and vise versa.
Orient— Introduce to: become familiar with.
Orientals— Asians called Yellow-man who introduced civilization.
Overstand— Go from bottom through to the top for comprehending.
Philosopher— One attempting to communicate wisdom without learning the process.
Philosophy— Lover of wisdom who does what is required to obtain it.
Prostitute— Seller of one’s body cavity [cavities] for money or goods; selling one’s self into service for money or goods.
Promised Land— The earth for 7000 years after civilization and next plane of the existence and next plane of existence thereafter.
Puberty— Age of adulthood; when offsprings can reproduce.
Rapture— Snatching away as Enoch, Moses, Elijah and Yeshua ha'meshiach left earth.
Reincarnate— Return from discarnation into another physical manifestation.
Religion— Way of life teaching one existence’s purpose: society’s teachings believe in god.
Remember— Bring to consciousness something imprinted on a life-force.
Repent— Turn from satisfying sense gratifications and return to ecological living.
Replenish— Fill again.
Rights— Entitlements of a being.
Sage— Reborn human or woman assisting sojourners through earth.
Saint— Set apart from human by wisdom.
Sanctify— The process of being apart from by wisdom.
Satan— To oppose; magnifier of an opposite.
Saved— Kept from perishing.
School— To instruct others to follow leaders.
Scripture— Writings considered sacred; writings used to instruct religious beliefs.
Shit— Digested food bodies expels; exclamation for disgusting things.
Sin— Miss the mark; satisfied being ignorant.
Sir— I belittle myself before you to boys of an upper class.
Slave— Something forced to serve someone other than its self.
Sophy— Wisdom; the proper application to knowledge.
Soul— The mind, body and life force of living entities.
Spirit— Life-force; ultimate comprehension of things.
Tree— The largest of stationary plants; reincarnation and everlasting life representations.
Theist— Believer that god exist.
Time— The measurement of cycles.
Timeline— The sequence life-forces continue to incarnates through out existence.
Try— Working but not intending to achieve.
Understand— Go from top through to the bottom to comprehend a subject.
Universe— One existence implying the only.
Verbal— Express with audible defined terms.
Virgin— A virtuous person; person of integrity; pubescent girls never indulged in sexual acts.
Virgin Birth— A conception caused without a penetration.
Want— Desiring anything other than needs.
Watchman— Observer to give warning of approaching danger.
Wayfarer— A traveler by walking often without specific destination.
White— The absence of any color.
Wild— Life trained to live contrary to the ecological order.
Wilderness— Man changed land area.
Wisdom— Applying knowledge to understanding causes, effects and consequences.
Woman— Woven from man; mind unable to comprehend all things.
Word— Verbal mean of communicating.
World— The works of man on earth; civilizations; governments.
Wrong— Not the desired results of the instructor.
Yehuveh (YHWH)— I AM THAT I AM; the Hebrew name for god.
Yang— Term to represent one half of each existence with Yin the other half.
Yeshua— I AM THAT I AM saves; the Hebrew name Jesus would have been given.
Yeshua ha'meshiach— A title meaning I AM THAT I AM is the saving knowledge.
Yin— Term representing half of each existence with Yang the other half.
Yuga— A phases of man's civilization.
Zero— The only whole number.
Zeroverse— Existence, commonly called universe.

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