The only way to have someone understand what another say when using words is to be sure the words' meanings are clear. This SEEDS OF LIFE dictionary is needed because my life's experiences defined the words to me differently from how the state define them. Written in Isaiah 28:11 is: For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people, and my definition is like speaking with another tongue. These definitions are to help you comprehend what I'm saying, even though I use the terms normally used by English speakers I define them differently.

All definitions by the various nations or states are given to brainwash man into supporting the nations and subjecting them to the states; these definitions are given so man may know how to become independent of the different nations for self government. Please know that these definitions are not for man who want to be governed by others. Know there are no good nor bad words; there are no profane words since in our Timeline we have been every species, therefore man should not be hurt by them. The hurt man get from words comes form not knowing the definitions of the words or the attitude one uses when speaking them. When we have the definitions the attitude of the speaker will not cause us pain. "Call me anything, just don't call me too late to eat;" should be our attitude toward name calling and the spoken word.

Abstract—That which has no sense determinable existence—something without concrete evidence of its existence.
Adam—The Hebrew word for man as our species' name—often used for the name of the biblical person who began civilization [also in SEEDS OF LIFE] but actually mean mind able to comprehend all things.
Adultery—Spiritually it is to knowingly seek to obtain something which another has produced although not a life sustaining need—worldly is to engage in sexual activity with someone who is married to another.
Adulthood—The age when a life is able to reproduce its kind.
Afraid—To stop the functions of all senses except the ones for self-defense.
Angel—A messenger; it may be one from the earth or it may be one form Everlasting Life.
Animal—Any life having the power of self-mobility.
Anointing—The comprehension obtained after doing what is called both Good and Evil to find their proper use, and finding evidence and substance in support of unseen beliefs—one able to unite all forms of knowledge in revealing the purpose for existence.
Ante- and Anti-meshiach—To precede the manifestation of ha'meshiach II who comes to end civilization.
Attempt—To put forth the effort necessary to achieve an intended goal.
Armageddon—The nuclear destroyed United States of America where only anointed man are able to survive during the termination of civilization.
Atheist—To consider the abstract terms god and devil as invalid—to refuse to accept the concept that there is anything superior to anything else, that all things are equal although in different places in their Timeline migration through the "universe"—the recognition that there is no god so when communicating with believers in god they find terms to substitute for it, "higher power", "inner self", "higher self", "Life-force", "ghost" and the like.
Attached—To compromise ones self to stay with another after reaching the age twelve—to depend on something other than things with the ability to reproduce themselves.
Attribute—Refers to one of the 150 personalities originating by segregating the combinations of the Yin and Yang, the 4 color ethnic traits (see "Illustration of Infinity") and the 12 western Zodiac signs multiplied by the 12 eastern Zodiac signs, integrated they make man hermaphrodites by nature.
Avatar—A person who is the embodiment of what is called god—any man "born of Woman" on earth who has become a brahma, buddha, meshiach, sage other such whole man working to aid others man as they journey through the earth plain.
Beast—Any ferocious life who will kills its own species or other life for selfish gain, greed or pleasure—those people to wear the number 666 during the 666 system at civilization's end.—the governmental system of the United States of America commonly called democracy.
Belief—Concepts externally taught and accepted prior to getting the needed proofs.
Birth—To have a ghost to enter a sperm-egg-combination it is considered in many eastern nations—to take on a physical manifestation it is considered in the western world happens at the separating of an formed animated life from the source of gestation—to incarnate.
Birthright—Every life's responsibility to govern itself and follow its own inner guidance.
Black—The union of all colors which should symbolize purity and an illuminator as is the union of all knowledge, however, it is inappropriately interpreted today as a symbol of evil and ignorance because man are no longer able to see in darkness.
Born—An animated being after separating from their source of gestating to begin their life as a separate being from the parent and after a time become independent of the parent.
Born Again—To go through the metamorphosis required to become an anointed man who survives the end of civilization—to be transformed from a seasonal into an evergreen tree representing a man's going from temporal to everlasting life—a man having completed his required duration of reincarnating and gone through the process to maintaining one physical manifestation until it have evolved through existence to the end of their timeline.
Born of Woman—Amy man whose mother and father were not a whole man with each having less than the 150 attributes integrated within themselves.
Boy—The gender of animated life bearing its species' sperm—the masculine form of Man that bears our species sperm and should not be considered as one until puberty—man's gender representing the flesh.
Brahma—The Hindu term for "everlasting life", "holy ghost" and "meshiach" of Christianity.
Brainwash—Having been forced to accept the teachings of another person without allowing the the receiver the chance to prove or disprove the validity of those teachings—to coerce someone into submitting to their teaching.
Buddha—An eastern title meaning becoming enlightened—the equivalent of ha'meshiach in Christianity.
Center—That point which is in the exact middle—in my writings, a term I sometimes used to mean one's own ghost, inner-self or life-force.
Christ, the—meshiach, ha'—The Judea-Christian titles of an anointed person—the anointing which is the becoming an illuminator as obtained by finding evidence and substance in support of unseen beliefs.
Church—Those set apart from civilization to become an illuminator, but not always believers in Yeshua ha'meshiach, also called Jesus the christ.
Church, the—The group from the Christian religion who congregates to enforce each others belief in Yeshua ha'meshiach as the means for salvation and the buildings in which they gather.
City—Man depending on other man to provide them with things beyond life sustaining needs while rejecting nature.
Civilization—Man conditioned to live in cities.
Communism—When man equally share the natural resources without infringing on other man nor on other life forms in excess of needs when needed.
Conditioning—The process of forcing one to obtain Habits.
Cultivate—To be selective in what is permitted to grow—to allow some things to grow or develop freely while attempting to prevent others from growing and developing.
Culture—To select what ones man group are permitted to believe and develop—to School man into accepting the dos and don'ts of the family, city, state and/or nation.
Day—The 24-hours which include the morning or light hours, the balances between it and dark, and evening or dark hours—a scriptural reference to any cycle or time period.
Death—To change one's way of believing until there is a change of personality, but it is socially considered discarnating.
Democracy—A governmental system where a unified people, using representatives they select and instruct via ballot, to make the laws they are governed by, and select a representative (president) to negotiate with other governmental bodies—the nation of the United States of America called beast of the Bible's Revelation chapter 13.
Desire—For man to be interested in obtaining something other than a need when needed.
Devil—The term giving an abstract something a superiority place over everything except inferior to the abstract called god but actually means any opposition—another scapegoat behind god taught to keep mass in mass ignorant—term synonymous with man who oppose nature.
Die—To completely change ones personality, which was recognized by others, because of finding another way of seeing and comprehending things, usually a reference to discarnating.
Discarnate—To permanently separate a "ghost" or "life-force" from its physical manifestation.
Domesticate— To cause a self mobile being to be subjected to the wishes of man—the schooling or brainwashing of a natural animated life to make it subject to the wishes of another being—any life trained to live contrary to instinctive living in the natural environment.
Dominion—To do with more ability than or exceed the ability of.
Dominion Power—To exceed the abilities of everything on earth as the Bible say Yeshua ha'meshiach demonstrated and is to be obtained by every survivor of civilization's end.
Dragon—The collective desire of the general population—those people to wear the name Democracy during the 666 system ending civilization.
Eco—The natural system of every life depending on another life to provide the things they need, from which they only get what is needed in that moment of need or, for some few hybernating lifes, as much as they will need to take them through the hybernating season.
Economics—The monetary system man made where they become slaves to things they make and depend on, then force free man into being money dependent as a means to obtain them—the system making classes where man are unequal based on the amount of money they are able to generate which cause some man to lack their basic needs, food and water, because of adding an economic price to them.
Educate—To bring forth from within because of one's own observation, participation and reason and to put the comprehension into an explainable format.
Energy—The part of any entity which maintains its form gives growth and mobility to living manifestation
Enlighten—A term used to represent one's ability to illuminate by standing in the joining of opposites giving purpose to both aspects at all times while integrating both within ones self.
Eternal Life—To maintain ones physical manifestation until they have learned everything in existence—the same as everlasting life.
Evening—The time which precedes light—the dark hours of the day when the sun can not be seen from the surface of the earth—to stand in the shadow of the earth it makes when the sun is on the opposing side of it.
Everlasting Death—The amount of time a Life-force spends disembodied in order to forget everything they have gained through the previous Timeline before entering another.
Everlasting Life—The continuous amount of time a Life-force maintains its body until it has imprinted itself with all of the knowledge available to it from the "Zeroverse" while in a particular Timeline.
Evil—To live and do contrary to the wishes of external teachers; a schooled concept.
Faith—The process of proving one's belief—to find evidence and substance in support of unseen beliefs using anything available, concepts, math, observations, science, and more.
False Prophet—The external teachers and believers of the religions about an external god—those people to wear the mark, †, during the 666 system ending civilization.
Fear—To proceed with cautious learning.
Female—The price paid to a male or price paid to man; not a gender since both genders are man.
Femininity—The intuitive or instinctive ability of man where man are able to reach a conclusion without following intellective reasoning.
Fire, Lake of—Civilization, the process of purifying man to make them wise by eliminating the mind of good and evil.
Flesh—The non-skeletal body of an animated life.
For—(1) To do because of—(2) to do instead of.
Fornication—To seek to obtain for selfish pleasure, either a sexual act or goods produced by another.
Free—Liberty—When a life is independent of others of their kind, except for procreating, and completely dependent on the natural environment for its survival needs.
Fuck—To have sexual intercourse for the pleasure of the act—often used as an exclamation—slang for leave me alone when followed by "off".
Ghost—The energy or life-force of all living beings.
Girl—The gender of animated life bearing its species' eggs—the feminine form of man that bears our species eggs and should not be considered as one until puberty—the gender representing the ghost or spirit man.
God—The term giving an abstract something superiority over everything—short for guardian and the first scapegoat to keep the masses ignorant—the Life-force of every life where all understanding is imprinted thereon—a word synonymous withman.
Good—To live and do according to the wishes of external teaches; a schooled concept.
Grace—The right to do what is called Good and Evil to find their proper use.
Gravity—The force which keeps all unbound to earth entities from floating away from the earth.
Greed—To get something not needed in anticipation of a need for it although it may never come—to obtain in excess a need for the moment.
Habit—To use, to ingest or to depend on with such frequency that one believes it is a need.
Habituate—To cause one to use, to ingest or to depend on something until it is believed to be a need.
Happy—To be elated, often times ignorantly.
Hate—The rejection of and desire to reject—not willing to be controlled by nor to control through attachment.
Heaven—The being beyond all desire except life-sustaining needs when needed.
Hell—A burning desire for things beyond life-sustaining needs.
Hermaphrodite—Anyone with all 150 of man's attributes integrated within themselves—a whole man—any Holy man.
Holy—Being whole and complete—a man with all 150 attributes united within themselves—to become a Hermaphrodite by attributes.
Holy Ghost—A Whole Enlightened Man able to function as a ghost, commonly called god and angels.
Holy Spirit—The whole understanding of cause, effect, consequences and the cycles of being.
Human—An incomplete man.—any man not a Hermaphrodite.
Idea—A thought one has but have not been put into action.
Ideology—The thought put into action without realizing while in search of the long-term effects—to practice an idea without knowing the consequences while in search of them—the study of a thought in action.
Ignorance—Not knowing.
Illuminate—To reveal the purpose for both opposites and eliminating their judgments as good and evil, pretty and ugly and the like.
Illuminator—One who illuminates.
Indifference—To be in the balanced between opposites usually called "unconditional love".
Incarnate—To have a ghost take on any physical manifestation.
Inheritance—The use of the earth's various lifes to sustain one's self—the right to eat from any growing food or drink from any natural water sources.
Inner Self—The Life-force of a life, that which is often called god, soul and spirit.
Israel—To endure, the whole group of man who endures the end of civilization.
Israel, the Nation of—The people who settled in the area called Palestine the Bible uses as a symbol for Europeans and their descendants who were enslaved in Egypt who become a mixed people like Africans became in the United States of America, and out of its descendants comes two meshiachs to end this half of civilization and a prophetc type of the survivors of civilization's end.
It—The pronoun which describes any one person, place or thing individually and all groups or things collectively.
IT—The pronoun I sometines used to represent the Inner Self, Life-force, Yehuveh or Higher Self.
Jesus—Praise to Zeus (hey-Zeus)—the Greek name for Yeshua—change the "J" to "Y" and in the Hebrew numbering of their alphabet it equals 666.
Jesus Christ—A Greek name and title given the Hebrew boy Yeshua ha'meshiach having the meaning "praise Zeus is the Saving knowledge".
Jew—The chosen—those man who have balanced their Karma and qualified to be a survivor of the end of the world.
Joy—The being at peace and content because of understanding or knowing one will understand.
Justice—A proper compensation for an action.
Judge—To tell others their results is or is not what the external teacher desire—to say something is good or evil, pretty or ugly, to love or hate, or any other abstract opposite—to oversee earth bound man to ensure they follow the Zeroversal plan.
Karma—Literally, It Is—a statement saying everything any life-force as a particular life has done to another life has or will happen to that life-force while living as that life form without a memory of being that other life form while on the earth plane.
Lady—Escort for knights, lords, kings and queens, a royal whore but not a gender.
Life—The process through which the Life-force incarnates to imprint upon itself all of the experiences and knowledge available as it migrate through the Zeroverse—the process by which a life-force learns.
Life-force—That which causes matter to be considered a life—where all knowledge is imprinted while in each Manifestation.
Live—The process of determining the purpose for all things.
Lot—A life's destiny pertaining to reincarnation—a chosen piece of land on which to live pertaining to social living.
Love—Being attached to or the desire to be attached to—to control and be controlled, or longing to, because of ones desire to be attached—another term for lust.
Lust—The attraction of a developed attribute(s) in one person to the opposing attribute(s) developd in another person, which manifests itself in the flesh as a sexual desire, with no respect to the gender—another term for love.
Ma'am—I belittle myself before you, to older girls.
Male—A mind able to comprehend all things—another term for man but not a gender.
Man—A plural word meaning "mind capable of understanding all things" and synonymous with god, our species name in the English language.
Manchild—Any offspring of man who has not yet reached adulthood or puberty.
Manifest—The fleshly reaction to an undevelopd attribute in oneself to the opposing attribute in another—a physical form inhabited by a Life-force.
Marry—For one to attach themselves to another person, place or thing, including ideology, in a permanent or semi-permanent way.
Masculinity—The ability of man to use intellective reasoning to reach an intuited or schooled conclusion.
Meat—The product other than air and water any life ingest in order to maintain its physical manifestation, commonly called food.
Metamorphosis—The process of changing a living entity's form from one aspect of a species into another such as the caterpillar into a butterfly or a man changing from being a temporal incarnating being into an eternally incarnated being called "new birth" in Christianity.
Mind—The lubricant which allows the body to act independent of the Life-force through which the involuntary body functions pass in order to give the body life.—the element of life which allows the imprints witnessed by the body's senses to be imprinted onto the Life-force—the element which closes off all Life-force input, except involuntary body functions to allow for Schooling, Conditioning, Brainwashing or the Domesticating of a life—that element which allows the consciousness to properly interpret the sensations of the physical senses to produce Enlightenent—the definition of the word Man.
Miss—Mr.—Mrs.—I belittle myself before you.
Morning—The time many animated lifes move to obtain their bodies' requirements—the hours of the day when the sun gives its light to the earth or can be seen from the surface of the earth.
Myth—A term which literally means Word but is usually used to signify beliefs unproven and "folk lore".
Naked—To be ignorant of, the mind unclothed of understanding.
Natural—Any thing not or never have been under the control of or schooled by man.
Nature—The self-reproducing environment without the semi-permanent structures of man—the way of a thing prior to being altered by another, usually man.
Nazarite—One being set apart from the world's way of life to gain Enlightenent.
Need—The things one is required to have to sustain one's self, air, water, food, for the individuals, how and when to procreate for the species, and wisdom enough to get it.
New Birth—To kill society's half understanding and began the growing of the whole understanding to obtain Enlightenment needed by the survivors of civilization's end—a man, tadpole or catepiller who has completed the metamorphosis.
Nod—To sleep and awaken over and over again.
Nod, Land of—The Americas which had been founded and forgotten many times by man from other continents prior to 1492.
Nomad—Any man relinquishing all attachments to people, places or things to become Free.
Nude—Having an unclothed body.
Of—Something which belongs to—something spoken by or produced by someone.
One (1)—The first number in the accepted numbering system which is actually the largest fraction, 1/2, of the only whole number, Zero (0); each succeeding number reduces the whole into smaller part, 2/4, 3/6, 4/8 and 5/10 throughout the infinite numbering system, because each number added to its negative counter part equals Zero, the only whole number.
Opportunivor—One who eats whatever is available at the time of need.
Opposite—Things which magnifies or strengthens another; such as light magnifies dark and gravity strengthens the body.
Orient—To introduce to, to cause to become familiar with.
Oientals—The people, commonly called Yellowman by western man, from the Asian continent who introduced Civilization to man of earth.
Overstanding—To go from the bottom through to the top of a subject matter to comprehend it entirely.
Philosopher—One who attempts to explain the wisdom of a Philosophy without going through the process they went through to obtain that wisdom.
Philosophy—A lover of wisdom—one who will do whatever is required to obtain wisdom.
Prostitute—To sell one's body into the service of another for their goods—selling ones body in service to a job for money or goods.
Promised Land—The earth for 7000 years once civilization is eliminated from it and the next plane of the Zeroverse where the survivors go to upon leaving the earth—where the obtainers of everlasting life ascend to.
Puberty—The age when a species began to reproduce its self—Adulthood.
Rapture—The ascension of obtainers of everlasting life upon leaving the earth, which takes place after the 1000 years of only the survivors of civilization's end and during the earth's replenishing over another 6000 year period; with exceptions of people like Enoch, Moses, Elijah and Yeshua ha'meshiach.
Reincarnate—To again enter a material form—to again take on a physical manifestation.
Religion—Socially, it is the teachings of the belief in an external and unknowable god except through it's preachers and teachers—actually, it is the way of life teaching one the purpose for existence leading them to recognizes the power within themselves by freeing themselves from the external teachings of other man.
Remember—To bring to the physical consciousness something that is imprinted in the Life-force.
Repent—To learn the purpose for and how to use everything in existence and do them accordingly—return to nature is social religion's concept of it.
Replenish—To again provide multitudes of or fill again.
Rights—The entitlements one has because it is a being; primarily self-governing.
Sage—A man born woman who becomes enlightened and may be called buddha, christ, meshiach and any of the other terms given to man playing a significant role to help in man's journey through the earth plain.
Saint—Short for sanctify actually meaning to set apart to become wise.
Sanctify—To be set apart from "civilization" to gain Enlightenent.
Satan—The opposite of—that which magnifies the other half of a thing.
Saved—Any survivor of civilization's end and unknowable until the end of civilization or, upon obtaining Everlasting Life.
School—To be taught externally.
Schooled—External teachings accepted without proving them—brainwashed into accepting social cultivations.
Scripture—Writings considered sacred, usually used to instruct in a belief in god, although it may not be the actual intent for the writing.
Shit—The digested food expelled from the body of animated lifes—an exclamation for disgusting and painful—a slang for lie when preceded by "bull" or "that's".
Sin—To be ignorant and not willing nor attempting to overcome it—satisfied being ignorant.
Sir—I belittle myself before you, to boys.
Six-sixty-six (666) System, the—The New World Order to be put in place by 2 European nations, coppying after the manifested meshiach's governing The United States of America to brings world peace, it will cause the separating of the nature man from social man and usher in the end of civilization.
Slave—One committed to serve anything other than Sophy or Yehuveh, i.e., workiing to determine the prupose for all things.
Sophy—The Greek word for wisdom, meaning always applying the proper application to knowledge—knowing how, when and where to indulge and astain abstain from all things and doing it acordingly.
Soul—The union of the Mind, Body, and Ghost but not always functioning as a single unit—any living entity.
Spirit—The intended Comprehension, Overstanding or Understanding of a thing or all things.
Tree—The largest of the stationary plants with two types, seasonl representing temporal life and evergreen representing everlasting life, its wood symbolizes the ghost while its rings symbolize the layers of the Zeroverse all ghosts evolves through.
Theist—The term making an abstrict something superior to and the creator of everything else.
Time—The measurement of cycles, the quarter moons for a week, a moon for a month (although most months has more than twenty nine and one half days in them) and the four seasons for the year.
Timeline—The sequence any Ghost incarnates as it passes through the various lifes of the area or planet until they have reached the end of Everlasting Life.
Try—To pretend to achieve while not intending to achieve the perceived end.
Understand—To go from the top through to the bottom of a subject matter to completely comprehend it.
Verbal—To express in spoken terms.
Virgin—Anyone virtuous or wise enough to stand against the odds for the principles they feel necessary for their own integrity—anyone having entered puberty and never indulged in sexual intercourse.
Virgin Birth—A conception obtained by seeping semen at the lips of a virgin girl's virginia without penetrating her and she never had a penetration prior to the delivery of the child.
Want—The desire schooled into social man in support of other man or a financially controlled city-state.
Watchman—The person whose only occupation is to observe the terrain to see what is coming to give warning of approaching dangers—one whose only duty is to become wise enough to see the approach of civilization's end and give warning and instructions on how to survive it.
Water—A fluid substance needed by all life and symbolizing knowledge; thought = the air, words = the liquid and ice = the manifestation.
Waters—Symbolizes the many ethnics and languages of man.
Wayfarer—Any man continually traveling the earth, primarily by walking, sometimes with and other times without a known destination.
White—The absence of any color and should symbolize evil, ignorance and the lack of knowledge, but inappropriately given the place of purity and an illuminator because man can see in light or white.
Wild—Any life trained to live contrary to instinctive living in the natural environment—to be broken, brainwashed or schooled into a divient life from instinctive living.
Wilderness—Any land area changed by man to satisfy their desire but is usually considered an uncontrolled by man area.
Wisdom—Properly application knowledge—the when and how to and not to indulge and abstain from all things.
Woman—Any man not having developed all 150 attributes are woven from man.—any man not a Hermaphrodite by integrating the 150 attributes within theemselves.
Word—Verbal mean of expressing—any enlighten man expressing the why concerning the manifestation called the Zeroverse or universe.
World—The works of man upon the earth; civilization, governments and the man-made material goods.
Wrong—To not get the results an external teacher desired.
Yehuveh (YHWH)—The Hebrew name for god meaning I AM THAT I AM.
Yang—An eastern term to represent one half of each type of existence with Yin being the other half.
Yeshua—I AM THAT I AM Saves, the Hebrew name Jesus would have been given at birth according to the scriptures naming him.
Yeshua ha'meshiach—A title meaning "I AM THAT I AM is the saving knowledge" and can be shortened to "saving knowledge".
Yin—An eastern term to represent one half of each type of existence with Yang being the other half.
Yuga—A Hindu term meaning "the phases of man's Civilization".
Zero—The only whole in the numbering system; all numbers from one (1) to infinity has a negative (-) counter number to equal that whole—the number which represents everything and nothing at the same time.
Zeroverse—The totality of all existence, commonly called universe.

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