Because SEEDS OF LIFE is written to prepare man to survive the end of civilization, it is of major importance that surviving man know how to maintain of our health, physical and mental. In my living close to nature, nearly nude year around, I have found that there are three factors which aids in maintaining our health. Those three health factors are our diet, our breathing and the natural exercise of walking. However, being the messenger I am, to prevent people from turning away from my message, I am an Opportunivor, however, my preferred diet is the one you see below.

Our diet, the first factor I have listed, plays more than one role in maintaining us in the natural environment. One of its roles is climate control for our bodies so our bodies' organs stay in their proper functioning temperature. According to the Bible's second instruction to man, we man are to eat, without cooking, every herb that bears seed, and any fruit with a seed in it which produces the plant. Because of how I live, I have found that when we eat raw vegetables and fruits in the season they grow and ripen they help to maintain our bodies' temperature. When we eat summer-ripened fruits, grains, nuts and vegetables, they open our pores to allow cooling of our internal organs. When we eat cold season ripened fruits, nuts, vegetables, and dried summer grain that have been subjected to freezing cold, they keep our pores closed in order to maintain our internal heat. Most cooked foods are neutral and do nothing toward helping to maintain the body's operating temperature. Hot peppers and spicy foods, however, are an exception I have found for cooked foods. They open the pores during winter, overriding the feet sensors. [Note: most raw foods bought from stores are produced in warm climates, so it behooves us to go out in nature to observe the actual times the various foods ripens and eat then there.]

Associated with the raw food diet to maintain the body's temperature is our feet. Our feet open and close the body's pores according to the surface temperature they touch. When our feet touch a cold surface they close our bodies' pores to maintain the it's heat. When the feet touch a hot surface our bodies' pores open to keep the body from overheating. However, when eating raw foods not in accordance with the temperature our feet are touching, the food properties override the feet sensors and open or close our bodies' pores according to the season in which the foods ripened. In other words, ones should not eat watermelon, peaches, mangoes and peppers (peppers even in cooked foods) during the winter months because they open the pores overriding our cold feet. Neither should black walnuts, pecans, fall ripened apples and pears, and the likes be consumed during summer, as they will also override our feet sensors and lead our body to overheat provoking heat strokes. Therefore, since most people sleep with their heads uncovered, preparing to live without clothes we should learn to sleep with our feet uncovered to reduce the amount of covering needed for sleeping. I began in winter 2004-05 although for several years my sleeping bag's feet area has lost its filling.

Another of a raw diet's property is to provide living substance for the rejuvenation of our bodies. When one's diet is mostly of cooked foods the body can't rejuvenate the tissue, it can only replace the tissue with aged and near dead cells since death can only produce near dead tissue. Cooked foods are dead foods, killed and chemically altered by the heat, killing the body with the near dead tissue it provides the body. When one's diet is raw foods, since raw is living food, when the body replaces itself our it will be rejuvenated. Because man's diet is mostly cooked, chemically produced, and genetically altered foods our bodies age as they do. Doctors wonder why man don't live forever. An primary cause is the cooked, chemically produced and genetically altered foods man eat, they age body tissue rather than rejuvenate it. Also, eating raw vegetation help hydrates our bodies reducing its water need. The plants' sap, unaltered by the heat of fire, and directly from fruit juices reduce our need of water. Our bodies also needs the micro-organisms found in the natural ground water, before they are destroyed by the purifying process used by the western man.

A negative dietary factor in man's health is the unwillingness to eat foods considered not tasty to our conditioned taste buds. Most diseases affecting man are due to an unbalanced diet. The Bible said for man to eat from every plant containing a seed to reproduce itself with, that would include the often called poison bitter plants and fruit. Failing to include the full taste spectrum of a raw vegetation causes our bodies not to produce some needed chemicals, which those lacking ones create a chemical imbalance in our immune system. Unable to maintain a chemical balance, the body reacts by overproducing some substances, which develops into what is call disease. [Cancer is an example. If we eat totally raw vegetables and abstain from salt and animal fat, cancer can not take over our bodies as it often does. A chemical gets below a certain level causing cancer to increase into a disease.] If the words of the Bible are true, there are no poisonous seeding plants to man, and eating from them all would maintain the balance in our bodies' chemical makeup, and that would then prevent many diseases.

Also to my experience, another way to build our immune system, essential for our body cells to react and fight many illnesses attacking it, is to drink ground water and eat ground plants (plants fresh from the earth). By doing so, our bodies are put in contact with all sorts of insect carrying and bacterial diseases becoming stronger and less vulnerable to illness. Any water consumed by other animals is also safe for us to drink, and again, that helps in building up our immune system. Water has also been proven to aid in reducing many pains. A well hydrated bod will have fewer aches and pains.

The second essential factor to health is breathing. All to often man's breathing is shallow, using only the upper part of our lungs. Consequently, airborne particles, liquids, and other impurities are able to settle in the bottom of the lungs. The collecting moisture and particles cause respiratory problems. When we breathe deep, into the bottom of our lungs, we re-suspend particles and evaporate the moisture to eliminate by exhaling. Even when someone has respiratory problems, learning to breathe deep will cure the situation by eliminating the foreign particles and moisture. [NOTE: I find, since I take no pain suppressing medication for my pains the body suppresses the pain to a tolerable level without them. Pain lets us know something is not operating properly, do something about it. Doctors, I find, only treat the symptoms, they don't attempt to eliminate the cause. If you continue to feel pain you will seek the cause and you will find the way to eliminate that cause.]

The last major factor contributing to a healthy body is walking. Walking is man's natural mode of transportation. Walking exercises most of our bodies' organs and cause the blood to circulate throughout the body at a stronger and faster rate, better exercising the heart. Walking barefooted on gravel and dirt gives acupressure messages to our various internal organs and body parts (the arch of the feet pumps the blood out of the legs when something strike them). We breath deeper when walking, and along with the increased blood flow it improves the elimination of dead tissue and used air. But most of all, it helps lower body fat. I've found that with low fat I keep cooler in summer and maintain my heat heat better in winter. I find that I can walk at a pace of over 5 miles per hour for an extended period, especially during winter, and maintain three and a half to four miles per hour in temperatures of over 100 degrees "F" for long periods of time. I don't expect none walkers to maintain that pace, therefore I suggest to one wanting to learn to walk would walk as fast as they can until they get the "second wind" and maintain that pace until they tire. If you walk seven miles in two hours and not tire after the second wind, I would suggest that you either speed up the pace or extend the walking time until you tire. Remember, the more your body endures the more you increase your body's physical endurance.

One thing not mentioned in the foregoing introduction to this section is the need to think, especially while walking. I have discovered that when we think about the things we believe in while walking at a tiring pace, we are able to solidify those thoughts into a working reality our minds are able to grasp. It appears that the increased blood circulation helps with the thought process. Add the fast walking pace to eating totally raw vegetables [which has proven to aid slow learners] and our mental functions increase. The raw vegetarian diet and increased blood circulation cleans the body of foreign substances giving the mind the ability of to enter "free" and abstract thought, which the walking process help us put into a living perspective [unlike sitting in meditation]. We are able to get a clear vision of things past, present and future. Lets say we think about something in the news, we will be able to see the said and unsaid things to analyze the facts for a clearer picture than most people. We also increase our ability to hear what is said or asked, and learn the actual response to them. We are able to, without thinking hard about it, make close judgments to the passage of time, relate similar events or concepts together, see similarity of meanings often considered different and have a clearer verbal expression. All together, they give us physical and mental health, which will ultimately allow us to obtain the abilities Yeshua the messiah is said to have had, and more.

Allow me to reveal that a no salt diet lowers the pain we feel. Our nervous system operates on electrical impulses and salt is an electrical conductor. Increased salt in our bodies cause the pain impulse to jump across paralleling nerve vessels to increases the number of nerve vessels carrying the pain. Low salt content in the body reduces the cross-vessel jumping of the electrical impulses. I once lowered my body's salt until my sweat was sweet and did not burn my eyes. At that time I was walking on a gravel road but the pain to my bare feet wasn't any more painful than when walking in grass and dirt.

One of Yeshua the messiah's instructions is to observe all things, for the purpose of recognizing without judging, things not usually recognized by judging people. The foregoing is but a small portion of thing I have recognized because of my near nude living, so my advice to you choosers of this path is: proceed with your senses open for learning.


I write verse for you to read,
spacernot for a monetary gain,
spacerso the cost of its production
spacerI have borne that pain.

spacerNo price for it must you pay
spacerthe presenter of it to you,
spacerthough they house and show it
spacerthat cost I have borne too.

spacerWritten here is thought seeds
spacerto help you learn to see
spacerthat the way you've been schooled
spacergave you but half of life's reality.

spacerI've written here of opposites
spacerand the place where they join
spacerfor a Trinity of choices,
spacerheads, tails, or the rim of the coin.

spacerIf you are searching for the truth,
spacertake this, read what I have to say,
spacerif it gives an acceptable understanding
please! share with others along your way.


Seeds of life, or knowledge like rain,
falls from the laden minds of the wise,
but only the uncovered receives the gain
for the sheltered refute it calling it lies.

The bare heads are like fertile soil,
the sheltered are like a solid rock,
the bare gives aid to the seed's toil
while the shelter is there to block.

Before eating this, consider your beliefs and mind,
are you willing that they should be changed?
If you're satisfied, this meal should be declined,
for by eating it your thoughts will be rearranged.

If you're as hungry as an empty cup
and find but morsels now and then,
then eat this slow, let it fill you up
and you may fill out where you are thin!


Many a girl gives me the come-on sign
as an invitation to their bodies,
but first they must drink from my mind
before receiving their physical jollies.

I appear to appeal to the fleshly lust
while wanting to plant seeds of a different kind,
but there must be some attraction fust*
before planting knowledge in a fertile mind.

Some minds are like the stony ground
without a depth for roots to grow,
other seeds are surface found
and carried away when the first wind blow.

But I'll plant some seed on every soil,
knowing some soils are rich and true
to help the seeds with their toil
and later plant ripe seeds as I do.

*Fust is the English pronunciation of first.


Whence came the concept of sin or a god to obey?
From where came the devil or hell where sinners pay?
Where do man find The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Evil And Good?
Where is the Garden In Eden which man left but never should?
Is there a Tree Of Life that can cause man to live forever,
or a heaven where there is endless joy and sorrows never?
Why were man, during creation, told to replenish the earth?
Why are all things of value given value of a monetary worth?
If woman came from a man's rib when it all first began
why isn't a child born man and the divisions done again and again?
When given a choice, why is one right and another wrong?
Whence came the concept "it's not good for man to live alone"?
What is the garden Allah has prepared for that special few?
How did forty days of rain cover the earth and mountains too?
Buddha means becoming enlightened, the messiah's anointing too,
so why is the buddha in error and the messiah's words held true?
Yehuveh means I Am That I Am and what is is what it be,
so since we are what we are, why isn't god you or me?
If the mystery is revealed by understanding the things that be
where is the one with wisdom enough to cause us to see?
If we can pose the questions, then there are answers too,
and the responsibility for finding them is left up to us, true?


Oh, if you would but listen to the words of this fool
and look to the natural order, letting it be your school
then will the pains of sorrow that have plagued you so long
dwindle into nothingness and forever be gone.

Will you hear my cry, since I searched this way,
and let those of tomorrow witness a better day?
Will you turn your ear to truth putting behind
the glamour you've made that for such a long time
has done nothing but caused heartache, trouble, and shame?
Will you but heap the coals on indifference's little flame?


I have taken the time
to drop you this line
to help you reach a conclusion
about what was, is, and shall be.
I share with you the vision I see.

Another name for this book
other than the one I took?
Confusion's conclusion it would be
in hopes that truth it causes you to see.

So read, if you will, my words of wit
and see if the message you're able to git,
then apply it to your life however you will
since the decision is left up to you still.


You! With the dawning of this knowledge,
reason it to its limits,
search it to its depth,
that you fall not back into slumber.
Though the chill of early morn' be upon you,
throw back the covers and move
so when the day is high and the charge is come
you'll be fed and not faint on the run.
No! You can't stand and fight.
You must flee so as to pass this knowledge on;
lest you will die beneath the sword;
to others who await your knowledge
so as to reach their goal!

by; Elijah Alfred "NatureBoy" Alexander, Jr.

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