Being a naturalist, many man want to know what my religion is. My search for the definition produced a way of life which teaches the individual the purpose for existence as its meaning, therefore, I have no name for my religion.  To comprehend existence one has to integrate religious texts, nature, math, myths, history, the sciences and the good and evil concepts into the whole in order to comprehend existence. THE BOOK OF NATURE is a union of those focusing mostly on things of nature as told in myths and Christianity's texts, the religion I came out of.

When the Europeans began to force-feed Christianity to the Native Americans they said, nature is the book to guide my people. I have found it is a book with a multitude of symbols to point us to what is called in Christianity everlasting life. This is how I compare some of nature’s symbols to Christianity, some myths and math.

Not taught in Christianity is reincarnation which nature shows us in seasonal trees. The wood is the symbol for the life-force or ghost and the leaves incarnating every spring and discarnating each fall is the body. With each incarnation, the wood grows bigger and taller representing how the ghost grows in its learning with each incarnation. That also includes when our ghosts were incarnated as each life type on earth prior to becoming man. However, the wood eventually discarnates, meaning the learning process ceases and is erased of all its learning, but not prior to becoming an evergreen, nature’s symbol for everlasting life.

An evergreen tree maintains its body of leaves until it discarnate, but to go from the seasonal tree to the evergreen tree the ghost does not discarnate.  The process is of going from temporal to evergreen is symbolized as the metamorphosis, Quantum Physics calls it quantum leap and Christianity calls it being born again. Our minds can grasp the metamorphosis because we see how what is one being becomes a totally different being like a tadpole becoming a frog. However, just like the evergreens begin as a sprout and grows into maturity, so must born again man go through the seven steps from conception to maturity. As it is with the metamorphosis there is nothing any man can do to rush the process, we are born again once we have qualified through our multiple reincrnations and balanced karma, to be metamorphosed like any others in nature has to matures before performing it.

As seasonal tree or temporal being man are again conceived, gestates, travails, is born a new baby, enters new childhood, adolescence and finally adulthood as an evergreen tree or eternal being.  The new conception, gestation and travail is the caterpiller weaving its cocoon, our bith and babyhood is the emerged butterfly before the wings dry.  The dry wings represents the new childhood of a man-child nursing from the discipline they gestated in and others as they began to wonder the earth (John 3:8).  Then the child ceases to nurse to become an adolescent, but is are unable to reproduce (Isaiah 28:9) until finally they enter puberty (John 14:12) by obtaining dominion powers

Because “uni” means one and has a negative counterpart of negative 1, I use the sum of 1 plus negative 1 and call existence Zerovrse instead of universe. One of nature's symbol for the Zeroverse is mushrooms, mythology say the Phoenix, and Christianity says the earth will be burned root and branch with a fervent heat. Mushrooms grows out of decay; the Phoenix bruins itself up and is born again out of the ashes, thus, we have the zeroverse discarnating and reincarnating from its decay into another zeroverse. The discarnated state is the positive integrated state, the incarnated time is the negative segregated state.  Existence’s hatching out of its ashes is shown in nature as the egg and called “The Big Bang” theory. An egg has only the yoke, white; light and dark of Christianity's creation; and the sperm when the egg is laid. Incubate it for a short while and we will get blood. Incubate it longer and we will get flesh, then bones, then a shape, then skin and finally the feathers before it hatches a complete entity.

The planes of the zeroverse are shown in nature as the onion and the rings of trees' wood. They have a tiny ball in the center and layer after layer until the outer skin is reached. The center ball represents any planet where there is a multitude of life types consuming each other and have one life type to go through the metamorphosis as man of earth do.

Upon completing a complete cycle a diffferent ghost becomes its incarnator while the previous ghost starts at the first timeline [the sequence a ghost enters the center ball of the onion and evolves through the multiple life types until it evolves through the evergeen stage of learning] and evolves through every timeline until it is time to incarnate the zeroverse again..

Upon completing the metamorphosis the soul [union of body, mind and ghost] moves from the center-ball to the next layer. There it studies that layer while directing the ghosts in its own "timeline" on the layer below.  Upon comprehending that layer, it moves to the next layer while directing those on the one below it until it reaches the outer skin where is discarnates for the time it took to evolve through the zeroverse. The discarnation erases all learning from its consciousness in preparation for another timeline journey. Once it has evolved through all timelines, it becomes the life-force of the zeroverse again.

With the foregoing being the foundation of all of my understanding of life, I find there is no need for a god, unless we call the overseers of the lower planes god. Even in Christianity's scriptures I find prophecy suggesting Yehsua ha'meshiach did not believe in god nor devil if Isaiah 7:14-16 is about him.
14 Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel [in man is god as the discarnation of Yeshua in Matthew 27:46-50 indicates].
15 Butter [a food not for man but procesed into one for man representing civilized living] and honey [natural living] shall he eat [learn the laws of] that he may know to refuse the evil [civilization], and choose the good [nature].
16 For before the child shall know to refuse the evil, and choose the good, the land [death] that thou [man in mass] abhorrest [dread or is afraid of] shall be forsaken [by the child] of both [the 2] her [death's] kings [god and devil].

A similar concept from the New Testament refers to Yeshua telling us love the lord our god with every fiber of our being, and our neighbor as ourselves [paraphrased]. That suggests we are god and we are to love ourselves and every living thing equally.

When a ghost enters the center ball of the onion it becomes the first form of life eating, which creates karma. When it interacts with its kind and other species it creates karma. It continues to incarnate at that specie for a predetermined time balancing the interacting karma with its kind. Then it evolves into an eater of the first specie and follows the same pattern there and throughout the whole spectrum of species until it reaches man. As man it follows the foregoing metamorphosis, therefore, karma controls all of existence, even the ghost which incarnates the zeroverse is not exempt, that is why we need no "creator god".


After ascending the mountain of enlightenment wise man
looked through the four directions to see what was there.
For several rounds they looked ensuring themselves
so when they shared with others their revelation would be fair.

Upon descending, after the people got accustomed to their
strangeness, many gather around to know the vision seen.
The reply was: all things past and future, the law of Karma,
the ends and new beginnings, and how lost man are redeemed.

Each turn through the directions presented them with an
alternate scene all having a beginning from a single place
where man were hairy with femininity to masculinity balanced in each,
no recognition of opposites, and the family was the whole race.

That was followed by the Adam Concept where Yang and Yin became
imbalance, bodies loose hair, territory claimed, and one gender ruled the other.
By settling in territories the climates changed their skin colors
causing those with same skin color to called themselves brother.

The first territorial man was in the east the loss hair left Yellow.
Those going west covered in winter and were bare in summer became Red.
Others went into the warm south and naked in the sun are called Black.
The north goers stayed covered and for the lacked sun are White, it's said.

First quarter turn Yellowman rules, the next quarter it's Redman,
the third quarter is Blackman, and the cycle's destroyers are White.
A few man survive to return to nature and become hairy once again
to begin the next cycle with the opposite gender having the ruling right.

When boys rule man are materialistic, their bodies are weakened
by excessive use of their goods, themselves they made mechanically.
When girls rule man use their bodies doing what boys' mechanical
devices did and the excessive use weakens them quite differently.

In the cycles there were guardians but, as most man can't accept,
there was no god nor devil to ever appear.
Teaching man to obey a god no man can know except through
it's spokesman made most man to submit to man rulers was clear.

Reincarnation was there, with Karma holding the reigns,
to control rebirth and where in the cycle each life will appear.
Supply and Demand were there, under Karma, determining the form
the lifes should take, plant, animal, and man with a career.

Good nor Evil were there, everything had a place
and time to be functioning as they must for the cycle to remain.
So everything was formed by many different cycles, the tiniest to
the greatest, and Time measured the Cycles over and over again.


If man look at our lives as man
like we do all other lifess in the land
there's something we're sure to see
which eliminates what has been a mystery.

In all things is a cycle man hath seen,
like summer, after fall and winter, comes spring,
but things concerning man are seen in a line
causing the mystery which leaves us blind.

Many scribes and thousands of years it took
to form the oracles in the west's holy book
of sixty six divisions, Genesis to Revelation,
which reveals a cycle after much contemplation.

Genesis, the beginning, states that from one man
a mate was taken to replenish the land
but replenish, most man will often ignore,
means the land had been plenished before.

Revelation has a millennium for its first resurrection
when the elect who endure enters divine perfection,
followed by a second for those who didn't endure
where Satan is released among them, to be sure.

Surely that's a cycle anyone can see
which makes Adam's formed from dust not a reality;
and the mate coming from him would likewise be,
they're metaphors expressing the beginning of society.

For 6 millenniums man are balanced, after society's end,
and afterwards comes the opposite of what has been,
like this one of boys' rule, which is presently ending,
will have a girls' rule follow for a new social beginning


Man were made in Yehuveh's image and likeness on the sixth day,
boys and girls alike were made then, so the book say,
so how can one boy from the dust of the earth be formed
and from his rib a girl was made which a serpent charmed?

How can those first man eat, from earth over, all seeding plants
while the formed boy eats only from trees, with one he can't?
Those, and others, are contradictions and calls for contemplation
by those of us chosen to receive the true intended revelation.

If the boy in the garden was left alone shortly after his birth
being alone he would think, "I must have come from the earth."
Upon seeing birds and animals mating, which later produced life,
in him a desire was triggered causing him to want a wife.
Sleeping on it he dreamt of an operation on him taking place
and awoke to behold the dreamed image standing before his face.

That causes man to leave their parents to marry a wife becoming one,
but two separate bodies merging into one can not, by man, be done.
The dream is man made woman, Yin and Yang separating,
was their masculinity and femininity in them segregating.

If fruit, grains, nuts and vegetables over the world man are to eat
man had no permanent dwellings to which they could retreat,
they were nomads, living in the open like all animal kind,
mating only to reproduce, and ate raw the foods they did find.

Man were hairy like birds are feathery, is what is written
of man living like animals before being serpent smitten,
so the loss of that hair is what the coats of skin must be,
and caves became their dwellings with fire for light to see.

Hairy sons of Yehuveh took wives of the fair daughters of man
and by that combination produced giant minds upon the land.
For forty days and nights, better realized as thousands of years,
rains of ignorance flooded them as good and evil increased fears,
which left but few man and animals, scattered in every direction,
living by the way we would call Yehuveh's divine perfection.
For 42 more thousand years, generations in the writ it's called,
man's ignorance rose and on their belly the wise were made to crawl.

In the end, as in the wilderness, a sage is lifted for man to see
and gain everlasting life by any man looking upon him faithfully.
That sage is Alpha and Omega, the first saved and earth leaving's last
after 6 thousand years will he bring the another Adam story back to pass.

Next cycle girls are man and boys are woman, the opposite's time,
when physical knowledge falls while spiritual knowledge climb
to an apex four times before spiritualism's final falling.
After what's called judgment the enlightened are Yehuveh calling,
"make man in our image and likeness," but knowledge they don't get
for the cycles to remain for millions of multitudes of times yet.


The sage spoke who interpreted the dream
of a terrible image of man seen by a king.
"You have seen the future of man you have begun
and followed by other kingdoms which are to come.
Once your kingdom fulfills its time and meets its end
another stronger kingdom's rise will then begin,
and others will follow until the fifth one stands
strong but weak by the disunity of the ethnics of man.
A rock or teacher is cut from the mountain, religion most tall,
but not by hand, not taught by man, on it's feet will fall
to destroy the entire terrible image which man became."

Another dream he interpreted, for a king who was the same,
a tree as a government spanning the earth and reaching the sky
with food and shelter for animated lifes, but is destined to die.
The birds and animals are made to flee and only a stump remain,
and to demonstrate that meaning the king, it said, became insane
to live with the animals, even him body was got covered with hair,
and lived unsheltered like them until seven times passed with him there.

One sage saw a whore richly dressed and built on most ethnics of man.
Her wealth made drunk inhabitants and seduce all nations was her plan.
Seven wealthy and powerful nations had gone on before her
from which she drew and within her she did mix and stir
because she could buy the ideas from almost any land.
That made her the envy of ten leaders of some groups of man.
A feared smoke from her fire the groups used to burned her
till all who she seduced cared only that they shun her.
They stood afar off, afraid of her smoke, and shed many tears
since none would buy their goods and loss revenues was their fears*.

Now that they are in line can you see the parallel
and put together the story they are written to tell?
The kingdom of the dreaming king had the name of Babylon,
the land of the whore had the same name, but a mystery one,
and both are given for man with open eyes and able to see
what to expect of the present conditions which have come to be.

The United States of America is built on most ethnics of man
and have watery shores on each boundary of her land.
She is rich and trades, or fornicates with almost every land
while the "American Dream" is the drunken desire of most man.
Is there a need to name the many sources that blaspheme,
the multitude of religious orders preaching for wealth we've seen?
Though her smoke and burning has not yet come to be,
don't forget Japan, Nuclear Fallout is the smoke I see.
Will not all nations stay afar and shed tears after such a burning
knowing their source of wealth is gone and for another be yearning?

The United States is Mystery Babylon and feet of the king's image seen,
major world governments are the image and tree with fruit shaken clean.
The rock is a United Statesman who has eyes enough to see
and chose to live the way the end's survivors lives will be.
That way is to be like other animals and that way's laws he will know
to reveal them to surviving seekers so the way to them he can show.

If you can see you know the time is now, it is I who have found the way,
and if you'll ask me I will share with you how to prepare for that day.

*NOTE: Fear means to be afraid here, although it means "to proceed with cautious learning".


Atlas shoulders the world and the meshiach the government
are the same metaphors, though to different people they were sent.
The buddha and meshiach are titles by different cultures of man
whose duties are to make known how the Zeroverse has plan
to allow a few to survive what is known as the world's end.
World's end ends one civilization for its opposite's to begin.

Science comes to an end, magic called spiritualism will start,
sleeping ghosts awake, reincarnate, and they all play a part.
So Atlas, buddha, meshiach, and others are types of a final sage
with the final message and showing the redemption in that age.

The shoulderer of the government brings the cycle to its end
by separating the surviving few from the lovers of what has been.
He makes it impossible for those preparing for the new
to live in the consuming way the world wants them to;
and for those loving the world not be numbered with that few.
Science has spoiled them, they won't pay the price for the new,
which is to use their bodies to perform what world devices do.
Experience is the final teacher revealing to survivors what's true.

After a millennium survivors are to replenish the land
and leave the earth to complete the next part of life's plan.
We study the next plane while controlling the earth
while being beyond the short cycles of death and rebirth.

After directing earth through several cycles with perfection
we'll control the plane we have been studying's direction.
And on through layers we go to the infinitely largest one
which, when completed, returns back to where we first begun,
like Satan, who fell to earth like an angel of light
and whose sun has set and left him in the night.

That's the price all Mystics are made to pay,
and we will also when we live in the redeemed way.

—Elijah Alfred "NatureBoy" Alexander, Jr.


In the following writings, I call what is known as Universe by the name of Zeroverse. Yeshua is used instead of the Greek term Jesus, which is a praise of Zeus (hey Zeus). Yeshua has the definition of "I AM THAT I AM SAVES", which is why it is written he will save the people from their sins. Also, rather than using the Greek term christ to mean "the anointed" I use the Hebrew term mashiach and ha'meshiach for "the christ". You will also find the term god replaced with Yehuveh. Also note I use the term discarnate when talking about what we normally call death.

Please realize, for one to understand something the foundation has to first be understood. The emphasis in THE BIBLE UNSEALED is on Genesis, the Bible's foundation. I tie it to the book of Revelation to cause one to focus on the Bible being about a cycle rather than a straight line, as it is usually taught. Know also, that the reason there are so many man on earth today is because this is the time considered "the judgment" by the church and, SEEDS OF LIFE is the THE BOOK OF LIFE.

I put Bible precepts upon non-Bible precepts1 in order to gain this vision which prevents our perishing2. In doing that, I judged myself according to what is written in the books3 before THE LAMB'S BOOK OF LIFE4 was written to judge us by. That judgment is to determine if we live forever5 in our bodies, or continue in the short-term birth-death process. Nature has seasonal trees as the symbol for short term life and evergreen trees for eternal life's symbol.

The first Bible creation story, Genesis' first chapter, gives us the earth being without form and void. In that scripture's contest heaven, the sky, would also be without form and void, and mean that the Zeroverse, with its multitude of bodies and beings, had no physically determinable shape. A non-Bible precept of that creation story is the Sun Bird, the Phoenix, who burns itself up and out of its ashes is born again. In the burned state, it would be without form and void of any physically determinable shapes. A Bible precept of the Zeroverse being burned like the Phoenix is found in II Peter 3:10. The elements being burned by a fervent heat, with the earth and its works also, is the decomposition of the Zeroverse in what is now known as a nuclear explosion.

Fold Revelation 21 back onto Genesis 1 keeping in mind (1) the seas are covered, (2) the sun is put out, (3) there is no death therefore no birth and (4) none of the other opposites recognized by the flesh existed during that time, and we get something like the following.

Separating the dark and light of day 1 represent the separating of wise man from all others. The firmament separating the waters from the waters is what is being called "rapture" today, since most places in the Bible use the term "waters" to means people.

That makes the "forming" of Adam a metaphor of the beginning 0f civilization, the 7 days representing the time of "first light" until just before sunrise and Adam's story the "sunrise of civilization" and a metaphor of how man left living in nature like the rest of the animals, without family very much like bears rather than primates, to live civilized.

There are some plants wich will grow without sunlight, so once the crust covering the sea, "Atlantis", disappeared man began to see those grasses and as the sun was reignited [it had been put out to replenish its fuel and the earth its depleted resources], the seeds needing the moisture and sun's heat to germinate began to grow. The fish eggs needing the water warmed by the sun's heated began to hatch, and if the cold from the lack of sun kept the various birds' and reptiles' eggs, thy began to hatch. All mammals, other than man, who may have become extinct would have had angels or holy ghost to shape change and replenish the earth with them. And it was only about the end of the fifth thousand years "hairy" man (Daniel 4:33-34) began to reproduce again.

The understanding I have been shown is, the uranium being enriched all over the earth will be used in some magical or spiritual way with plastics, the salt and who knows whatever else, to create the crust. That crust, with man living on it, provides time for the oil, gas, and the various other ores to replenish themselves for the next boy ruled world. The sun is out so that the fuel it burns will have time to replenish itself for its next igniting during the boy ruled world [what dark stars are]. However, the lack of sun makes it difficult to determine the first 3 days of Genesis 1 since it is not relit until the fourth day. We would then have to use the morning and evening star, Venus, to determine the day, if it is the literal day, with Venus at the eastern horizon for morning and on the western horizon for evening. If it is the thousand-year-day as suggested by Peter, I Peter 3:8, we need to look for something which happens every 500 years on the eastern horizon and 500 years later on the western horizon. Without the sun it would be possible to see things with the eye not recognizable with the sun burning, so both are possible. That would eliminate the total discarnating of the Zeroverse for that account of creation, although there is a Zeroverse discarnating time.

The discarnation of the Zeroverse is not the same as the end of the world. The end of the world is the end of the governments of the earth, the things man have made on the earth, and the social laws of man. The end of the Zeroverse or the Phoenix is the end of the grandest of all cycles. The ashes of the Phoenix would be the electrons, neutrons, and protons that separate and dissolve all of the known forms of earth and sky. Nature has Mushrooms, which is born out of decay, as a natural symbol for the Phoenix.

The discarnated Phoenix's reincarnating is caused by the electrons and protons' negative and positive charges which make the particles attract as they come into each other's magnetic field. This attraction causes the recognition of light and dark, the first elements of creation. They proceed to unite and forms matter, microscopic lifes, plants, fish, birds, animals, in that order of predator and prey, and finally man. But that is not what the first creation story is about even though that story is in the sequence of the incarnating Zeroverse.

However, in recognizing the cycle to the Bible the first day of Genesis 1 would represent the separating the wheat from the tares (Mat. 13:24-30) and the second day would represent the rapture. Because there is no sun only the plants able to live without sun would have been on earth, the ones needing the sun's heat and moisture to germinate their seeds would not be on earth until the sun was reignited on the fourth day. The fish requiring sun's heat to warm the water for their eggs to hatch would have all become extent but with the reigniting of it their eggs would began to hatch again. As for bird and animals, angels would transform themselves into those species to replenish the earth with them. As for man, it would not be until the sixth day that they learn to mate and reproduce. That account was written to justify a day of rest for man is why Yeshua said "the Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath."

In using that sequence for the beginning of the boy ruled world, we could still say man are to "do with more ability than" any of the other forms of creation, the dominion powers demonstrated by Yeshua. The reason man can do with more ability than any of the other life forms is because, to become man, which means "all comprehending mind", their lifeforce-mind-combination must have incarnated as each of those seven different manifestations. Once we become man we are to be able to use the mind and bring to the front of our consciousness the knowledge of every life type found on earth, even shape change into them. That is why man are called "children of Yehuveh", and the other seven manifestations of existence are called "the seven spirits of Yehuveh".6

It is written that man is made in the image and likeness of Yehuveh. Our physical form, produced by the normal reproduction process by the survivors of the last world's end, is the image of Yehuveh. Our now lost abilities to do with more ability than the other manifestations is the likeness of Yehuveh. The one thing those man lacked from being Yehuveh was the understanding of how man are able to do those things7.

It is because of that ignorance that the Adam concepts is required. It is the learning process for man to regain that understanding. It caused man to see the opposites of creation and, if we do not judge them good and evil, we would contemplate understanding their purposes and how to use them to achieve our Yehuveh abilities. [NOTE: For man to make those judgments is the designed plan.] Man also mechanically reproduce our natural bodily abilities. Because man judged them good and evil, we over-indulge in good, over-abstain from evil and fail to be interested in understanding their purpose. That is because our love of the good blinds us just as our hate of evil does. For that cause Adam was told not to eat from "The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil." Notice, Adam is not told anything about The Tree Of Life the same tree. To judge knowledge is to die, to find the purpose for knowledge and things is to live.

Those instructions were intended to make man go into our state of ignorance. That ignorance is to entertain ourselves and for the pleasure of the Zeroverse8 as it internalizes itself. It was intended to be similar to when a child is told not to do something, which causes that forbidden action to be even more desired. [Man were not dying prior to Adam's eating from The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil, as shown in Revelation 21:4.] So man became ignorant. Without that state of ignorance we would be just like the other manifestations, living by instincts, having no appearance of free choice, and without the ability to reason and change from a conditioned state to an educated state.

Seeing Adam of chapter two as the beginner of civilization9 we should see it as a second creation story rather than a detailing of the first, as it is usually taught. In the first story we have all things created before man; in the second we have man created before even the plants, since the garden was planted after this man was formed from the dust of the earth. Those first man were to eat from all plants the earth over which had a seed to reproduce themselves by; Adam was to eat only from the trees of the garden meaning only fruit which would include berries. The birds and animals were created in the search of one to "help [Adam] meet" the replenish requirement given those firstman, but was formed before those first man. Adam was supposedly created alone while those first man were created with both genders and told to replenish the earth [the first clear evidences of a cycle] and both were called Adam by Yehuveh, per Genesis 5:2.

A close look at the formation of woman, meaning woven or taken from man but does not qualify it to be a gender, we will not find how Adam came to know the operation took place nor its gender. It went into a deep sleep, is written, giving us two choices to determine what happened. It may have dreamed that another gender was taken from it, or we can say Yehuveh told it of the operation. If it dreamt of the operation, it would, if this was its first remembered dream, assume the operation took place upon awakening to the presence. If it was told of the operation we can accept it as taught, but with the evidence of a cycle in the first creation story indicates it was the dream.

The dream was a warning not to live in a pair group, as it had observed some other animals living, because it would loose half of its nature to the other person. Because it woke up to the presence it prevented its seeking an interpretation. That's why it is written "a man must leave" [teachings included] the parents and cling to the wife. That wife is the nature both genders are taught to ignore within us. Thus, a Man means to become a whole man again [therefore both genders are woven from man, woman10]. However, because it chose to live in a group the boys usually allow their feminine nature lay dormant while the girls usually allowed their masculine nature to become dormant. [Some boys allow their Masculinity to lay dormant and some girls their Femininity which is the cause of homosexuality.] In doing that the conditions where created so man would recognize the various opposites of creation and began to like one half while disliking the other. That recognition of the natural opposites is what the eating from The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil is, the judging of the opposites good and evil, which we still do.

For Adam and wife to be put out of the garden was to stop them from living in nature like many other animals. They began to live in caves until they learned to build their own dwellings. They were hairy all over11 while living in the garden but they lost their hair and were left with a coat of yellowish skin. Being placed in the garden also means they were given a territory in which to live. Their being given only fruit to eat gave them a limited diet to helped ensure that they eat from The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil to bring death to the body. Revelation 21 indicates there was no death prior to this time.

Eating from The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil means, for instance, they came to like sweet and hate bitter, which caused a chemical imbalance in the body. The imbalance caused more disliking such as cold and dark and a liking for heat and light to make them want a shelter from the cold. The more they limited their diet to half of the taste spectrum the more they became unbalanced and liked and hated more things. It also reduced the life spans and caused the imbalanced masculinity in one and femininity in the other to produce sex for pleasure, caused by the magnetic effect now called lust and love. Mating for reproduction, like all other animated lifes do, was over for man, replaced by lustful sex for pleasure.

With lust being man's driving force, man began to have sexual intercourse at will and forgot a cycle even existed for our reproducing. That reproduction cycle in man is once every thirteen years. The conception and gestation is for nine months, nursing is for twelve years to accomodate our teeth replacing, and at least three months after nursing before ovulation begins again. Thus, the first child was living on its own before the next child was conceived [the importance of Yeshua's saying "it is time I be about my Father's business" at age 12]. Lust also caused the child to began to be weaned earlier than the twelve years. The early weaning caused children to be born as close as nine months apart. The closeness of the children brought about sibling rivalry.12 The reason for Adam and Eve's shame was they did not know how to mate with the hairy foreskin which was to be pulled back like pulling on a condom.

Sibling rivalry caused Cain to leave the Africa-Asia-Europe land mass, Eden, eastward and go to the "Land of Nod" after killing Abel, his brother. Cain thought Yehuveh accepted his brother's offering because of the smoke Yehuveh applied to his offering. What Cain didn't realize is Yehuveh was telling Cain and Abel that Abel's offering needed to be cooked for him to accept it; and to Cain, "your offering is accepted without the cooking because it is what I have commanded all man to eat". However, Cain's being ignorant to Yehuveh's instructions to "the sons of god" (Gen. 1) and "the daughters of man" (Gen. 2) to eat vegetables caused him to think Yehuveh had accepted Able's offering over his. [NOTE: What Yehuveh said to Cain didn't say that his offering wasn't accepted even though it is what is commonly taught to mean. Read it yourself. (4:6-7) And (Yehuveh) said unto Cain, why art thou wroth? and why is thy countenance fallen? If thou doest well, shall thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him.] Cain didn't know that his offering was accepted and Abel's was not, nor did Yehuveh let him know either way because that is the plan, man in mass are to remain ignorant until the end of the world, and it was just beginning. [NOTE: It is because Cain killed his brother that the Europeans killed so many Native American when they began to take over their land, the Americas. Read Genesis 4:14 & 15 and see for yourself.]

Sibling rivalry made some leave the community to become established in some other place. But before the siblings were born man were given "coats of skin", loss of most of our body hair that left man with the coats of skin we now have. That loss of hair left those first man with a yellowish skin, and they are the father of civilization. They are often called Orientals [the origin of civilization] to this day.

Cain left Eden eastward and went to the "Land of Nod", [to nod is to sleep and awaken many times] the found and forgotten many times Americans. They covered themselves in winter but were naked in summer and became redish. Those going into the hot south stayed naked [wore loin cloths per the Book of Mormons] the year around and the sun turned them blackish. The ones going into the cold north lived indoors as much as possible [covered per Book of Mormon] and stayed covered most of the time to become whitish. [Noah also represents the father of civilization with his three sons representing the other three color ethnics.]

In Genesis 6 the "sons of Yehuveh", hairy man, saw the daughters of man, hairless man, were fair [of a light color] and married [their ideologies] them until giants [minds and bodies] were all man upon the land13. That marriage caused the daughters of man to have the abilities of the sons of Yehuveh and a flood of ignorance began to cover most man, not a literal water covering of the earth. Only a select few man [Yeti, Big foot, Lucy and Abominable Snowman, are hairy man] of each of the four color ethnics of man, and a few of each of the other animals, were to remain above that ignorance. The forty days and nights of those rains represent the thousands of years it took for man to go into utter ignorance. [There were some two thousand years from the garden to the flood to make the 21,000 year Yellowman rule and the 21,000 years of Redman's rule.] Ham, the Blackman, saw his father's nakedness [Noah's ignorance] and became the wise priests of Egypt uniting the 150 attributes of man within themselves; Japheth, the Redman, covered Noah's nakedness with their rituals, and Shem, the Whiteman, covered their father's nakedness with their material things, mechanically produced the bodies' natural abilities.

Next is the Abraham story, who precedes the final meshiach by another forty-two-generations, or thousands of years14. [NOTE: the Matthew scripture did not say forty-two generations to Yeshua the meshiach but to the meshiach.] From Abraham comes two manner of man who are to be at war all of their days [three if you include Ishmael]. The two manner of man were the two sons of Isaac, Esau, representing Blackman, and Jacob, the Whiteman, covering the last forty-two-generations to end this boy ruled cycle. [The Book of Mormons (II Nephi 5:21) gives us the Lamites as Blackman and Nephites as Whiteman.] The first-born were outdoors man and hunters, Esau who established Ethiopia and Egypt. Just prior to the end of their 21,000-year reign they enslaved Jacob, the tent dwellers becoming whitish, who came to Egypt hungry and destitute.

Whites, under the mix breed Moses, became civilization's ruling class on the foundation (heel) of Egypt. With the end of Egypt's enslavement came the fall of Blackman's world rulings to begin Whiteman's, the younger of the brothers to rule the older. And just as the Blackman ended their world reign with enslaving Whiteman, Whiteman are ending their world reign with the enslavement of Blackman, and will end the world. Before the end of the world, Blackman will embrace Whiteman as they come to together [Book of Mormons II Nephi 2:14-16].

The four color ethnics of man's correspond with the four seasons15 of the year. The yellow-green budding of plants in spring represents Yellowman's reign. The summer's red-ripe fruit represents Redman's reign. The darkening of fruit and leaves of fall symbolizes Blackman's reign. The white snow of winter, which destroys all life except the evergreens that symbolize everlasting life, is the natural symbol of Whiteman's reign to end the cycle by destroying all man except those have everlasting life. [Evergreen plants maintain their body of leaves for the full cycle of the year, therefore they are nature's symbol of man's everlasting life; seasonal plants incarnate their body of leaves during the spring and discarnate them during the fall, symbolizing those man who only continue in the short-term reincarnating.]

Another thing in nature to help understand man's cycle is the day, which is divided into two parts, dark and light. Man are divided into two genders, boys and girls. Light rules half of the day and darkness rules the other half so, for half of the 182,000-year-cycle of man, boys rule for 84,000 years and the girls' rule for the other. There are also 7000-year times between the two civilizations making the cycle 182,000 years. Earth's half cycle is 84,000 years because Uranus, the planet of change or destruction, has 84 earth years in its year, so we multiply the Uranus year by 1000.

During boys' rule man mechanically reproduce themselves with technology. Nothing manufactured is beyond the ability of the manufacturer. At best, their products can only equal their own ability. Because of the boys' external reproduction origins, light represents material man. Girls, with their internal organs, are darkness which represents the spiritual nature of man, and during their rule man use what we call magic to do much of the same things boys technological devices do.

Revelation 21 is about the girls' time of rule. You will note that there is no more sea, which suggests that there is a magical crust covering all salt-water bodies. It says that the sun is out and the buildings are of gemstone color. Also no death is to happen, so few, if any, births either. Thus, it is not anything like we know today. Mythology calls it Atlantis that ends with a sinking (disappearance) of the crust.

We have shown the two genders and four color ethnics of man's divisions but there is another divisions in man to address, the twelve tribes of Israel. They are the same as the twelve western monthly Zodiac signs representing 12 different personalities of man. There are also twelve eastern yearly Zodiac signs for the Tribes of Ishmael, also representing man's personalities. The 12 yearly signs are multiply by the twelve monthly signs to make a 144 Zodiac personalities for man. [Where we get the 144,000 in Revelation.] When we add the 144 Zodiac traits to the 4 color ethnic traits and 2 genders traits, each civilized man are divided into as many as 150 different personalities. However, some man will developer only 1 of one group, others 1 of 2, some one of 3, some others one of four and there is also any combinations to make the number no man can number (Rev. 7:1-9). [These same number of attributes divides each governed group also.]

Much of the Old Testament isn't expressed here but enough is to paint the picture. Even though some of the biblical events did actually happened in those times, they are mostly types of the last meshiach and conditions representing this half cycle's end. They are sometimes all prophetic of what to look for [the New Testament and much of the Gospel included] and other times only certain portions are prophetic of our times. [The twelve tribes being Jacob with a name change, is prophetic of twelve Whiteman ruled nations during the last days16, is one example.]

The Old Testament ends with a prophecy of the coming of The Great And Dreadful Day Of The Lord17, Yeshua spoke of a Great Tribulation18, and they both express The Judgment19. The account of Yeshua shows that it is the judgment20 with only the survivors saved. That Revelation scripture shows reincarnation with the rest of the dead lived not again until after the thousand years were finished. The reason there are 7 billion man on earth is this is the judgment of who is deemed qualified to survive the end of civilization and go into everlasting life.

Malachi names the virtuous [virgin in prophecy means virtuous] boy21 who refuses butter and evil for honey and good after forsaking the concept of king Yehuveh over the good and king devil over the evil, in the abhorred land of death. He is to return man on earth to nature. His giving birth to Immanuel is establishing the fact that Yehuveh is man because Yehuveh is in man22, what ever is in a thing is that thing.

Yeshua's conception by a sexual virgin should not be considered a "miracle". By understanding the process of conceiving and what a "Holy Ghost" is there is no mystery to it. A girl can only conceive during ovulation [often in the tube if she mates before ovulation is completed] and for 23 hours after ovulation. So, after Mary's ovulation a Holy Ghost, in the invisible state, came to her and seeped semen into the mouth of her vagina. [Any girl can conceive by having a boy to seeped semen at the mouth of her vagina just after ovulation.] For that reason Yeshua was able to grasp things not recognized by common man and do things not done by common man much easier than us.

Israel's coming out of Egypt is a type of the end of civilization in the following way. The prophet like unto Moses (Duet. 18:15), usually called the second coming of "the son of man", will lead the survivors into the millennium (wilderness). Yeshua, typed by Joshua, goes to scout out the promised land (John 14:2-3 & Acts 1:9) and returns to rapture the survivors. Matthew 20:1-16 shows us how the rapture takes place over he remaining 6000 years between the civilizations. The last ones to come into the way after the destruction of Myster Babylon (Rev. 14:6-14) will give birth and rapture until only the prophet like unto Moses is left to be the Alpha [first person after the disciples to live the teachings of Yeshua] and Omega {last to sacend after beginning the next civilization] (Rev. 1:8).

The thousand-year meshiach's reign can be compared to the time just after sunset (Genesis' day of rest is immediately before sunrise). It's a balanced time between dark and light. For this half of the cycle it is the millennium, where surviving man are Yehuveh. Following the thousand years Yehuveh give birth to those who didn't survive the world's termination. The survivors also reproduce any extent species of the earth. We give man our image through reproduction and our abilities telepathically, but we don't teach them the knowledge so they will go through the "learning process", civilization, again. During the 7000 years between worlds there is no father-mother-children family, no city, and no civilization where either gender rules the other, nor ethnic ruling the another, and nor does any one of the 150 personalities of any man be a controlling factor in any man. All man are balanced with each other and all of the attributes are balanced within each individual man.

During the 7 millenniums, man will shape-change and function 100 percent as the entity they have become, and back to man at will. That is how any extinct species are re-established on earth. Also, because of Karma, each boy causing a conception will shape-change into a girl and conceive as many times as they caused a girl to conceive, and vise versa. After the first millennium man began to give birth to those who didn't survive world's end. All reproduce but the last man to come into the knowledge will gives birth and ascend23 like Yeshua first, then the next to last, and the next to that, until only Elijah (for boy ruled worlds) is left to become the voice and serpent in the garden who looks after his manchild. He will disappear from it when it is crawling to become the voice to it and later the serpent. That is how the Alpha and Omegas become an Alpha and Omega, they are the first to come into the knowledge and power at the end-time and last to leave the earth after a new civilization begins. [However, some coming into the knowledge and way will not survive,24 they rest the 182,000 year cycle to be born as offsprings during the following millennium.]

The survivors will be Holy Ghost, a whole man who can disappear like we believe ghosts do. Thus, the Alpha and Omegas never let themselves be known as a person to the Adam of their charge when beginning the next civilization. They don't let the manchild see other animals until nearing the time to put the dream into the its mind, nor does the manchild come into contact with any other man. It is in this way the Adams remain ignorant so they can begin another civilization.

Upon ascending from the earth each man becomes the guardians, or Yehuveh, "judging25" earthbound lifes while studying the plane where they are. They are in the Everlasting Life section of what I call a Timeline. In each timeline are many different lifeforces in each of the various species, some incarnate together while others incarnate during the intervals between the others' incarnations. So each man "judges" the remaining lifeforces of their Timeline through their particular Timeline until the next ascension. Each ascension becomes a studying and "judging" of the Timelines on the different planes. Man continue through all cycles of the Zeroverse layer by layer, like the layers of an onion. The onion's innermost layer is earth for us, and we ascends until we reach the last cycle, minus the Phoenix's discarnating. The Lifeforce then goes into everlasting death, ie, remain discarnated for the length of time necessary to forget everything while receiving knowledge of which Timeline to incarnate into next.

The process continues until every Lifeforce have in been every Timeline, and judged them, in the Zeroverse. When all Lifeforces have completed the Timeline scenario the Phoenix burns itself up. The Phoenix remains as ashes, in it's negative time, for the length of times it was a carnate. The Lifeforce in the last Timeline of the Timeline sequence remembers everything from all Timelines at the discarnating of the Pheonix. It will be in the highest enlighten state and studies the Aracne Records or Book of Life to incarnate the Phoenix with every ghost in their proper place. No Lifeforce can restore the Zeroverse more than once before all other Lifeforces have restore it, requiring a prescribed sequence for entering the various Timelines.

According to the first chapter of John everything in the Zeroverse can be verbally explained, therefore there are no Miracles. What is termed miracle in the Bible was because the language, myths and technology had not evolved to the place that things could be explained. Today, they are at our disposal to eliminate all miracles and mysteries from the scriptures26 and life.

The process producing the end is WARNING FOR THE TIMES.

This is the everlasting gospel, an understanding without end eliminating the creator god27 and the destroyer devil man believe in. It eliminates the lake of fire hell concept, which the Bible already have. [Observe Revelation 19:20, 20:10 & 14-15, the only things cast into the lake of fire are abstracts titles, the beast, dragon, false prophet, devil, death, hell and names not writen in the book of life. The names not written in the book of life are also abstracts titles like god, love, hate, pretty, ugly, good, evil, right, wrong, tree of life, tree of knowledge of good and evil, and the like, no living entities are cast into it, they, especially man, survive the end, are discarnated by he sword and reincarnate (Rev. 19:4-5) as "discarnated in the anointing" or earth replenishers.] For it to be gospel it has to be as "good of a news" to what is called "Sinners" as it is to what is called "Saints" by Christians, like this revelation is doing.

"Prove all things; hold fast to that which [proves valid]." I Thessalonians 5:21
"The things that has been, is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing..." Ecclesiastes 1:9
"Cast your bread upon the waters: for you shall find it after many days." [Karma.] Ecclesiastes 11.1

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