Efforts to Reopen Pennsylvania Avenue

6/05/97 Stephen Fehr Docummentary

6/04/97 Balancing Security and Beauty

6/04/97 Newt Gingrich Asks Congress to Reopen Pennsylvania Ave.

6/03/97 Treasury Report Published About Pennsylvania Avenue Closing

5/21/97 Reopen America's Grand Avenue

5/20/97 Take Back America's Avenue

5/20/97 Lawmakers Seek Reopening

7/22/96 Reply to Thomas Letter by White House Liaison

6/28/96 Letter by William Thomas

6/08/96 Protected White House Called "Castle"

6/08/96 Reimbursement Urged for Closing Avenue at Hearing on Hill.

6/06/96 A Car Free Life on the Avenue

5/23/96 Lafayette Park, Views Vary

5/22/96 Letter from David Clarke

5/18/96 Promoting an Open Avenue Policy "KNEEJERK reaction"

5/17/96 News From Rod Grams

News Conference Statement by Rod Grams

5/16/96 Give us Freedom

5/14/96 Senate Resolution 254

Support for Reopening Pennsylvania Avenue

2/12/96 Pennsylvania Puzzle

1/15/96 Association protests avenue's closing

Litigation by William Thomas, CA 951018

Current Plans for Pennsylvania Avenue

Reverse Chronology

November 3, 1997,Pennsylvania Avenue Stays Shut

August 5, 1996
On Roadblocks And Future Gridlocks

July 10, 1996
WJLA Pounds The Pavement For Its Owner

June 28, 1996
Pennsylvania Ave. Decision Postponed

June 20, 1996
Senate urges opening of Pennsylvania Ave.

June 16, 1996
Open the Avenue, Move the Staff

June 8, 1996
Reimbursement Urged for Closing Avenue

June 6, 1996
A Car-Free Life on The Avenue

May 24, 1996
Pennsylvania Avenue Palace

May 25, 1996
Street at a Crossroads

May 23, 1996
Several views open to public
Throwing Pa. Avenue A Curve

May 19, 1996
Unman the barriers at Pennsylvania Avenue. . .

May 16, 1996
Give Us Freedom

May 2, 1996
The White House Snarl

May 1, 1996
Pennsylvania Avenue at the White House

April 12, 1996
The Seat of Government

March 23, 1996
Grass Loses Ground on Pennsylvania

October 1, 1995
Pennsylvania Avenue at the White House

Security Incidents Following Pennsylvania Avenue Closure

Lelan Modjeski

5/25/95 Washington Post A Bright Student, a Quiet Neighbor

5/25/95 Incident may have been suicide attempt

5/25/95 White House intruder's gun was empty

1995 Closure of Pennsylvania Avenue

4/21/95 D.C. remains on high alert

5/9/95 White House Security Advisers

5/9/95 Panel Sees Danger to White House

5/10/95 Vulnerable on the Avenue

5/10/95 Dead End thinking on Pennsylvania Avenue

5/10/95 Proposal to Close Pennsylvania ave Irks Commuters, Tourists

5/11/95 Officers Continue to Block Lane on Pa. Ave.

5/11/95 The Pennsylvania Avenue Proposal

5/20/95 Security Fears Spur Pa. Ave Closing

5/21/95 Menace Turns America's Main Street' Into a Sidewalk

5/21/95 Pedestrians enjoy the absence of Cars

5/21/95 Downtown traffic mess looms

5/21/95 On Pennsylvania Ave, Frustration Mingles with Understanding

5/21/95 Barricades Shut Avenue, wall off White House

5/21/95 White House has not been impenetrable

5/21/95 Gridlock Predicted in Heart of Downtown

5/21/95 Barricades seal off a symbol of Openness

5/22/95 Clinton Mulls plan for Lafayette Park

5/22/95 Hurdles and Hurrahs on the Closed Avenue

5/22/95 Concrete Solutions to Concrete Barriers

5/22/95 Gridlock predicted near White House

5/22/95 Where Will We Draw the Line?

5/23/95 D.C. Officials vexed at Cost, Process of Avenue Closing

5/23/95 1600 Pennsylvania Something

5/23/95 District Simply Goes with the Traffic Flow

5/23/95 D.C. ponders closure battle

5/23/95 Increase Sales Afoot

5/23/95 Traffic Snarl Averted for Day

5/23/95 A Sad Surrender to Fear

5/24/95 Alienation and Its Discontents

5/24/95 Closed Street, Open Issue

5/24/95 U.S. Says it will pay for closing the avenue

5/24/95 No Muss, No Fuss...No Metal Detectors

5/25/95 White House secure as it's going to get

5/25/95 The White House Divide

5/25/95 There's no crime like the present

5/26/95 Bubba Bubble

6/2/95 Bubble Trouble

6/8/95 D.C. City Council Memorandum

1/2/96 1995 an open and shut case

Governmental Background to Closure

5/19/95 Treasury Order to Close Pennsylvania Avenue Background Information on the White House Security Review Committee Letter

Treasury Department Memorandum

Background Contents 5/26/95 Federal Register 5/31/95 Federal Register 6/13/95 Letter from General Counsel for the Department of Treasury 36 CFR §§ 1.5, 1.7 Testimony, Office of Surveyor

Ownership of Pennsylvania Avenue

Pennsylvania Avenue

Events Leading to the Closure of Pennsylvania Avenue

1/15/95 America's Front Yard

Marcellino Corniel

12/21/94 Man Made Wrong Move At Wrong Time

12/21/94 Man Shot In Front of White House

1/7/95 Park Officers to keep beat

1/16/95 Homeless man shot near white House

Duran Shooting Incident
4/5/95 Duran Convicted of Trying to Kill President Clinton

PreClosure Plans for Pennsylvania Avenue

3/20/95 Letter to Thomas from National Park Service

4/_/95 Comprehensive Design Plan

3/9/95 Taking the Torture out of the Tour

3/8/95 White House Face Lift

2/_/95 Flyer for the Comprehensive Design Plan Vigiler's Opinions


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