THURSDAY, MAY 16, 1996


D.C. Mayor Marion Barry is pressuring President Clinton to reopen Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House, closed to vehicular traffic one year ago this Monday for fear of terrorist attacks.

As already reported this week, Sen. Rod Grams, Minnesota Republican, introduced legislation seeking the immediate reopening of the capital's most famous avenue.

Mayor Marion Barry to the list of those seeking the reopening of Pennsylvania Avenue.

"If there is a compelling reason to keep Pennsylvania Avenue permanently closed" he said, "I hope someone will step forward and make their case."

Mr. Barry stepped forward, but only to say he supports the senator's legislation.

In a letter to Mr. Grams, the mayor said: "The effects on traffic patterns and drivers' convenience, business income, parking revenue, and most important public access to the White House, have all been significant."

Mr. Barry is not alone. Others who-want the avenue reopened posthaste include D.C. Council Chairman David A. Clarke, D.C. Council member Frank Smith, AAA Potomac, the Washington Cab Association, the American Bus Association, the Federation of Citizens Association, the Greater Washington Board of Trade, the International Downtown Association the Washington Historical Society, the Washington Restaurant and Beverage Association, and, perhaps most fitting, Frontiers of Freedom.

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