Committee Letter

May 10, 1995

The Honorable Robert E. Rubin
Secretary of the Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20220

Dear Mr. Secretary:

The Advisory Committee to the White House Security Review, having completed its assignment, submits the following assessment of that investigation.

On October 30, 1994, Secretary of the Treasury Lloyd Bentsen invited the undersigned to serve as members of an Advisory Committee to the white House Security Review (the "Review"). The Review had been initiated to investigate certain recent security related incidents at the White House Complex (the " Incidents ") The Advisory Committee, chaired by Under Secretary of the Treasury (Enforcement) Ronald K. Noble then was established to monitor and lend experience, judgment and critical insight to the Review's efforts.

As provided in the Review's Mission Charter, we were directed to meet as often as necessary to conclude that any erroneous procedures were discussed and change s proposed, and that the Review’s findings and recommendations wee supported by the facts presented. The Advisory Committee, in a sense, would conduct its evaluation on behalf of the group most interested in balancing the security and accessibility of the White House Complex -- the American people. In addition to this great responsibility, we recognized the added significance of evaluating the operations of the United States Secret Service, which is regarded as the world's authority on Head of State protection. We therefore accepted Secretary Bentsen's invitation and viewed his commission as an unequivocal mandate to ensure that the Review would be conducted in a principled, exhaustive and unbiased manner.

Our conclusions regarding the thoroughness and impartiality of Review are based on (i) the briefings provided during Advisory Committee meetings, (ii) the questions raised during discussions between the Advisory Committee and Under Secretary Noble's staff, (iii) the Review's investigative plan, which we reviewed, approved and monitored the implementation of, and (iv) the Review's Classified Report.

Advisory Committee Letter
May 10, 1995
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Under secretary Noble convened Advisory Committee meetings during the course the Review that consisted of briefings on various related issues. We had the benefit of on-site briefings at the White House Complex and the Air Traffic Control Tower at Washington National Airport to acquaint us with the operational aspects of those environments. Also, Under Secretary Noble conducted additional individual briefings to keep us informed of recent developments and to obtain advice on particular matters relating to the review.

We are satisfied that the Review has been conducted in a thorough and unbiased fashion. Furthermore, we find no fault in the contents of the Review’s Classified Report. We believe that the principles and concerns we have articulated throughout the Review have been addressed in full measure and are reflected in the Classified Report. Accordingly, the Advisory Committee concurs in the Reviews recommendations. We are certain that the immediate implementation of the Review's recommendations will enhance even more the security of the President and the First Family within the White House Complex.

We respectfully commend this assessment Review to your favorable consideration of the White House Security Review to your favorable consideration.


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