The Washington Times, THURSDAY, JUNE 1996

Senate urges opening of Pennsylvania Ave.

The Senate unanimously passed a resolution yesterday calling for the reopening of Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House.

Sen. Rod Grams, Minnesota Republican introduced the resolution, which recommends that President Clinton ask the Treasury Department to develop a reopening plan with the Secret Service and the District.

The two blocks have been closed for security reasons since May 20,1995, a month after the bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City.

Avenue supporters

Eighty-three percent of World Wide Web users who have visited the "Returning Pennsylvania Avenue to the People" Internet site established by Sen. Rod Grams, Minnesota Republican, agree with the site's premise. Even some members of the Clinton White House are calling for reopening of the historic, two-block stretch of avenue in front of the White House.

The street has been closed to vehicular traffic since May 20, 1995, in response to the Oklahoma City bombing.

Mr. Grams says "even current White House employees" who left notes at the computer site are urging quick action to reverse the closure.

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