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2001 World Conference against A & H Bombs

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Maidan Abishev
International Anti-nuclear Movement "Nevada-Semey"
242 "a" Phyrmanov Str., 480099, Almaty
Tel./fax: (3227) 64-26-56, 39-96-46
Since its foundation in 1989, Maidan Abishev has been involved in the International Anti-nuclear Movement 'Nevada-Semey" and now served as Vice president of the organization since 1995 "Nevada-Semey" played a major role in the movement to close down the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site. This is his second visit to Hiroshima.
[I traveled with him from Nagasaki to Kobe and Himedji, where we met with peace activists, and Nanko-town, where we met with the 21-year Mayor of Nanko-town. Maidan Abishev is an Hibakusha (nuclear bomb survivor) from the testing grounds of the former Soviet Union.]

Hasmy Agam
Permanent Representative of Malaysia to the United Nations
Since 1996, Malaysia has submitted to the UN General Assembly a resolution, which calls for negotiation leading to a nuclear weapons abolition convention. At the 2000 NPT Review Conference, Ambassador Hasmy Agam, reminding the conference of Malaysia's opposition to the indefinite extension of the NPT in 1995, strongly criticized the Nuclear Weapons States' continued failure to observe their commitment under the Treaty and called for the abolition of nuclear weapons through conclusion of a nuclear weapon convention.
Born in 1944 in Malacca, Ambassador Hasmy Agam graduated from University of Malaysia and Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy of Tufts University, USA. Ambassador Hasmy's carrier as a diplomat since 1968 includes work of Malaysian embassies in South Vietnam, the United States, Libya, France and other countries and Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ambassador Hasmy has served as the Permanent Representative to the UN since April 1998. From July 7, 1999 to August 1998, he served the chairperson of the UN Security Council. Ambassador Hasmy is married with two children.

Abacca Anjain-Maddison
Senator, Marshall Islands/Rongelap Atoll,
PO Box 350, Majuro, Marshall Islands 96960
(692) 625-4603 - Ralgov | (692) 625-3579 - Nitijela
Fax: (692) 625-3879
Abbacca Anjain-Maddison was first elected Senator as the representative of the Rongelap Atoll in November 1999. She is a daughter of the late Senator Jeton Anjain, who was the first to inform the world of the damage of the Rongelap Atoll caused by US nuclear testing and to call for the relief measure. Former mayor of Rongelap, Nelson Anjain, is her uncle, who has been essential in building a strong tie with the Japanese anti-nuclear movement. Senator Maddison has represented her people in negotiating with the US government for compensation of the nuclear testing damage. She has initiated a plan to build a museum in Rongelap Island to remind the people of the history of now almost lost traditional way of life, nuclear refugees and struggle for a nuclear-free island. She has three children.

[We collected signatures at a shopping mall together in Nagasaki. Her big smile and quick wit made her a favorite among the delegates. I suggested to her that she must really intimidate the rest of the Senators at home, and she laughingly agreed.]

M.A. Baby,

Tom Bailie
Hanford Downwinder
Born in 1947 in Mesa, Washington. Succeeding his father, he farms on the land in the vicinity of Hanford Nuclear Reservation, which produced plutonium for the Nagasaki A-bomb. Through his experience of childhood on wheelchair and deformed animals on the farms, he began his fight against secrecy of Hanford operation He became the first
witness among the people in the host communities of Hanford that bravely voiced his opposition and concern over the radioactive substance experiments and radiation leakage from Hanford. His is one of the main characters featured in "Atomic Harvest Hanford and the Lethal Toll of America's Nuclear Arsenal" (Michael D'Antonio, 1993, Crown Publishers, Inc.)

Doug Brown,
Burlington Association for Nuclear Disarmament, Canada
278 Linden Ave., Burlington, Ontario, Canada L7L 2P5
(905) 632-4774

Jacqueline Cabasso,
Western States Legal Foundation, California, USA
1504 Franklin St., Suite 202, Oakland, California 94612
phone: (510) 839-5877 | fax: (510) 839-5397

Romesh Chandra,
World Peace Council

Phyllis Creighton
Science for Peace! Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
12 Glenview Ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4R 1P6
Telephone: (416) 481-7647; fax (416) 483-8935
I became committed to the cause of nuclear weapons abolition in 1979 at the World Council of Churches' Faith, Science and the Future conference. For the past 20 years I have worked successfully to achieve a strong abolitionist policy in the Anglican Church of Canada. I served on the board and executive of Project Ploughshares (1987-88, 1990-98), a peace research and education non-governmental organization, and from 1991 have been on the board of Science for Peace, a university based NGO. I have written briefs on Canada's nuclear weapons policies for the parliamentary defence policy review (1998) and on National Missile Defence (2000), and I debated NMD with the chairs of the parliamentary committees on national defence and foreign affairs on national TV (CBC). I am a member of the council of the International Peace Bureau. A historian, wife, mother of four, and grandmother of five, I am also a Raging Grannie -- RGs are a unique network of older women, invented in Canada, who build the culture of peace through song and satire'
As a 15 year-old in August 1945 I knew immediately that the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was an apocalyptic weapon and I was stunned that adults did not understand the utter immorality of the American's bombing.

Stale Eskeland
(Not a speaker in Hiroshima or Nagasaki, submitted paper.)
Oslo University, Norway
Born in 1943. He earned his Ph.D in law in 1988 and has served as professor of public and criminal law at University of Oslo since 1990. He has authored numerous articles and books of prison, criminal, health. international human rights law, as well as the laws and customs of war and constitutional law.
He is one of the most requested expert commentators by the National Nowegian Broadcasting Corporation (radio and TV) on legal questions. He is a long time member of IALANA (International Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms). He lectured Nuclear Arms in International Law, on May 15, 2001, when Mordechai Vanunu was made Honorary Doctor at the University of Tromso, Norway. He will present the paper War, Peace and Rule of Law in the 21st Century at the Waseda International Conference. arranged by IALANA, in Tokyo July 31-August 2, 2001.

Corazon Fabros
Nuclear-Free Philippines Coalition
c/o 31 Dao St, Mapayapa III, Quezon City, Phils.
Telefax: (632)931-1153; Mobile: (0919) 232-055
For 30 years, Ms. Fabros has been a leader for the withdrawal of US military bases in the Philippines, which led to the withdrawal of Subic and Clark bases with the rejection by the Philippines Senate in 1991 of the military agreement between US-Philippine. Since 1993, she has been involved in the campaign to hold the US accountable to the clean-up of the contaminated sites of the former US military facilities, and in the opposition movement against the US-Philippines Status of Forces Agreement that went into effect on January 1998. As a lawyer, Ms. Fabros has also worked on the issues of Filipino women's labor in foreign countries and children born between Filipino women and Japanese men.
[Nagasaki was a grand adventure when Nobue Kugimaya introduced me to Corazon Fabros, and we all went omelet-hunting nearby.]

Joseph Gerson
American Friends Service Committee
Dr. Joseph Gerson is Director of Programs of the American Friends Service Committee's New England Regional Office, and he is the Director of its Peace and Economic Security Program. As a student, he was active in the Freedom Movement of the 1960s. Following graduation from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service he served as Director of Arizonans for Peace and as Southwest Field Representative of Clergy & Laity Concerned About Vietnam (1969-1973,) and as Staff Coordinator of the War Resisters' International in London and Brussels (1973-1975.)
Since 1976, his work with the American Friends Service Committee has focused on U.S. Asia-Pacific and Middle East policies and U.S. preparations for and threats of nuclear war. He was involved in helping to launch the movement to "Freeze" the nuclear arms race in the 1980s, played a leading role in preventing the militarization and nuclearization of Boston Harbor, and he has played a active in the U.S. and international movements for the abolition of nuclear weapons. Since the mid-i 980s, he has traveled frequently to Asia, where he works closely with Gensuikyo, the Japan Council Against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs and with Nihon Hidankyo and the Japan Confederation of A- and H-Bomb Sufferers Organizations. With these organizations, he helped to organize "Global Hibakusha" delegations to the Hague Appeal for Peace Conference in 1999 and the United Nations NGO Millennium Forum in 2000. He also works with leading Korean, Philippine, and South Asian peace organizations, Focus on Global South and has conducted research in China.
In May, on the eve of President Bush's meeting with E.A. leaders, Dr. Gerson led a forum on "Missile Defenses" at the 2001 NGO Forum in Gothenberg, Sweden. His books include: With Hiroshima Eyes: Atomic War, Nuclear Extortion and Moral Imagination; The Sun Never Sets...Confronting the Network of Foreign U.S. Military Bases; and The Deadly Connection:
Nuclear War and U.S Intervention. He holds a Ph.D. in Politics and International Security Studies from The Union Institute.

Surjit Sen Gupta,
Center of Indian Trade Unions
Indian Airlines, Ltd., Air Corporation Employees Union
Viman Bhavan, Old Airport, Santacruz (East), Mumbai 400 029, India
Phone: 91-33-611-1650; 91-33-483-0556 (home)

Hanna Haborrow,
Pacific Concerns Resource Centre (PCRC)

Kwak Kwin Hoon,
Republic of Korea (Plaintiff Lawsuit Atomic Bomb Victims Abroad)

Michael Hovey
NGO Committee on Disarmament (NY)
Michael Hovey is a member of the NGO
Committee on Disarmament at the United
Nations in New York. He serves on that
Committee as the principal NGO representative of Pax Christi International, the global Catholic peace movement. Mr Hovey's long interest in and commitment to peace and nuclear disarmament began in Japan 25 years ago while he was serving at the U.S. Navy base in Sasebo. After many visits to Nagasaki. Mr. Hovey became totally opposed to war and declared his "conscientious objection". In February 1976, he received an honorable discharge from the Navy as a conscientious objector, and has been a peace activist and a peace educator ever since.
Mr. Hovey holds a BA. degree in Peace Studies, two Master's degrees in theology and political science, and is completing a Ph.D. in Conflict Resolution Studies at Syracuse University in New York. He is currently a professor of Peace Studies and the coordinator of the Peace and Justice Education program at lona College in New York.
In 1995, Mr. Hovey visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki for the 50th anniversary of the atomic bombings as a member of the U.S. Fellowship of Reconciliation delegation. This delegation brought a statement of regret and apology for the dropping of the atomic bombs and the continuing suffering the bombs have caused. The statement, which was written by Mr. Hovey, was signed by over 8,000 Americans, and was presented to the mayors and people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

John M. Itty,
General Secretary, Christian Peace Conference - India

Milya Kabirova,
Chelyabinsk Nuclear Victim Organization "Aigul", Russia

Zhenisgul Konarova,
Public Fund - International Alliance of Women & Children "Samal-Samantha-Sadako" - Kazhakstan
294 Gagarin Ave., Apt. 5, Almaty 480060, Kazakhstan
Phone: (home) (3272) 48-46-50; Phone: (3272) 63-26-73

Ole Kopreitan,
No to Nuclear Weapons, Norway

Jean Lambert
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Member of the European Parliament (Green Party)
Jean Lambert was elected to be a Member of the European Parliament in 1999. In the Parliament she works principally on anti-discrimination and social inclusion, asylum and immigration and human rights, among a range of other interests. She has been a political activist for many years, focusing particularly on issues of constitution, democracy and human rights. In the mid-1980s Jean organised a campaign on nuclear disarmament for the European Federation of Green Parties entitled "From two blocks to one world".
Jean has lived in East London for nearly 30 years and taught for much of that time in local secondary schools. She has held several offices in the UK Green Party including Chair of the Executive and Principal Speaker, and represented the Party as an Honorary Member of the Green Group in the European Parliament after the 1989 European Elections. She has published a book on Green politics - "No Change? - No Chance" - and research for the European Commission on the role of women in decision-making in Green Parties.

Sally Light
Nevada Desert Experience
Web site:
Bay Area Office: P.O. Box 7849, Oakland, CA 94601, Tel.: (510) 849-1540
Las Vegas Office: P.O. Box 46645, NV 89114, Tel.: (702) 646-4814
A 1996 graduate of the country's oldest public interest law school, New College of California School of Law (San Francisco. Her first real activism began in the 60s, when she participated in the Civil Rights Movement activities in the Bay Area, and the Free Speech Movement at U.C. Berkeley while she was a student there. After graduating with a BA in Anthropology and minor in Slavic Languages and Literatures, she became a social worker for 10 years. Later, she became a professional classical singer. The Persian Gulf War impelled her to become a full time activist again. In recent years, she has worked on women's issues, antimilitary issues, and environmental issues.
A mixed-heritage person (Blackfeet and Irish on her mother's side, Eurasian on her father's side), Ms. Light's special focus is on environmental justice, particularly international human rights as they pertain to indigenous people within the context of the anti-nuclear movement. She has lived in many countries, including the Soviet Union, where she was a Ford Foundation Scholar in the height of the "cold war" period. Ms. Light speaks English, Blackfeet, Russian, Italian, French and German.

Jamil Majid,
Ambassador of Bangladesh to Japan

Kalpana Khan Mondal,
Science for Society, India

Ben Moore,
Ministry of Maori Development, NZ 143 Lambton Quay, Pouaka Poutapeta 3943, Te-Whanganui-a-Tara, Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Andrew Hama Mtetwa, Ambassador of Zimbabwe to Japan

Tatiana Mukhamediarova,
The Nuclear Safety Movement, Chelyabinsk, Russia,
Kalinin Str., 19, flat 42, Chelyabinsk, 454114, Russia
Phone/fax +7 (3512) 66-12-02, 35-00-85

Dennis Nelson,
Utah Downwinder of Nevada Test Site; Support and Education for Radiation Victims
(Did not attend, submitted paper only.)

Hon. Eldon Note,
Mayor, Bikini Atoll Local Government, Marshal Islands

Gerald O'Brien
Peace Council of Aotearoa - New Zealand
4th. New Zealand Peace Council President, for
20 years out of the 50 yrs of the Council. Now President of Honour. Secretary and later Chairman of the political committee of the then Prime Minister, Peter Fraser, from 1946 until 1951 at the time New Zealand peace views for the world through the UN were being affirmed.
Member of the National Executive of the New Zealand Labour for many years until resigned from the Party in 1978 when it made a sharp turn to the Right. During time on Nat. Exec., was chairman of Finance Committee inter alia, and had substantial input into nuclear free policy which first became put into effect during the period 1972-75 during the Kirk Government. At that time a frigate of the New Zealand navy was sent into the French A-bomb test zone at Mururoa. A case was also successfully taken to the ICJ against France to stop atmospheric testing.
Was Senior Vice President of the New Zealand Labour Party from 1974-77, the period of vital anti-nuclear activity in NZ which established the policy of unilateral nuclear freedom introduced by the Lange government in 1984.
One of the 14 overseas delegates to subscribe to and launch the "Hiroshima-Nagasaki Appeal" signature campaign. Initiated the campaign to bring the Hiroshima-Nagasaki Flame from Toshogu Shrine to New Zealand. Co-operated in the bringing of the Hiroshima Stone to NZ.

Duy Thuy Quach,
Vietnam Peace Committee

Niu Qiang
Chinese People's Association For Peace And Disarmament
PO Box 188, 15, Wanshou Road, Beijing 100036, China
Tel: 68 214 433-8580 (O), 68248327 (H) | Fax: (86-10) 68273675
Born in 1954, Nui Quiang graduated from Beijing University in 1973. After studying in UK from 1973- 1975 (specialized in international politics) and Quiang worked as a researcher fellow in the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences from 1977-1985. In 1986, Quiang joined the Chinese People's Association for Peace and Disarmament and worked as a visiting scholar in CDI in the United States for half a year in 1990. Quiang joined Foreign Service of China and served as first secretary in the Chinese Embassy in London 1993-1996. He returned to the CPAPD 1998 and now the Secretary General of the CPAPD.
[He said I should "visit us in Beijing." I told him I'd be delighted, if a ticket were provided.]

J. Sri Raman,
Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP), India

Vivek Mohan Rao,
Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU)

Shiva Shrestha,
Save the World, Kathmandu, Nepal,,
PO Box 5947, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

Russell Springer,
Newton Teachers' Association
229 Cabot Street, Newtonville, Massachusetts, 02460 USA

[A poetic and enthusiastic young man, no doubt a great teacher. Overseas Delegates took turns giving their translated speeches; he said to me as I took my seat next to him the first day of the Conference: "I thought when I heard you speak up there, 'you are an archetypal voice of America.'" I told him his speech was poetic, philosophical and inspiring.]

Isabella Sumang,
P.O. Box 647, Koror, Palau 96940 - 587-2601

Nuri Ahmed Swedan,
World Mathaba for the Defense of Freedom, Peace, Fairness and Progression, Libya

Ellen Thomas - Speech with Endnotes,
Proposition One Committee
PO Box 27217, Washington, DC 20038 USA
Phone: (202) 682-4282 | fax (202) 265-5389 Executive Director of Proposition One Committee, representing also Gray Panthers Hiroshima-Nagasaki Peace Committee of Washington DC Metropolitan Area, Ellen Thomas spoke at the Japan Peace Conference in 1994 in Misawa City, and made good friends in Kobe Nuclear-Weapons-Free Port. She brings information about "Proposition One," which has been introduced into the U.S. Congress five times since it won a voter initiative in 1993. She asks all delegates to write to the U.S. House of Representatives International Relations and Armed Services Committees to urge them to release this legislation to the full House for discussion and vote. It asks the U.S. to promise the world to eliminate all nuclear weapons if everyone else does, and use the money instead to shut down and clean up the nuclear weapons industries, and begin transforming the other arms industries into more useful endeavors, such as solar panels and windmills instead of missiles and bombs. She urges U.S. citizens to seek Congressional co-sponsorship, Senatorial submission, and voter initiatives where politicians are recalcitrant. She works with six other full-time volunteers round-the-clock maintaining a vigil for global nuclear disarmament outside the White House since June 3, 1981.

Ven. Bounsy Venephoumy,
Central Lao Buddhist Fellowship Organization
(Did not attend, submitted paper only.)

Pierre Villard
French Peace Movement
Pierre Viltard, 38 old was elected as national secretary of the French Peace Movement, during our last national Congress of Vitry I Seine (1999). He is involved in the peace movement since a long time: he was delegate with the French peace Movement in New-York, on 1989, during the UN SSD 3th. He was national secretary of the French students Union on 1986/1988. On 2000, he was the coordinator of our national campaign "for a peace planet" and highly contribute to send 125 French youngers to UN on last september, as "peace messengers" of the Unesco Manifesto
Now, he is our national coordinator of our campaign "exploring the peace roads" toward young people, coordinator of our South-East region.

Alyn Ware
Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy,
Alyn Ware is Consultant at Large for the Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy, International Coordinator of the Parliamentarian Network for Nuclear Disarmament and Outreach Educator for the Aotearoa New Zealand Foundation for Peace Studies. From 1992 - 96 he was the UN Coordinator for the World Court Project which worked to achieve a ruling from the International Court of Justice on the legality of the threat or use of nuclear weapons. He has served on New Zealand government delegations to the 2000 NPT Review Conference and the UN Asia Pacific Regional Conference on Disarmament. He is co-author of "Security and Survival: The Case for a Nuclear Weapons Convention" which includes the Model Nuclear Weapons Convention.

Peter Weiss
International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms
Peter Weiss is President of IALANA, the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms, and of its U.S. affiliate, LCNP, the Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy. He was the principal author of the model brief used by many governments in the ICJ's nuclear weapons case in 1996. He is also Vice President of the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York and on the board of the Hague Appeal for Peace. This is his second visit to Hiroshima.

Philip White,
Australian Peace Committee

Ken Wyatt
UK International Nuclear-Free Zones Local Authorities
Elected Chairman of UK Nuclear Free Local Authorities in October 1999. Elected Member of UK Steering Committee for Nuclear Free Local Authorities since May 1996. Elected Member of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council since May 1985. He is Council Cabinet Member with responsibility for Sustainability (Local Agenda 21). He serves as Chairman of the Governing Body for a large State Secondary School in Rotherham and is a local Magistrate (Justice of the Peace - JP). Outside of his official positions, Councillor Wyatt has worked in the Health Service for 20 years, been an activist in the Peace Movement for 20 years, and is a keen local historian and has written extensively in books, newspapers and journals.

Lee Yujin,
Green Korea United, Republic of Korea
606 Korea Ecumenical Building, 136-56 Yunji-dong, Jongno-ku, Seaoul, Korea 110-740