International Meeting
2001 World Conference Against A & H Bombs

Kalpana Khan Mondal
Science for Society

A Burning -Wound in the History of Human Civilization

I am from India.  At the very out-set I should say that I am very much grateful to the organizers of "Hiroshima-day" of Japan, those have given me a chance to attain such a noble assemblage - a Historical Event, an event of crushing of mankind that had happened 56 years ago here.

The bomb burst.  The atomic bomb first used against Japan by the Allies followed by another bombing just three days after at Nagasaki on 9th August 1945.  Japan had to surrender to the Allies unconditionally.  The victory over Japan was celebrated on 2nd September 1945.  But what was celebrated, celebration of destruction of humanity.  The whole world observed the horrors of destructions, destructions of several generations to come.  The supreme creation of God the Human - race was being destroyed by the man - a creature of God.

Hiroshima day is a memento of horrors of warring-nations, as also a day of Oath taking to make world war-free, to build the whole world a home for peace as one nation - a mankind.

Why do we have to take Oath, because Oath for Consolidation, Consolidation against war loving people of the world, still those are sharpening their lethal weapons only for their sheer economical and political interest without having any consideration of the sense of humanism and dreadful fate of the living God - the Man - as a race of the world.

The whole world now has been segmented as developed, developing and under developed countries or nations and such self-styled compartmentalization doesn't bear any consideration with regard to upliftment of human sense without any bias and stipulation.  The sham show of generosity and benevolence is nothing but a device to take over control of the people at large suffering from poverty, unemployment, want of adequate source of education ill health, malnutrition pollution etc the evils of the society.

The Guise is opened when we find that still the nuclear bombs and missiles are manufactured day by day for preparation of a star-war in the sky spending thousand crores of many devoiding the developmental works, careless about the disastrous effect of such atomic research which are not bound by the so called barriers of nations as the same having had all pervading effects in air, water and soil, and not the same will only affect the present but several generations to come.  Have we not seen the Chernobyl in Russia and some other disasters in America and France too.

Let us come together to work for a war-free world creating a viable opposition to any possible war in future in anywhere of the world.  Let the Hiroshima day come again and again as a "conscience keeper" reminding the mankind the horrors of war and also to make a vow for a world full of love and fraternity with a motto of universal brotherhood.