International Meeting
2001 World Conference against A & H Bombs

Romesh Chandra
President of Honour, World Peace Council

The United States of America, in common with the other nuclear weapons powers, pledged itself to move immediately towards the total abolition of nuclear weapons, at the Review Conference last year of the NPT.

In flagrant violation of this pledge, the Bush Administration is going ahead with the development of weapons for its so-called "National Missile Defense" system.  Washington has just announced the "successful testing" on this dangerous "system".

This World Conference against A & H Bombs, the first held in the twenty-first century, strongly condemns the N.M.D. plans of the United States Government, as well as the continued use and transfer of "depleted uranium" weapons.

While the nuclear strategy of the United States and its closest partners in the NATO, has created the greatest peril for world peace and the national independence of many states, the mass movement against nuclear weapons has reached unprecedented proportions.

The anti-globalisation demonstrations and actions are placing in the forefront of their demands the call for a halt to United Sates NMD and TMD and halt to the nuclear build-up which is in contravention of the undertaking to eliminate nuclear weapons by nuclear weapon states in May 2000.

The mass demonstration against globalisation and imperialist policies, starting from Seattle and Washington right up to the most recent in Goteborg, Salzburg and Genoa have increasingly pinpointed the necessity for common actions on all issues facing humankind.

The struggle for nuclear disarmament has become inextricably linked with, and the core of the movement for economic and social development, for human and people's rights, for a clean environment free of pollution and global warming, for the eradication of poverty, illiteracy and disease.

The World Peace Council and its national peace and anti-nuclear member organisations in one hundred and fifty-four countries are honoured to have worked together with the movement around the World Conference against A and H Bombs.  For several decades, ever since the start of the great movement, today once again, we wish the 2001 World Conference great success.

Our solidarity with Gensuikyo and all the Japanese organisations represented in the Organizing Committee for the World Conference, has become a vital and essential part o the World Peace Council's action programme.

We greet once again the courageous and heroic Hibakusha, and extend our full support to their demands and needs.  The World Peace Council's member organisations in each country which is visited by a Hibakusha delegation will join in preparing meetings and other events to assist the Hibakusha in their information efforts to strengthen the anti-nuclear and peace organisations' joint actions.

Stop the Bush Administration's NMD plans and depleted uranium use!

Halt NATO's nuclear and war policies!

Together for a nuclear weapon-free world!