2001 World Conference against A and H Bombs
Nagasaki Rally, Opening Plenary

Andrew Hama Mtetwa
Ambassador of Zimbabwe to Japan

I felt greatly honored to say a few words on the occasion on this great World Conference.  Delegates from over the world have come to Japan because of its unique and tragic experience of a nuclear bombing.

The sad event which took place more than half a century ago has left real scars on Japanese people and on the minds of the rest of the world, which today express its solidarity and commitment to world peace in the sincere hope that there will be no Hiroshima and Nagasaki again in any part of the world.

On this occasion I wish to pay tribute to the Japanese people who have had to live with the ghastly effects of a nuclear fallout.  The 2001 World Conference, like others before it, must serve as a forum to rededicate ourselves to the ideal of a nuclear-free world and the elimination of all other weapons of mass destruction.  Japan is a strong pillar of peace based on its economic power which was built as people picked up the pieces and bravely reconstructed their lives.

In Hiroshima and Nagasaki countless numbers of unarmed and innocent civilians perished in a flash from the indiscriminate impact of nuclear bombs.  The lessons from that event, unfortunately, have not yet been translated into a ban of such dangerous weapons.  The future of the world still hangs in the balance and great fear that conflict involving nuclear states may result in yet another calamity for humankind.

As someone from Africa, which has been declared a nuclear free zone, I still cannot derive any solace from that fact.  This is because we are all keenly aware that a nuclear war knows no boundaries.  That is why people throughout the world must intensify their efforts as we strive to make the entire universe
nuclear free.
May I end by thanking the people of Nagasaki and Hiroshima for inviting people from all parts of the world to attend this important conference.  On behalf of the government and people of the Republic of Zimbabwe, I wish to congratulate the organizers for a very successful conference and to reiterate strong solidarity with the people Japan and the peace-loving people the world over who are opposed to Atomic and Hydrogen bombs.

Peace must prevail.