International Meeting
2001 World Conference against A & H Bombs

Maidan Abishev
"Nevada-Semay" International Anti-Nuclear Movement

The contemporary ecology and nuclear situation on the Semipalatinsk nuclear firing ground

The international antinuclear movement "Nevada Semipalatinsk" has made a certain research work on the consequences of the nuclear tests on the Semipalatinsk firing ground, providing the program "Recreation of the Earth and the Human".

The main goal of the movement today is to help to recreate the suffered earth and people health.

The serious damage for the ecology in the region of Semipalatinsk caused by more than 500 tests on the firing ground was confirmed in the report of the General Secretary of the UN at the 53'th Session.

There was created the Problem Committee  "Radiation. Ecology. Health.", and it is acting much. The scientists-experts of the Committee are occupied by the problem of the monitoring of the ecology situation on the territory of the Semipalatinsk fire ground.

Regarding the environment pollution by the throwing out of the nuclear substances and augmentation of ecology disaster zone, it is caused by the tests of the 124 atom and hydrogen bombs, fires of which were provided on the surface of the earth or in the ear on the diverse heights. In the reports from the firing ground was declared information about moving of clouds of only 24 fires. The moving of other nuclear clouds wasn't controlled that caused the global character of pollution, which was spread on the extensive territory of the firing ground.

About two million hectares of the agricultural territory were suffered of the nuclear pollution. The total territory of the zone of the extraordinary and maximum nuclear risk is about seven million hectares. The villages around the firing ground are situated on the distance of fifteen up to fifty kilometers from the firing ground, to comparison in the USA, Nevada, the nearest village to the fire ground is situated on the distance of one hundred fifty kilometers from the fire ground.

The nuclear pollution with the nuclear clouds were transferred on the territory about three hundred forty thousand square kilometers where live the population of one million seven thousand persons.

It was made the research, which cleared that about 30 % of the territory of the firing ground were polluted by the nuclides of Zesium-137 and Stronzium-90. In the research were used the schematic maps made by The Institute of nuclear safety and ecology of the National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan, year 1997.

The provided researches testify the big radionuclear pollution on the technical boards "Testing field", "Balapan", "Degelen". There are some points of notable concentration of transuranium elements - plutonium and americium on these territories, which represent a serious danger for the people.

The nuclear problem is necessity of clearing the border between the polluted and normally clean territories endangers for any kind of using; research the danger of plutonium pollution and migration of radionuclides   within the underground and superficial water; providing the monitoring of water and agricultural production quality in the region.

The ecology consequences of the atomic and hydrogen tests is not completely studied yet, the uncoordinated researches do no make clear the complete nuclear situation.

The main rehabilitation measures for liquidation the consequences of nuclear tests are the following:
* the immediate detail research and disnuclearing, recreation of the territory, where are situated the settlements, villages and territories involved into the production;
* specified researches of the nuclear pollution level of the underground water and to definite the migration of the radionuclides in the "biological file" in order to make the prophylactic measures.

The population of the region has pleased the decision of the 52 and 53 sessions of the General Assembly of UN "About the liquidation of the consequences of the atomic tests on the Semipalatinsk firing ground", and is hopeful to receive the help of the international society in realization of the ecological projects.