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Elijah Alfred "NatureBoy" Alexander, Jr.


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Welcome to SEEDS OF LIFE where you can learn what is required to survive the end of the world, not earth, and what's in store for those who do not! A site for any and all truth seekers and philosophies! [Note: The end of the world is the end of the governments of the earth, the things man have made on the earth, and the social laws of man.]

Please, take all of the time required to look over what is being said here. If you are "good" soil these things will eventually find their way into your comprehension; if you are any other soil they will not germinate or they germinate and then discarnate. Know also, this is not written to change anyone's beliefs, it is written to cause seekers and philosophies to question their beliefs, pushing them into seeking even deeper meanings of the many symbols life provides for our comprehending of it.

As a Philosophy Elijah finds it peculiar that everyone wants to be defined according to how others define them. He is a Christian Atheist who wants to comprehend all things but is told he is not because an atheist would never use writings talking about god as a source to verify the reasonings behind their views [although the main one he use, KJV Holy Bible, was drilled into him from early childhood and he was told "for everything there is a cause and effect, the effect is seen, you find the cause"]. It is his findings that everyone should be able to define themselves and communicate that finding to others, not have others define to them who they are and how they understand life. They are to know themselves and their meaning of life them communicate those findings to anyone inquiring, not attempting to force their acceptance of it but to answer their inquiry. They are to be objective in what they share and in what they hear from others.
Since going through the metamorphosis [see photo at left and below] of the "new birth" Elijah realizes it is nothing any man can do to change the personality of themselves. Luke 17:21 of the Bible indicates god already rules us from within making everything any man do be under the supervision of what is called god. That is why the meaning of Jesus' name which is common to the father's, "I Am That I Am Saves", is the only name by which we are saved. That definition suggests we are all in the process of evolving into everlasting beings but only a remnant reach it at any particular harvest time known as civilization's end.

Look to nature for wisdom where everything man question is symbolized. The things we question most are the things seen most. The following are some examples explaining some of Christianity's doctrine.

We question life after death or discarnation. Seasonal trees shows reincarnation because they incarnate a body of leaves over its ghost, the wood, in spring and discarnate them in fall. Evergreen trees demonstrate everlasting life by maintaining its body of leaves the year around until they discarnate to reveal how man can obtain everlasting bodies We maintain through a cycle of a length it is called everlasting. The metamorphosis shows us what happens with the "new birth", how we changed from being a seasonal man into an everlasting one.

A day suggests both reincarnation and how man on earth follows a cycle between our 2 genders. Boys govern mornings or the material civilization or world and girls evenings or the spiritual ones (Rev. 21). The year's four seasons symbolize the color ethnics of man. Asians (Adam and Noah) are the beginners of civilizations as yellow-green budding of plants begin the spring, the Red ripe fruit in summer shows the Natives of the Americas (Cain and Japeth) as the second ruling ethnic, the plants' leaves and fruit darkening in fall indicates the Africans (Ham and Esau) are the third while the white snow of winter reveals Europeans (Shem and Jacob) as the man who ends the world as snow does the years.

The earth remains inhabited through the continuous cycles of existence but a predestined number of souls are harvested at civilizations' ends with some few harvested uring the material civilizations like Enoch, Elijah, Melchizedek, Moses and Yeshua (Jesus). Therefore, man in mass provides the things the surviving remnant observes to become wise (Dan. 12:10) to endure the termination of the world. After a millennium (Rev. 20:4-5) of reincarnating others like them man in mass reincarnate as their children for 6000 years as the surviving remnant move on to the next layer of the Zeroverse which the onion symbolizes. "The paymaster parable" (Mat. 20:1-16) is the process of their moving on called the rapture as the last person to enter the way while civilization was terminating will be raptured as soon as their child(ren) reach(es) adolescence. The one preceding them follows next, then the next and next until only the "second son of man" is left to begin the next civilization making him the Alpha and Omega.

By that understanding the surviving remnant become man who "walk not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stand in the way of sinners, nor sit in the seat of the scornful" but are delighted in comprehending the purpose for all things (Psalm 1:1-2). Thus the thing for everyone to do is what each day provides (Rev. 22:11) them and, as does the caterpillar, when their time arrives they will weave their cocoon to be reborn into an eternal being.

Because Elijah is the objective watchman of world events, he desire to bring to your attention how the whole world is about to enter the state of 1930's Germany. Here is an investigation's report showing how Obama The President will make the United States of America the dictator of an Enslaving New World Order or, you may choose to have the US Congress implement the Liberating New World Order outlined in How To Repair The United States' Democracy.

In Malachi 3:1 we find “Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the LORD, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the LORD of hosts.”  Martin Luther King Junior was the forerunning messenger before whom ye delight in during these last days. There are 3 “anointed ones” in scriptures, Moses and Yeshua (Jesus) who has already come, and Elijah is to be the third (Exodus 4:6-8 + Matthew 17:1-5). 

The Bible is a book of metaphors, allegories, parables, symbol and types where it is written Moses said (Deut. 18:15) a prophet like unto him shall come meaning he is a prophetic type of someone to come.  The following clarifies how it foretold the last two meshiachs or anointed ones.

Revelation 11:8 tells us of a place spiritually called Sodom [all forms of sexual conduct are being preformed] and Egypt [enslaver or place of bondage], is also a place where our Lord was crucified.  Has the nation of Israel where Jesus OBE (Out'a Body Experience) ever been an enslaver?  Is what they are doing to the Palestinians today worthy of being called "a place of bondage"?  Has the sex life in the nation of Israel ever been sodomizing?  For Israel to be the place, those answers has to be yes, and I do not find yes to be the answers.   That interpretation indicates it is the United States of America with all those things happening here, including sodomizing as a way of life and slavery.

In Genesis 49:1 & 8-12 we find the prophetic description of the end time praised nation, Judah.  It's a nation its leader's ethnic (brethren) praise, uses economic sanctions (hand in the neck) against its enemies and most nations (father's children) bow to it.  It's a young nation and offspring (lion's whelp) of a previously praised nation [Great Britain] acting as a nation of antiquity. Because of her nuclear weapons on ICBM (Zech. 5:1-4) no nation will arouse it to anger. It makes the laws (sceptre) for other nations while walking on them (lawgiver between his feet) until Shiloh (ha'meshiach II, or the second son of man) comes.

Other scriptures suggest two different meshiachs also.  Exodus 4:6-8 has a first white and a latter sign of color for the first clear one.  Isaiah 11:1-12 has a rod and a branch meshiach as the second clear one.  The stone Moses was told to smite (Exo. 17:1-6) and the one he was told to speak to but smote twice (Num. 20:1-11) is a third.

With those 2 stones as prophetic types of meshiachs, Daniel chapter two's rock cut out of the mountain without hands (teacher not taught by man) is the second one. It's falling on feet of "iron and clay" (the USA) is representing the 2 pillars (good and evil) of the temple (civilization) Samson destroyed (Judges 16:25-30) is making the rock and Samson both be types of the second meshiach.

Having the Old Testament showing 2 meshiachs, one in Israel and one in the US, there are to be New Testament prophecy of him.  The easiest to see is the difference between Matthew 12:40 and John 2:18-21.  Matthew's requires the OBE body to be in the earth for 3 days and 3 nights while John's only require the OBE to be for parts of three different days.  Yeshua was OBE only from 3 pm Friday until prior to sunrise Sunday (Mat. 27:50-28:6), no more than 39 hours, fulfilling the prophecy in John but not in Matthew.

Matthew 17:1-5 is a New Testament type of Exodus 4:6-8.  In comparing the voice’s words to the words in verse 8 of Exodus the meaning is "you should have heard Moses, now hear Yeshua, but if you don't, you must hear Elijah when he comes".  It also suggsts Yeshua is typed in "the work of Moses' bringing the historical nation of Israel out of bondage" in the following way.

Moses led Israel out of bondage of Egypt and through the wilderness which is also to be done by the prophet like him.  Joshua [Yeshua in Hebrew meaning I Am That I Am Saves] first scouted out and then took Israel into the Promised Land.  Yeshua ha’meshiach said "And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also", means he is scouting the actual promised land. That indicates his name is Yeshua or Joshua, not Jesus. [I use the one closest to the Hebrew, Yeshua.] Therefore, Yeshua ha'meshiach is also a type of the second meshiach by his OBE, and will not return to earth but come only in the clouds to take the true Israel into the promised land. The prophet like Moses, Elijah, will lead true Israel into and through the millennium (the wilderness) completing that prophetic typing.

Yeshua said (John 14:26) "the Comforter… the Holy Ghost… the Father will send… shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance…".  Looking at Yeshua after his OBE, he was a whole man who functioned as ghosts are said to.  He disappeared (Luke 24:13-31) and appear at will (24:36), could be handled (24:39), entered locked rooms without going through doors (John 20:26) and ate as any man (21:13).  That makes Yeshua a prophetic type of Elijah who will be the holy ghost upon manifesting (Isa. 52:13-53:12+ Mat. 12:40+ Rev. 5:12) to be the "prophet like unto Moses". He must manifest because Moses led the people out of Egypt with power, the preceding Revelation scripture suggests Elijah only gets power after manifesting before shouldering the government (Isa. 9:6) and lead true Israel into the wilderness.

Yeshua also told us to "baptize in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy ghost".  The phrase "and of" means also common to.  The father's name, YHVH meaning "I Am That I Am", has to be common to the son’s and holy ghost’s names.  Yeshua's has that meaning making it common to the father's. Elijah means Almighty God Is I Am That I Am, qualifies him to become the holy ghost who reveals (John 14:26 & Rev. 5:5) the meanings to all of the scriptures, not only the Bible.

With the United States being the place the prophet like Moses comes out of, during the time of Martin Luther King, Jr. it was a place of mass discrimination against any none European descendent making him the needed forerunner of Malachi.  Any man with any amount of blackman’s blood was not considered European and were usually discriminated against during that time.  Any non-European [and often European girls also] were considered less than the Europeans boys, therefore Martin Luther King, Jr. worked to eliminated open discrimination, which would have been focused on Elijah while he wondered the land in search of truth.

According to Isaiah (52:13-53:1), the first thing to happen to Elijah is to be exalted, then extolled and made very high via the media.  It indicates “his visage [appearance] was so marred [changed] more than any man, and his form [of living] more than the sons of [any man]”, and he is to sprinkle many nations [via internet and media] first.  Governmental officials can not say anything because they will hear and see what they had never considered nor seen. Still, none will believe his report.  Thus, he will have a 72 hours body in the earth OBE, because of angering the greedy "money changers", in order to receive dominion powers.

So Elijah will come, as written in Isaiah 63:1-7, traveling by his own power, alone, dressed like one treading the wine fat (in shorts and barefooted) as the first (Alpha) person since the apostles to live the teachings of Yeshua who actually begins the next civilization (Omega). SEEDS OF LIFE is written by him as his message to those who qualify for everlasting life during this endtime.

This writing is by the person believing he is the last prophet, called by Christians the second coming of christ, for who Martin Luther King, Junior was the forerunners. He calls himself ha'meshiach II, the second christ and "the second son of man" because he is the first to comprehend the message of the scriptures and live it since the departing of Yeshua's disciples, but everyone surviving civilization's end will also be an anointed one or meshiach. The following is part of the Biblical explanation of how to recognize him.

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