In order to get the United States of America into the governmental system the founding fathers desired it to be, the three branches of government must fulfill their oaths to protect the Consitutional from foreign and domestic enemies. My study of the Bill of Rights, Constitution, Declaration of Independence and US history, and by comparing it to the running of the government, I find this nation has never fulfilling the spirit of those documents. For that cause I am writing this open letter to all three governmental branches which will give this nation integrity. I am also requesting an audience with all three branches together to show you just how far this nation is away from the spirit of those governing laws.


Legislators, Administrators and Judicial Government Officials,
Greetings from the interpreting prophet, Elijah Alfred "NatureBoy" Alexander, Junior, who is willing to direct this country, as the nation all other nations look up to for leadership, in the way to bring forth world peace. I have spent the most of three years in Washington Square Park of New York City reading the inscription on the Washington Monument almost daily. It reads; "let us raise a standard only the wise and honest can repair, the event is in the hand of god”. Wisdom does not come cheep, it requires one to relinquish all attachments, break all rules of tradition, explore the unknown and observe, participate and reason objectively. For more than 32 years I have roamed North America doing just that, and I feel I am the one George Washington foresaw.

To read Amendment 12 of the Constitution one will find the possibility of fifty different presidential and fifty vice presidential nominees for every presidential election. Recognizing it does not require each state to nominate one peson for each of the two parties, possibly 100 for president and 100 for vise per election, it is obvious the party system is not constitutional and should be abolished. Then Article 2, whence it was amended, section 3 suggests the president is to "take Care that the Laws are faithfully executed, which is not being done. In all honesty, the Executive branch have continually walked on the laws established to govern this nation by.

The party system is the major cause of the nation being in its present financial condition. Elected official and nominated Justice for all three sections of government, Legislative, Administrative and Judicial, are concerned about the wishes of their perspective parties, not the people in general. In most cases party leaders have large amounts of money at their disposal setting agendas to protect their money at all cost, and buy most congressman not Skulls and Crossbones. The Supreme Court Rules indicate the court is more concerned about the form of the presentation rather than the injustices done to the people. The presidents are concerned about not being forced to discarnate because they disobeyed the Skulls and Crossbones [they all have to become a member of to get the nomination for either of the major parties], "House of Rolthschild" and/or "Builderburg Group" who ditates their duties.

It is virtually impossible for a low financial, struggling to make ends meet, citizen to obtain positions of leadership and provide stability, equality and unity of the people in governing positions which would equally distribute the nation's wealth. Therefore, requiring the government to live by the Declaration of Independence (DI) and U.S. Constitution (USC) is necessary to stabilize this nation for all citizens.

Having the nation governed by those laws is the most important factors in getting the country's economy on track. Those documents contain statements, such as "...all man are created equal..." and "...unalienable rights..." in the DI, and "in order to...establish justice..." in the USC. According to their true definition, they will direct this nation into becoming the united nation its name suggests and the world's leading peace advocate. [Since the usual definition for "justice" appears to be so vague, it should be defined as "entitlement for actions or performance".]

Man have "inalienable rights" to self-government which provides all man the same rights towards life requirements, whether living in or out of civilization. [Civilization is defined as man being dependent on other man to provide them goods over and beyond survival needs.] Civilizations have established this life where we depend on others to supply us with necessities we were deceived into recognizing as needs, which would be unnecessary if we lived in nature, so those created needs the nations must now provide for their citizens.

To resolve the national situation while keeping all man on equal ground is to eliminate the use and existence of money and establish a culture where all are required to serve the nation or live by nature like the other species. Man in mass are not willing to live in nature, they would rather perform their choice of a duty necessary to keep them from being self responsible in nature. Such system would bring equality to every man. Except for the necessities to maintain the working of the state the president would not get anything more than other citizens, street sweepers, garbage man, lawmakers, judges, factory workers, independent contractors, teachers, students, housewives or dependent children [to reestablish the failing family unit], naming some of the duties.

Although this nation was established on the Declaration of Independence and Constitution it has never conformed to their doctrines. Reestablishing the nation as it was initially meant to be governed and our system will correct itself thereby.

Should this nation’s leaders follow the requirement of our founding documents; the predicament this nation was pushed into during the leadership of the forty third president will go away. That president, or his governors, wants this world to enter a dictatorship and intentionally sought to “bankrupt” this nation to become the controller of the only nuclear weapons in the world and become the dictator(s). [In Zechariah 5:1-4 the flying roll is ICBM, the power to destroy timber and stone is nuclear, and only the producer has it.] Had he been successful the world would have become like 1930s Germany, but the plan was only to get the world into the state for Obama The Savior to implement the Patriot Act ushering in the New World Order to take the world into that final state. Now the choice is will the world accept the enslaving NWO or the liberating one outlined below.


The stature in the park on Massachusetts Avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh Streets, in Washington, DC, US of A are the words, I suppose, are spoken by Samuel Gumpers. I quote them here because it is the essence of Democracy.
So long as we have held fast to voluntary principles and have been actuated and inspired by the spirit of service, we have sustained our forward progress and we have made our labor movement something to be respected and accorded a place in the council of our Republic, where we have blundered into trying to force a policy or a decision, even though wise and right, we have impeded, if not interrupted the realization of our aims.

No lasting gain has ever come from compulsion if we seek force, we but tear apart that which, united, is invincible. There is no way whereby our labor movement may be assured sustained progress in determining its policies and plans other than, sincere Democratic deliberation until a unanimous decision is reached, this may seem cumberous, slow method to the impatient but the impatient are more concerned for immediate triumph than for the education of constructive development.


"Democracy" means a government of the people, for the people, and by the people, which is self-rule. The same is true for "Communism"; it means everyone having all things in common which can only be under a self-rule way of life. However, "organized democracy" is a group of people agreeing in a concept where others take the responsibility of establishing the laws for the group after obtaining the groups' approval. This is accomplished by the people electing their representatives from among themselves who inquire of the people as to what laws they want. They elect a figure-head leader, called in the United States the president, who is responsible for the international relationship between that nation and other national state. The same is true of communism since it is common only if the people of "organized communism" agree upon who their lawmakers and figurehead leaders are and obtain their input into the governing process. (NOTE: I am speaking of the words' definitions and not the practice of the people.)

According to the Unites States' Constitution, the people of the US today call the example of democracy, the people elect two types of law making representatives, senators and congressman, and persons for the executive branch of government who are their spokesman for them to other nation states, the president.

The way the lawmaking branch is intended to work is the electeds' drafts the law(s) and submit them to the people for their approval or disapproval by means of the vote. (When the nation was formed and constitution drafted communication was so slow that the potential of the people voting on all laws was almost impossible, had it been done this system could not have come to today's "the elected are the government to which the people must submit" we have.) Now that we have such speedy communication and travel it is now time to "repair" [as George Washington said on the Washington monument of Washington Square Park, New York City] the United States' standard of government. However, because electronic voting machines are being set to pre-elect a person, a type of voting machines with a paper trail must be used with the machiness to verify the ballets electronic results.

[Polling places will be set up around the communities where a draft of the laws can be read by everyone. The rush status of the law determines how fast the public must make their decision from as little as one week and to up to three months. A paper trail will show every voter how they voted and the tally of votes on another, while that tally is transmitted to the elected official's office instantly. At the end of the deciding time the paper results is faxed to the officials' offices and then posted to them by regular U. S. Post Office "snail mail".]
The "repair" is done by requiring members of congress to send to their respective communities a draft of the laws they have to vote on, give the community between 7 and 30 days to let them know how to vote on the issues, then vote the way the majority voted. (Congressman can not have free votes except when voting in their communities; all congressional votes must be according to the wishes of their electors.) When the congressional representatives fail to fulfill the wishes of their constituents the constituents have the right to "recall" them and elect a replacement. (When the president fails the people the citizens notify their congressman to impeachment, per Art. I Sec. 3, ¶ 6. During impeachment procedures congress must vote according to the wishes of their constituents.) [Any time any elected officials receives compensation in any form from lobbing sources they are disqualified to serve the people.]

For the United States to become "united" the laws must be united, as required by the constitution's Art. IV, Sec. 2, ¶ 1 and Art. 6, ¶ 2. To achieve that end all states' laws must be made by national legislators, but since each state has its own individual laws they must bring them all to Washington, DC, determind which laws the most states have (Art. IV, Sec. 2, ¶ 1) and make them unified in all states nationally, provided they are not contrary to the constitution (Art. 6, ¶ 2). The other laws of the different states are to be put before the public to determine if they should be laws or deleted from the books (except laws which are usually regional, if needed regionally they will be added to all the states' laws). The laws of the states will include taxation. All of the regulations which have not passed the congress (House of Representatives and Senate, Art. I, Sec. 7, ¶ 2) and signed by the president will not be punishable as laws. Also, states will not need a standing congress but will vote one in each year for budget and other yearly needs.

Concerning the tax law if money is still to be used, either all states will have a certain income tax and the federal taxes will be paid out of the state's revenues, or, no state will have an income tax and all taxes will be paid to the federal representatives who, in turn, pay states according to that state's need. For the checks-and-balances of taxes, the states should receive the income taxes and pay a portion to the federal government to eliminate such excessive spending by the federal representatives as is done today. That tax will be graduated across the board (loophole less as required by the constitution) for workers and businesses alike. When taxes exceed spending the money will be preserved and taxes lowered. No taxes will be misused as it is today!

The president will still be the Commander in Chief of the military (Art. II, Sec. 2, ¶ 1), the military will be primary a defense group (Amendment 2). Each state will have their "military guards" with some on leave to the nation to maintain national defense. Each state's governor will be the head of their guard forces but are subjected to the president as "Commander in Chief" with checks-and-balances for the use of the guards. All new weapons will have to be voted in or out by the people, making the people fully responsible for the weapons and their use. All research must be put to the people to determine if they want such weapons because whether or not the people want the products, when they are used the Karma is on all the people. [The Karma of the nation is on all who is submitted to that nation is why church and state must be separated, Revelation 18:4.]

Police forces will also be considered military of the states, responsible for the protection to the people, all of the people, and not those voted into representative positions. However, they should not be considered faultless in making charges against other citizens. Police are man just as all other citizens are, they have their faults like other man, so City Officers of Police (COP) making arrests are to be considered as much a liar as the person being arrested. The only difference being the person arrested will be detained, if that type of conduct warrants it. With technology so advanced all arrests should be accompanied by video-audio tapings, possible in most arresting situations.

Because it is the desire of the constitution to provide a judicial system to protect the people of the United States without bias, it has required all judicial officers to take an oath "to support" the US Constitution (Art. VI, ¶ 3). Therefore, tribunals should be indifferent to any individual coming before them, and not influenced by pressure from the other branches of the nation's government, including their electors or appointer. Their every action should be without blemish, as required by the constitution (Art. III, Sec 1, ¶ 1) or they are to be removed from office. The requirement of the tribunals to be on "good behaviour" includes not only when on the judgment bench but in their daily lives. If a tribunal is a lawbreaker in the community they will break the law on the bench. No judge should serve in any one community more than two years before they are required to move to another community where they are unknown. By not having close ties in any community a judge will be more able to maintain a state of indifference in order to make unbiased decisions. No decision shall be decided by precedence, each case will be decided on its own merits, by the cause and effect of the incident being decided.

Any elected or appointed person working on behalf of the people who knowingly and willfully violate their oath to uphold the US Constitution and protect the people can only be considered to have committed "treason" (Article 3, section 3). These persons will include the Executive officials and cabinet, Legislative personnel and assists, judicial personel including clerical, Law Enforcement and Correctional personal (the defensive military included).

No elected representative should be expected to serve as a representative for their entire life, but should serve no more than two terms (or 12 years) before returning to their communities. In this way more people will have the opportunity to serve in the capacity of representing their communities. Since the people are the government the more who work in government as representatives will make them that much more able to maintain the checks-and-balances implimented by the Constitution.

According to the US Constitution (Amendment 1) religion (church, which means persons called out of the state or set apart from the state) are to have the immunity of a Public Ministers because the people, through their representatives, can not make laws as pertaining to them. However, church will be man living a "natural-life", they will only require from the states the use of the lands (when there), food enough for a single meal from anywhere it grows and only for the gatherer (except when a girl has a child too small to gather for itself) and water. Anything the state, or individuals of the state, want church to have the state or individuals must provide it for them when they enter their area. Also, all legal actions taken against church will have to be tried by the US Supreme Court (Art. III, Sec. 2, ¶ 2), or the supreme court of the state in which the infraction of the law occurred after permission form the National Supreme Court, since all state constitutions and laws are to be carbon copies of the nation's. Because church have no inheritance in organized government they will be "Nomads" and only spend short periods of time in any one place (how long is a short period of time has to be determined). By being nomads, as outlined in this paragraph, church are "pure" democracy and communist.

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