"Protestors' Park"

A contentious spirit seems to hover, unseen, in the air of Lafayette Park. Perhaps it's the dead slaves whose graves were desecrated to build the White House; perhaps it's the Native American burial mound that was flattened to build a plantation for slaves to work. (See Peace Park History.) Perhaps it's the cumulative effect of thousands of voices raised in protest since 1917, a memory floating in the air, seeking (and usually finding) a new angry person who will pour the invectives into the otherwise peaceful air. Wherever it comes from, any regular visitor to the White House will remember some of the more colorful characters who have abided for awhile to express bizarre or angry thoughts. Some of the more impactful of these confused people are listed here:

<= Bill Hale
Tool or Fool?

"Zeus" =>
Pagan or Nazi?

<= "Ninja Prophet John"
True or False?

"President's Park"

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