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The who knew me nun told me that the best thing would be to go to Spain the next day. Since it was Saturday, they would not expect me to move from there without getting the safe deposit box. she paid the fare and gave me $200.00 in advance for my expenses. I signed a receipt which she would also send me a bank form for her to get into the box. Then she put me on the Iberian Air Lines of Spain.

When I arrived in Spain, the first thing I did was to get a through a physical examination, and all kinds of tests. I found out that my right ear drum was broken from the blow that my husband gave me that day I wanted to make a phone call.

I also called my husband on the phone and tried to make him understand, instead he was very angry and told me not to bother calling anymore because he was going to change the number. I also called his brother in Italy and sent him a letter, but nothing helped.

I talked with the nun on the phone and she told me not to come back to the U.S., but to go to another country and start all over, that I was still young and well prepared for any position, because she said this time they are not going to put you in a hospital, and they will shoot you in the streets. I was terrified and helpless.

I received a letter from the nun enclosing a bank form for me to sign. I went to the American Consulate in Bilbao, Spain, and legalized the power of attorney in order for her to enter the safe deposit box. I registered the letter and mailed it. I also told her to open another safe deposit box near the convent, under both names, her's and mine, and to transfer the contents, so it would be convenient at my return to get there, and not to go to Brooklyn, since I am in much danger.

Another day she called me on the phone and told me that she got the letter, went to the bank and took all the jewelry and had it with her. The rest she left there because it was heavy to carry (I have silver things) and the documents. She added that in the evening, Mr. Lavine, the lawyer, called upon her warning her not to interfere and to give everything to my husband. She appeared to be very upset.

I decided to come back in spite of her warnings of being in danger. I came to Canada and stayed with some diplomatic friends that I knew before. It happened to be the Consul of Spain in Ottawa. I was in their house as a guest for a month. After I explained the whole situation they recommended a lawyer in New York that was supposed to be very efficient. His name was Mr. Hayton Stannaged at the Empire State Building, N.Y., N.Y. Telephone 212-524-0830. I went to the New York office to see the lawyer and then to see the nun at the same time.

First I went to see Mr. Stannaged and he told me that he will get in touch with Mr. Lavine and Mother Maria Garcia and let me know.

Then I went to the convent to see the nun and collect my things, but then I arrived, she started to give excuses. Finally she came with a little bag and gave me a few things or pieces of jewelry. I asked for the rest, but her expression on the face was very grave. She said that it was all she had and I told her how I have an inventory to everything. She said she gave my husband what she thought was his and she wanted to be fair. Naturally I was angry and told her how I trusted her integrity and how she told me over the phone not to give anything to my husband because he had no intention of giving me anything, etc... So I told her that the power I gave her was to protest my interest, for that was the only thing I could count on. Then she was intimidating me, saying not to talk anymore because I was going to be the loser. I left the convent with a broken heart and the little things she gave me. I went back to Canada and waited there for the lawyer to call me.

A few weeks later I came back to the States to see Mr. Stannaged and he told me that the baby was already out of the country, that he had a meeting with my husband and Mr. Lavine and that they will give me some papers to sign a Santo Domingo divorce. I refused and told them I want to go through U.S. law, not Santo Domingo Law. He refused to give any more help. I asked who was going to pay for the operation on my ear that the doctor told me I must have, and he said nobody. I was very discouraged and helpless. I tried very hard to settle my situation and get my baby back, but every time they contacted Mr. Lavine, everybody drew back.

In 1974 my husband started to tell me to leave the house and go away leaving the baby too, because the coming year, 1975, we wouldn't be together anymore. I told him if that is your desire, the door is wide open, he was the one that should leave for only he wanted to part. Nevertheless, I thought he was bluffing, and did not really believe him, besides, I figured that if he had planned to leave me, I would remain in the house with the baby. I put the pieces together and saw that he had everything premeditated for he used to say to me he was going to leave me, but the time did not arrive yet, and on account of me he didn't going to lose this house, etc.

Also, if we had an argument about the old woman he would get very angry and go with his fingers directly to my eyes saying he would pull them off and leave me blind.... Only God knows what I have been through with him.

Once he had an accident at work. He got burned with the steam from an open valve. He had severe burns over his face, chest, and arms. They took him to a New York hospital and called me at the office. When I arrived there, I did not recognize him. He called me because I was passing by looking for him. He cried like a baby, and said that if he will have to live with scars on his face, he will shoot himself.... When everything was over, thank God he was lucky. the doctor told him, you're a lucky man to have such a wife. Then he came home to recover and I took good care of him.

On another occasion he was very sick to his stomach. We rushed him to an emergency room in a Brooklyn hospital and they did not know what it was and said he had to be operated on immediately. I thought it was cancer because they said he had a tumor. He was in intensive care for ten days. During that time he was insulting the nurses with dirty words. I was ashamed when I went to visit him and the other patients were telling me that he was very rude. I asked them to excuse him because he was sick. Thank God he pulled through. He came home and I took good care of him. I just don't understand how a human being can forget everything so easy and do such harm to my life. It has to be a real sick person, even animals respond to kindness, love, and care.

Another sort of problem we use to have was that someone introduced him to a man that just arrived from Italy. My husband got involved with him so deep that he was mistreating me. When that man use to come to the house, they kissed and hugged each other in my presence, and the change of looks was just incredible to me. I have to confess that our intimate relationship was very poor .... from his part, so I refused to let him come to my apartment. So my husband took him to work in his job and also introduced a girl to him to marry in order to remain in this country. They had a baby and I was forced to become a good mother. He used to give very generous bonuses and gifts to the baby, even with my own money, since I always had a joint account. This man was imposing and demanding so much of my husband, that I felt uncomfortable when he was around.

One day I asked the friend who introduced this man to my husband, what was going on, that I didn't like their behavior; but they just kept quiet. The old woman was also asking my husband when the Lacuna affair was going to end. That gave me more to think about, and I always had been a loyal and faithful wife, good housekeeper, and mother.

I could go on telling many things, but I feel that I don't have to go on every detail. I tried to be as brief as possible.