Concepcion was born in Spain, and came to the United States to represent her country at the Spanish Embassy in New York as an energetic and attractive young woman

She fell in love and married a handsome Italian man in 1966.

But the happiness did not last very long. The only good thing that came of the tragic marriage is her beautiful daughter, Olga

However, after a costly and treacherous custody battle that went on for years, she was estranged from her daughter, her money gone; and she has never forgiven the U.S. judicial system that wasn't there for her.)

She appealed for help from the Spanish Consulate to the President of the United States. Her pleas have, for the most part, been unheeded, but she has not given up.

The path she has chosen is lonely and rugged, but her message is timely and necessary:

Do it For The Children.

Her best friend and partner, William Thomas, started the vigil with her on June 3, 1981, and he is still there today. They give each other strength, and courage to face the White House and stand up for their rights.
They do this for all of us.

We are grateful.

The White House Anti-nuclear Vigil
Since 1981
P.O.Box 4931
Washignton, D.C. 20008

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