Bilbao, Spain

December 17, 1975

The Legal aid Society
of New York
267 W. 17th Street
New York, N.Y

Mrs. Concepcion Martin de Picciotto approached this Consulate on December 17, 1979 in order to obtain advice regarding possible sources of legal assistance available to her in New York upon her impending return to the U.S.

Mrs. Picciotto stated that she wishes to obtain a divorce from her estranged husband and gain custody of their child but that she previously tried to get legal aid in New York State and failed. Mrs. Picciotto further stated that although she has been a resident of New York State and can demonstrate her financial need and inability to afford legal costs, the Legal Aid Society in New York would not provide her with even the most elementary assistance.

Mrs. Picciotto has requested that we supply her with this letter of introduction and verify the fact that she appeared here in great distress to seek our assistance. Although our responsibilities do not extend to providing legal assistance or advice on what is essentially a private matter, our concern for the welfare of U.S. citizens in our Consular District prompts us to request that you consider her predicament and provide any assistance you may be able to perform.

Walter E. West
Consul of the
United States of America

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