President Carter

August, 1979

Dear Mr. President:

This letter was born of discussion and arguments, I alone am signing it, but carries with it the silence, pain and struggle for justice of many I presume that none of the information attached to this letter is new to you. By now you must be aware of my presence outside of the First Baptist Church and at the White House Gates protesting the continuous violation of my Civil and Human Rights, not just by the american people, but by the Law. I'm a victim of a Conspiracy, (Spychiatry Plot) by a New York Lawyer who is responsible for my "Oddysey". I have been several times at the Manhattan and Brooklyn Family Court. Because of lack of justice at the Courts and improper representation on my behalf, the Judge awarded custody of my child to my husband, denied me the right of visitation, the right to enter in my home, denied me every right as a mother, wife, as a woman by refusing to accept documents and information on my behalf.

Ever since I have unsuccessfully every Legal assistance and Government Offices in an attempt to get help and gain my little girl back, as well as my reputation as a dignified self respecting Human Being. Because I still believe in American Liberty, Freedom and Justice for All, and the reputation of your integrity and humanity for the little and innocent people, I'm appealing to your support on behalf my struggle for Justice as well Civil and Human Rights. I am convinced that now is the hour of decision whether human reason and justice is to be finally: vanquished by the Social and Lawless monstrosity that is called "THE BIG POWERS" This hour is brief, and it all depends on whether you Mr. President, you personally Will be as firm in your actions as you announced on Civil and Human Rights. "A Free Country should not resemble a Cage", or a Gas Chamber." Demand Justice, you alone Mr. President, can demand and enforce Justice in our Courts.

Do not shrink from the fight.

I wish you all the health and the strength and success-- in your many hard tasks. May God Bless you and your loving ones,

Sincerely yours,

Concepcion Picciotto

P.O. Box 4931
Washington, D.C.

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