July 4, 1995
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Computer evolution is at hand. Boon to humanity, or tool of Satan? Human application will decide. Given faith in an innate human desire for justice and freedom, we believe that young and old, given valid information, would prefer to use technology wisely, beneficently.

The Internet holds the promise of human redemption through common enlightenment. Knowledge, open to all, would obviate the need for deceit; knowledge limited to the few will guarantee ignorance of the many. If truth can truly set us free, this is the opportunity to rise above communications dominated by soap, car, and beer commercials to a greater understanding of reality.

In these times of such historic constitutional issues as flag desecation, the environment, balanced budget amendments, the Communications Decency Act, abortion, school prayer, and many other issues of broad public concern, the Peace through Reason Internet Community faces stiff competition. On June 28, 1995 the Washington Times ran an advertisement, featuring a picture of the Founding Fathers gathered around a computer, and announcing, "The First Internet Community the Official Launch of TOWN HALL ... featuring Newt Gingrich ... and noted conservative and industry leaders."


The Washington Times is not always factually accurate. Actually, to the best of our knowledge, "the First Internet Community" of the type pictured in the Times ad, is the.Constitutional Convention on the 1601 Pennsylvania Avenue site, launched, "to further peace through understanding," on June 27, 1995 by the Proposition One Committee, in conjunction with the Peace Park Vigil.

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