Carol Urner of Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom developed the following resource list for the 2016 Nuclear-Free Future Tour, and updated it for 2017.  This is formatted for printing with web links shown.


Go to for best and most accessible ongoing coverage of the nuclear weapons ban treaty negotiations. WILPF is also very involved and on the steering committee for this wonderful effort. 


Here is the text of the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty as approved by representatives of 122 nations July 7, 2017  - - who will be reconvening at the UN on September 20, 2017 for ratification.  WILPF Reaching Critical has in-depth reporting and many publications on the treaty. Those listed under Resources/Publications at include -

Banning nuclear weapons: principles and elements for a legally binding instrument. ( )

Filling the legal gap: the prohibition of nuclear weapons. This table overleaf from Reaching Critical Will and Article 36 summarizes the gaps in existing treaty law related to nuclear weapons that could be filled by a treaty banning nuclear weapons.

 Filling the gap: report on the Vienna conference on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons. 

Banning nuclear weapons: an effective measure for disarmament
This paper explores the effective measures for nuclear disarmament presented by the New Agenda Coalition in its 2014 NPT working paper.

A treaty banning nuclear weapons: This joint paper by Reaching Critical Will and Article 36 explores the development of a legal framework for the prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons.

Preventing collapse: the NPT and a ban on nuclear weapons. This paper examines the complementarity between the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and a ban on nuclear weapons.

Unspeakable suffering: the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons: This publication examines the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons and is aimed for civil society actors, academics, and governments that are interested in approaching weapons negotiations with a humanitarian lens.

SECTION II: LIST OF RESOURCES (prepared for the first NUCLEAR FREE FUTURE ACTION TOUR, January 21 to February 22, 2016) -

The 2016 tour began on the U.S. west coast by Ellen Thomas and Carol Urner, with the approval of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) National Disarm/End Wars Issue Committee, of which they were co-chairs. The tour focused on the abolition of nuclear weapons and had two aims:

WILPF Branches and members were urged to seek co-sponsors for a bill introduced by Eleanor Holmes Norton (Washington D.C. Congresswoman) mandating leadership from the Obama Administration in the search for global nuclear weapons abolition. WILPF Branches and members were also urged to inform themselves and support the work of WILPF Reaching Critical Will (RCW) in supporting the nuclear weapons ban treaty now being negotiated under the aegis of the United Nations General Assembly.


1) When the World Outlawed War by David Swanson. Paperback, 172 pages, 2011.  The story of the Kellogg Briand Pact which was ratified by the US Senate in 1928 with only one dissenting vote. US originally supported it and it formed the basis for the UN charter and the Nuremberg trials. It is still international law although the US currently ignores it and defies it with every war or special forces action for regime change. You can order the book from Amazon for around $10.00 including shipping. You can also download for free from Google books.

2) WILPF Centennial Manifesto is the vision of Womens International League for Peace and Freedom published as we began our second century of working for a world without war and for human rights and human security for all. 19 pp. Download it at

3) A Global Security System: An Alternative to War is a publication of
World Beyond, an action coalition and think tank of which WILPF US is an integral part. This 77 page document is our initial effort to think together about building a non-violent global security system incorporating and building on international law and peace building institutions developed over the past 100 years. Download for free at and join in creating the 2016 version which should be an improvement as we move forward in our thinking and working together.


4) Paradise and Power: America and Europe in the New World Order by Robert Kagan (2003). Paperback, 158 pages, 2003. This is a short version of the neo-conservative vision for US world domination: Europe is Venus but the US has the power and is Mars.  Robert Kagan also co-founded with William Cristal the Project for a New American Century (PNAC). (PNAC ended in 2006-2009. Robert Kagan and William Kristol then created a new think tank, the Foreign Policy Initiative which uses terms like human rights and democracy but again seems devoted to world domination   But explore it and think for yourself.) As of April, 2016, Kagan expressed his abandonment of the Republican Party and support for Hillary Clinton as US President.

5) The Project for a New American Century (PNAC) and Rebuilding Americas Defenses.  PNAC was first published in 1998 and became regarded as the Manifesto of Neo-Cons like Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul WolfowitzRebuilding Americas Defenses was a more detailed document which served as a blueprint for the reorganization of US military forces into a space dominated system that its founders believed could result in a kind of Pax Americana that would control the worlds essential resources and also extend that control to the solar system beyond. You can find summaries of the projects like the one in Wikipedia The complete documents are also available on-line at

6) Vision 2020 was a document of the Space Command published in 1998 and later made available to the general public during the George W. Bush regime. ( It was a simplified version of the revolution in the US armed forces that the new Bush Administration hoped to achieve. WILPF tried to stop this revolution and young staff members formed WILPF Reaching Critical Will in the process; but by 2008 the vision was achieved and the United States military dominated the space dimension of military operations to protect US interest and investment. Integrating space forces overwhelming capability across the full spectrum of conflict. (from General Estes introduction to Vision 2020.)


7) The successful Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) meeting and the failure of the Conference on Disarmament (CD) both dominated United Nations disarmament news in 2000. The NPT occurred in May before the USA election and all governments agreed on Thirteen Practical Steps toward abolition of nuclear weapons. See, WILPF joined a wide variety of organizations in welcoming this document and looked for ways to support it. However, once the new US Administration was in place in early 2001 it blocked all forward action in the Conference on Disarmament (CD), the sole disarmament negotiating body in Geneva. The CD is now, for a variety of reasons, thoroughly broken and has not even been able to set a working agenda, let alone negotiate a nuclear weapons comprehensive disarmament treaty or any other treaty on disarmament -- since 1996. You can track the history of this tragic failure on Reaching Critical Will at   Read the UNs own version at

WILPF staff monitored every session of the CD from 2003 and wrote reports for public perusal until March 10 2015. At that point WILPF staff announced in a public statement that they would cease to waste energy on monitoring the CD until it changed and resumed a program of work. See

10) International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNPW)

11) The text of President Barack Obama’s Prague speech April 5, 2009 at
delivered But instead of leading a new effort to abolish nuclear weapons, President Obama gave the military industrial complex all the money they wanted. 

12) See the 2015 edition of Assuring Destruction Forever. This updated study, first issued in 2012 by WILPF Reaching Critical Will, explores the ongoing and planned nuclear weapon modernization programs in China, France, India, Israel, Pakistan, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Download it for free at The original version was first published in March 2012 and is 145 pages -


13) The International Red Cross/Red Crescent Society has opposed nuclear weapons as against humanitarian law since their first use in 1945 and has called for their complete elimination. In 2011 they reconfirmed their longstanding call for abolition of these weapons - In WILPF-US we urge local WILPF Branches to engage on this issue with their local Red Cross chapter re their support for this resolution and nuclear weapons abolition.  (Report back their reaction to We have been told that US offices have been cautioned not to discuss the issue in the U.S.)

14) This resolution helped fuel a powerful new global movement to ban nuclear weapons.

See for a summary of this movement, supported initially by the government of Norway with a conference March 2013, and then by Mexico in February 2014 and by Austria ten months later in December 2014. Reports on all three conferences are available from Reaching Critical Will online:

- Oslo, Norway March 4-5 2013, 127 governments, 8 pages with Reaching Critical Will Resources. Norwegian report in English at

- Nayarit, Mexico February 13-14 2014, 146 governments, 20 pp with statement to the conference by Ray Acheson, WILPF Reaching Critical Will.

- Vienna, Austria December 8-9 2013, 158 governments, 88 pp.  It includes
the Humanitarian Pledge in which the Austrian government pledges to cooperate with all relevant stakeholders, States, international organizations, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent movements, Parliamentarians and civil society, in efforts to stigmatize, prohibit and eliminate nuclear weapons in light of their unacceptable humanitarian consequences and associated risks.

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Many people don’t keep up with Facebook because of the sheer quantity of messages they receive.  Ellen Thomas has been posting stories about nuclear issues to NucNews on Yahoo since 1998. In 2016 Ellen launched the following Facebook pages to share news specifically related to issues, for those who seek to be educated without being overwhelmed.

NucNews - 

Radioactive Roads -

Eye on Congress -


Nuclear Free Future Tour -

SECTION III:  SPEAKING TO LEGISLATORS – (developed during 2017 Nuclear Free Future Tour)


We are asking both Representatives and Senators to


- insist the US government enter in good faith into the UN Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty. See and for updates.


- halt the unnecessary and extremely hazardous shipments of highly radioactive liquid materials (HRLM) from Chalk River, Canada to Savannah River Site, South Carolina. The US has not, to our knowledge, required an Environmental Impact Statement or public education about the dangers involved in shipping 100-150 truckloads of HRLM on our nation’s highways. We suggest Canada should deal with its own radioactive waste, preferably hardened onsite storage.


- help St. Louis, Missouri, move the residents living beside the Manhattan Project radioactive waste at the West Lake Landfill, currently threatened by an underground fire out of control.


- investigate and stop the dangerous pollution of the Nolichucky River in Erwin, Tennessee, by Nuclear Fuel Services; insist on a cancer survey and that the NRC rescind the 25-year extension of NFF’s license to operate – “Wall of Women


- encourage Arizona Representative Raul Grijalva to introduce the “Uranium Mining Moratorium and Cleanup Act developed by Defenders of the Black Hills -


- if you support Senator Markey and Representative Lieu’s “Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act” - S. 3400 and H.R. 6179 - don’t stop there!  We need to move the money from nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants!  So…


Be sure to also support DC Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton’s “Nuclear Weapons Abolition and Economic and Energy Conversion Act” in the 115th Congress! See for history of bill and Roots Action petition.


Share your news, photos and questions on WILPF-US Facebook by emailing!