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March 8, 1995

Dear Greg, Don & Glenn,

Received a copy of The Whole World, postmarked August 9, 1994, yesterday. Nice work. It's inspirational to see that there are folks out there thinking with serious positiviity.

Enclosing a few things as added gist for your thought mills.

The piece about the Wyoming Councils, written last July, was planned as a first installment. These things are being written for the purpose of fostering communication and understanding. Prinicples, not personalities are the intended object of articles about intra-Family politics. Where written materials fall short of factual accuracy is an indicaion that the author has fallen short of his purpose. Comments in that regard are greatly appreciated.

You mentioned the ALL WAYS FREE, and may have noticed the Editor's Note at the bottom left hand corner of page 2, and the article by Martha Gail (Little White Owl) recounting her side of a story about her trip to D.C. Taken together, I think, these three stories begin to reveal the seamy political underside of an otherwise idyllic society. At this point I'm inclined to believe that it has a lot to do with ego, the guiding political power.

From my perspective the points raised in the ALL WAYS FREE should have been raised, instead of avoided, at council circle. If there were an Old and a New Family faction, the Old Family leveled its' accusations in the ALL WAYS FREE, the New Family leveled its' charges in the ALMOST FREE. The Old Family began a new tradition of making the ALL WAYS FREE more exclusive by limiting distribution. The interFamily politics (discussed?) skirted in council related to written documents. These documents ran beneath the disharmony, yet, in the council of prehaps 200 not more than 12 people had actually read the documents.

For example, when Chuck said it was Thomas who took it upon himself to "speak for the Family," he hadn't read the documents Thomas had written, but he had read the ALL WAYS FREE, and Steven's writings. Thomas HADN'T read the ALL WAYS FREE, and didn't know that Steven, seated in council not more than 15 feet away, had identified Thomas by name in his Editor's Note. Thomas stood in the circle and held up a document written to the President Clinton, Signed by Steven, over the words, "Rainbow Family of Living Light." So, it seems, here's a counsil dominated and riven by questions of "who's been speaking on behalf of the Rainbow Family?" This question was raised by Old Family accusations, and based on what was written on paper, yet, rather than set the papers out so the council can discuss the words written thereon, through through manipulation of (council) process and the media (AWF) the question raised was transformed into a political circus.

Expect to be writing an update on this council thing, filling in gaps in the council with the words written in the ALL WAYS FREE.

Another matter we're dealing with immediately is this White House shooting death of Marcelino Corneil on December 20, 1994.

In service to Peace through understanding,


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