Wyoming, 1994
Article by Little White Owl 7/94

Who's afraid of the BIG BAD WOLF

Do you really think the beast has horns and a tail? Not at all. It smiles sweetly and calls you brother-sister. Talks of US being ONE...the Great Spirit; proliferating a dialogue harmonious to our ear...

It has been a most informative year working with Legaliaison. I've learned the beast has in fact been invited to sit at our table...and does! "Family" willingly negotiate; acceptable to the idea of "writing an agreement (Operations Plan) that becomes a regulation" and are just as willing to accept a "reasonable regulation(s)".

Computers operate seven days often into the wee hours of morning. Computer Councils negotiate; the typists formulating strategies and agreements within that loop, a limited few...hard copy never distributed amongst the majority.

Regional Councils...participants agreeing to decisions in opposition to Tribal or workshop Council directives from the land July 1-7. These consensus agreements attempting to thwart or negate those Council decisions on the land. These "family" walk in the shadow with little knowledge of Family procedure(s). Yet, some(s) who from the Tribes beginnings, who helped to formulate those very proceedings maneuvers them. Manipulating them through instruction and encouragement. The young involved are being led without comparative knowledge. But, there is an intellect involved that leaves no room to doubt an agenda. An agenda that advocates coup-operation with government agencies. These same "brother(s)" or'sister(s)" denying other Family access to Rainbow files or mailing lists. Further attempt at thwarting the efforts of those working against the beast that they have chosen to serve. All the while pointing and accusing others of not working cooperative with themselves.

It is for this reason I choose to terminate my relationship with the Rainbow Family of Living Light I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO COMPROMISE WITH THE BEAST AND HIS SITTING AT OUR TABLE IS OUR COMPROMISE! There is no "reasonable" regulation! All regulations are contrary to individual rights. liberties and freedoms. The only documents written by men I will aspire to uphold are the Constitution ofthe United States and our Declaration of Independence Those are our regulations. They are explicit and need no further interpretation than the understanding of them. For anyone in the Rainbow Family to suggest further rcgulation(s) is abhorrent! To those brother(s) or sisters(s) who sat together in a Spirit of Love and Freedom, knowing we could do it better than an establishment that crushed our skulls. imprisoned us for our beliefs outright murder primary movers of the evolutionary '60's; it is a heresy to their that experience. It is a sell-out or the American people!


To the Rainbow youth say: it is well and good to have fun, to enjoy the Gatherings. However, there must be a balance with participating in the event. Best learning through listening and observation and doing" digging shitters, building kitchens, working the road/ parking lot. front gate, Welcome and Information Centers. fire watch, hug patrol and COUNCIL PARTICIPATION! Unless you young become involved your right to gather, whether Rainbow or rock concert is going to cease! Negotiated away by those claiming inherit right as your brother or sister.

There are "Old Timers" who dispel our Councils with harsh words. Others through slurred tongues refer to the "high holy hippies". (Someone called me that once and I agreed. At the time I was high...I strive to be holy and I am a hippie. I ask them why they weren't) There are multiple aspects to a Gathering which when pulled together as a whole makes it work without organization but through cooperation. Council, especially the TRIBAL COUNCIL is our Heart. When all the Clans and their Families come and sit together on the land to discuss problems, exhault in victories; to share our thoughts and heart songs; when hundreds of unique individuals sit in silence - consensus to an idea or method or decision, then you 'FEEL' the life blood of this Gathering, the consciousness of BEING one. Those who abuse this privilege; those who attempt to usurped with their little ego councils/decisions have yet to experience this magnifrcence or have inftltrated to destroy the effect. An agenda quietly and sinister motive works diligently to destroy this power of the Rainbow. demean it, condemn it, usurped it.The government, unable to deal with the consensus concept of the Tribal Council works as diligently to subvert our Councils by insisting on liaison teams to work with them. by negotiating with individuals or individual camps on supposed (or real) infractions, etc. when we should direct them to bring their suggestion, question or complaint to the Tribal Council. It is the responsibility of each one of us to avoid private negotiations. It is not the place of nor responsibility of each one of us to avoid private negotiations. It is not the place of nor responsibility of information to negotiate, but direct. Information is a pointer, not a voice. Our councils are, our buck stopper. Do not be deluded young people. If ever we loose our consensus Council for any other form of government, the Rainbow will cease to be as it now exists: a conglomerate of individual voices which when raised together in agreement is the voice of the people!

There is no dishonor in tradition and it will be the tradition(s) of the Rainbow process, the cornerstone for our very being will uphold this Family against the wiles of the beast. Do not fear or be repulsed by tradition rather disavow those who without discernment would disrupt the foundations for our being. LISTEN. LEARN.

The Ku Klux Klan and the Rainbow are the instruments being used by the United States government to propose unconstitutional regulations, i.e. 36 CFR 251, 261, and 262 to stop mass fact, ALL GATHERINGS of 25 or more persons on any public lands. The plan eventually to extend these regulations to encompass a broader basis with a more sinister application. You young people MUST educate yourself to the political attempts by the government and become aware of those who sit amongst us whose words and actions betray freedoms enjoyed by the American people - who betray the Rainbow Family brothers and sisters Your omission to do so will reap the most heinous society the earth will ever know.

It is now up to you to stop those who sit in our midst; our Councils from going forth and "implying" that they speak for you. Whether an individual, a regional Council or an affinity group. Them is no Subject to Approval by Rainbow Family Tribal Council, July 1-7. This wording has opened a flood gate for abuse by those who would 'imply" your agreement to whatever document or article being submitted to government agencies, Congress, the Judicial and through negotiations with these "experts" as one "brother" refers to them. I challenge the 1994 Wyoming Tribal Council to strike down this phrase which places our Tribal Council in acompromising and detrimental position. "SUBJECT TO," is the scapegoat used by those who will negotiate away our rights; who believe in "reasonable regulations" and who would write an agreement to become a regulation. Those who hide behind this banner are unethical with dishonorable intentions. They are not, by their choice, our brother(s) or sister(s), but have become devils incarnate.

There is an enemy. That there is not is the enemy's delusion. You welcome the beast and his adherents into your midst And you willingly allow that enemy of individual rights, liberties and freedoms; that enemy who postulates and Earth Government through the enslavement of all individuals to become your negotiators, your voice, your consensus through omission and/or ignorance.

As surely you now sleep the sleep of denial and disbelief, soon you will awaken ensnared by your own deference to understanding and believing like the frog slowly brought up to will be too late.

"The Rainbow will come and stay a short while and then it will go away". My Grand- father told me that and he broke my heart. But this last year has revealed the probability of his prophesy. Not from without rather from within. US. Our own worse enemy. It is a method devised call "dialectical materialism", two steps forward, one step back Eventually THE agenda succeeds


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