Kosovo Actions

In March, 1999, NATO began bombing Serbia. In NATO's arsenal are U.S.-supplied depleted uranium artillery shells and bullets.

Demonstrations began outside the White House, at first on a daily basis, mostly opposing the bombing, but occasionally in favor of it.

Every Friday and Saturday people show up to speak out, usually at noon. Please join them. Please call your local media and ask them why they haven't been broadcasting or publishing the facts about depleted uranium weapons being used by NATO in the Balkans.

Kosovo Analysis, by Thomas, April 8, 1999
Thomas arrest, April 23, 1999

Those who favor the bombing sometimes have been less than friendly. Several Catholic Workers on their way through the park from the April 23rd NATO Citizens Summit on the other side of the White House, were roughed up by an Albanian crowd who took offense to their "NATO Target" and "Stop NATO Bombs!" buttons during the NATO 50th birthday party. Concepcion called friends in fright when Albanians began threatening her. Others were treated similarly at other Albanian demonstrations:

S.S. Battles Serbia, March 28, 1999

On June 5, 1999 several thousand people, from all over the country and abroad, showed up at the Vietnam Memorial and marched to the Pentagon. Associated Press sent a reporter; none of the mainstream media published AP's or any other story.

Two days earlier 26 people were arrested outside the White House; oddly, and unusually, this made it into the Washington Post and Washington Times. All the more puzzling why these papers didn't cover the larger Pentagon action on June 5th. Could it be that they don't want the world to know that ordinary citizens don't favor this war?

Perhaps the only way to convince them is to re-institute the drumming outside the White House, which served as a constant reminder to George Bush while he was nuking Iraq with depleted uranium in 1991.

Serbian Poem, Anonymous author, April 24, 1999

1601 Pennsylvania Avenue