WALT ROOT'S Quest for Peace

Where's Walt Root Now?

On Thanksgiving Day 1996 a small group of determined individuals set out on a mission to awaken the idea of a new need for unity. The Belly-Button Clan needs to put away self-imposed differences and unify.For 22 months and over 6,300 miles on foot the War Victims "coffin" traveled through 21 states on the hiways and by-ways of America. Our original goal was completed on 6 Sep 98 when the Walk returned to Lafayette Park in Washington, D.C. ,with a celebration of 10,000 Drums held on Labor Day 7 Sep 98.

The Quest took on many different looks along the way, but the message grew to growing closer through God's Love, the ultimate winner with a pretty awesome game plan. More than 70 people participated as walkers along the route some for a couple of blocks, others for hundreds of miles. There were also the hundreds of kind folks who helped with shelter, food, money, prayers or sometimes just a kind word. The America that Dreams are made of is definitely out there just waiting to know, WHAT needs DONE? NO problems , just solutions that have yet to be applied. We must all find a way, TOGETHER,,,,,NOW!!!!!!!!

While the sense of urgency continues to increase so do people with solutions. Our greatest need is to supply our future generations with situations they can live and thrive in. The time to act is NOW. A renewal of faith, of commitment, of compassion towards our fellow humans is essential for this to Evolve.

The Quest continues to where the Spirit leads. Everyone must walk their own path, so let all paths lead to Peace. Another celebration on Labor Day 99 is already in it's R&D state. Make plans to help make a difference, BE THERE. PEACE IS POSSIBLE, LIVE THE DREAM.



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