It is written that Yeshua ha'meshiach said in John 7:38, "He that believeth on me, as the scriptures hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water." I have searched the old and new prophetic scriptures to see just how the meshiach was foretold. What I found was the teachers of the Bible don't enlist the old prophecies to determine just what was to be expected of Yeshua. As a matter of fact, many teachers of the Bible say that the old prophecies were fulfilled with Yeshua so there is no reason to research them. My search of them causes me to completely disagree. I have found that there are prophecies of 2 meshiachs, when we exclude Moses as a meshiach. (I use the KJV.)

For starters, even the writings of the books called the gospels erred in some of the prophecies they said appliy to Yeshua ha'meshiach. Example: Micah 5:2 is always ascribed to as the place for Yeshua's birth, and it may have been so, but Bethlehem means "house of Bread" and Ephratah means "plentiful" and there is no biblical reference to historical Bethlehem as being a house of plenty bread. Then there is the word "least" in the older KJV's which was a scribe error because Genesis 49:1 say: "...that I may tell you that which will befall you in the last days:" which include Judah with the coming of Shiloh as the meshiach. Thus, Judah is to be the last world-ruling nation and a house of plenty bread as the nation out of which the last meshiach comes.

There are two clear Old Testament prophecies of 2 meshiachs, Exodus 4:6-8 (that prophecy which includes Moses as a meshiach also) and Isaiah 11:1-12. The Exodus prophecy has Moses' hand turned white as snow and returned to the color of his other flesh. Then he is told "if they will not believe thee", making him one of three meshiachs, "neither hearken to the voice of the first sign, that they will believe the voice of the latter sign." Thus we have a colored Moses, a snow-white first sign for Yeshua and another man of colored as the latter sign who is also described in Revelation 1:13-15 after Yeshua's ascension, all being meshiachs.

In Isaiah 11 we have a Rod out of the stem of Jesse and a Branch shall grow out of his root are 2 different meshiachs. They are spoken of as a single person in verse 2 but verses 10-12 indicates that the Root meshiach is to come about the time Israel becomes a nation the second time to be the person to whom the gentiles seek. The first restoration of Israel as a nation was after their being carried away to historical Babylon, the second time Israel was restored as a nation was in 1948, making the second meshiach to already be on earth. No wonder Yeshua said, in Matthew 24:5, there will be many calling themselves the meshiach, it will not be the coming of Yeshua as is being taught by the church, it will not be a direct Jew but a walking-Jew-Edomite, per Isaiah 63. Again, that would fit Revelation 1:13-15 description.

The time in death before Yeshua's resurrection was a maximum of 39 hours, from 3 pm Friday until before sunrise, 6 am, Sunday. (Yeshua ate the Feast of the Passover on the evening of the Passover Sabbath, which happened that week, so we can't say it was before that Sabbath.) Yeshua said of himself that he would destroy his body and restore it within three days, in John 2:18-21, but for the evil and adulterous generation the sign would be three days and three nights in the belly of the earth, Matthew 12:39-40. That would give understanding to (KJV) Isaiah 53:8, "he was taken from prison and from judgment" when Yeshua never went to prison nor jail, nor was he ever under a judgment. Isaiah 58:10b indicates that after he give his soul "an offering for sin" he shall see his seed (there is no record that Yeshua had any known seed for him to see) and prolong his days (Yeshua would have to prolonged his days here on earth to fulfill that prophecy) and the pleasure of Yehuveh would prosper in his hands (would have the need for Yeshua to remain here especially after the reading of Isaiah 9:6, "... the government shall be upon his shoulders"). Therefore, the only way to know who is the second meshiach is is to await his death and resurrection after seventy-two whole hours in the earth. That will also eliminate all of the false meshiachs.

Moses said a prophet like unto him is to come (Duet. 18:15), that would make the words of Yeshua in John 14:2-3 to suggest he is scouting the promised land and make him to have been typed by Joshua. That also makes Israel's coming out of Egypt to type the end of the world. The prophet like unto Moses would liberate true Israel from bondage which will destroy the place called Sodom [all forms of sexual activities are happenng there] and Egypt [a place of bondage] spiritually (Rev. 11:8), he will be the second stone Moses smote (Num. 20:1-11) who falls on the feet of iron and clay (Daniel 2:34-35), and he is typed by Samson who destroys to two pillars (good and evil) civilization is founded upon. He will lead the people into the millennium (wilderness) and Yeshua will return (Acts 1:10-11) and rapture man according Matthew 20:1-16. In short, the advent of ha'meshiach II will fulfill all prophecies fulfilled by Yeshua and those he did not.


In Buddhist scriptures we find the last sage is to write in rhyme.
In Jewish scriptures we find the last sage comes to end this time.
A Red sage saw him neither red nor white yet all over red.
Orpheus, a star shining as he shall, came back from the dead.
Then there's Krishna, defined black, a symbol to the Whiteman's dread.

Reds saw him wallow in the square and rise again, a bison,
wallow again in the square and was man when he had risen.
Jews saw him a twice smitten rock watering both beast and man,
Mormons saw him one of two rocks lighting their way to new land,
and early meshiachians saw him begin and end the master plan.

Fantasy has him buying a magic land, a king in need,
by the power of his own might fought and won the land, indeed.
In many books we read, fiction or fact, and in songs we hear
comes the knowledge of that sage, conditions in which he'll appear,
or something of him because all that is is of him, is clear.


The signified monkey in the coconut tree,
represents a sage, a messianic symbol it be,
told the lion [man looking upon themselves as king
and feeling exalted above every other living thing
that truth [the elephant] degraded his family life
from his brothers and sisters to his parents and wife.

The sage told the lion that and much more
making the exalted lion rage with anger sore.
He pursued the truth with his temper flaming high
because his way of life he desired not to die.

The lion found truth alone in a field
and carefully approached to make the kill,
but the truth understood the king all through,
observed the approach and knew what to do.

A fight erupted and the truth proved strong,
he defeated the lion and bruised his bone.
Forced to retreat the lion was battered and ashamed
so he sought the sage on whom he placed the blame.

At the tree the monkey saw the lion was defeated
and because of his laughter he became unseated.
The lion's sorrow was sedated as the monkey he did slay.
The monkey knew life's secret so in death he didn't stay
but rose again like the one about whom we are told.
He reigns lion of truth and justice with powers untold.


Isa. 63:1— There's an Edomite to walk the earth.
Zac. 14:4— with Mount of Olives for a place of birth.
Isa. 46:11— He's a ravenous bird who's called from the east
Isa. 43:5— where he leaves his seed like a beast;
Isa. 64:11— a man far from Israel who executes the counsel
Isa. 43:5— and has seed in the west by many a damsel.
Isa. 52:14— He'll have a changed appearance like no other man
Isa. 52:14— and a form (way of living) few man will or can.
Isa. 52:15— Nations and judges are startled by what he say
Isa. 52:15— since none had considered it before his day.
Isa. 53:1— Who will believe what he has to reveal
Dan. 12:9— from recorded books long ago sealed?
Isa. 53:2— A root out of dry ground, the opposite expected,
Isa. 53:3— he's to be of low esteem, despised, and rejected.
Isa. 53:7— Prison and judgment he'll be taken from
Rev. 5:12— before he dies, resurrect, and cause fear in some.
Isa. 53:10— Then his unknown seed will suddenly be found
Gen. 49:10— and by seekers of truth he'll be gathered around.
Isa. 9:6— To shoulder the government is a task he's given
Isa. 7:15— and to choose butter or honey is how he's driven.
Jer. 1:10— He's to tear down and uproot, to build up and plant
Jer. 23:5— by judging with equity and not on the slant.
Zac. 3:3— In filthy rags he will be clothed from man's shame
Rev. 19:12— but known only to himself will be his name.
Isa. 45:13— Prisoners he'll free but not for reward,
Rev. 13:17— and cause the purifying of saints to set them apart.
Isa. 11:11— After the second time Israel receives restoration
Isa. 11:12— he'll become the ensign to many a nation.
Isa. 28:10— He'll put precept upon precept and line upon line
Isa. 28:9— to bring the proper doctrine in his time.
Rev. 19:11— Who is the warring saviour, the Faithful and True,
Isa. 9:6Wonderful, Counselor, Prince of Peace, and Mighty god too?
Isa. 11:1— He's the meshiach, the Branch from Jesse's Root
Isa. 53:2— who grew up before man like a plant's tender shoot!


We are awaiting the Branch from Jesse's roots1 to appear
since the Rod from his stem has already been here.
Who is he, how will we know him, are there to be signs,
or is it just an understanding to come into our minds?

Will it be that Yeshua2 who was crucified long ago
or someone born today who we just might know?
Will he come from Israel restored in their land of old
or some other land lost in what the prophets told?

Who knows the answers and will show us that we might see
or should we watch the clouds3 where it's said he'll first be?

A branch from Jesse's roots can't be the Rod from the same stem,
so the man named Yeshua, the Rod, can't possibly be him.

With Judah being a young lion and an old lioness' whelp4
returning to her homeland can't be the concept,
but Bethlehem means house of bread and Ephratah5 means plenty,
so a land having plenty bread is it, if there be any.

If the land of plenty is the place whence he's to come,
slavery has once been accepted there as a norm,
And since it's to be that young lion, Judah, too
its carcass will house honey like the one Samson6 slew.

Water came from two rocks7 when through the wilderness Israel passed,
representing two different teachers, the first rains8 and the last,
so how can a last sign of color9 be the same first white sign
when the first used parables10 which the last will surely define?

If a prophet like unto Moses11 this man is to be,
to leave his wife and family becomes a necessity.
He's to be born of slaves and schooled by his master
and in revenge bring upon them a great disaster.
And he's to come before the great tribulation12
turning man's hearts with his clear revelation.

He's to go to prison13, with a judgment firmly in place,
then be released and justified before his accusers' face.
He's to be awarded the substance to make him rich14 in the land
before they slay him by a pierce15 and after three days16 rise a man
with power, wealth, wisdom, strength, honor, glory, and praise17.
He then lives in his body through eternity's days.

Those are some of the signs for which we are to look,
read then carefully, they, and others are all in the book.
So bring your eyes back down from looking in the sky
less that same Meshiach you seek just may pass you by.

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Trickery, deception, oppression, greed, and confusion rules the land
where the book, a holy writ, kept in that state all its man.
Those man pay their leaders to reveal its true interpretation,
so to maintain an easy life man are taught a false explanation.

Any man may own the book but read in it what they were taught.
Alone came one the truth of the book he independently sought,
found the error of their teachings, to the people gave warning,
and found himself the victim of those paying man's scorning.

It broke his heart but it wasn't enough to make him turn back.
Wayfarers can't error, said the writ, so one he became evading the flack.
Wayfaring confirmed the truth and gave a vision quite clear
but what he had seen there were but few desiring to hear.

He returned to his birthplace among family and ethnic
and there, too, alone in contemplation he was left to sit.
Undesired because of his strangeness in jail he was placed
a number of times before his accusers he ever faced
and even then the charges brought were all a frame,
yet, upon him was placed all their guilt and shame.

In traveling he proclaimed there's a savior who's soon to be,
and in looking over his life he found that it was he!

—Elijah Alfred "NatureBoy" Alexander, Jr.

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