The horrible hidden history of nuclear accidents, radiation tests, criminally negligent waste disposal, of nuclear explosions and stockpiles, is slowly coming to light, thanks to whistleblowers inside government and out. But the information will be meaningless unless it leads us to a profound revision of policy.

U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary began a heroic task of opening up long-closed government files and exposing radiation testing, nuclear accidents, fatally dangerous waste disposal techniques. The issues of nuclear testing and stockpiles are at long last front page news, and the Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty and Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty are becoming household words. The current flow of information is a welcome change. Hopefully this is a sign, not of partisan political differences, but growing awareness about our responsibility to "blue-sky" the past so we can begin to heal our wounds. It is important that the flow not be cut off.

In 1987, we published a "Peace Release" with information about nuclear accidents which we'd been able to unearth. The National Education Association republished that chart in their newsletter to members. We are in the process of bringing this list up to date, and ask you, the reader, to help.

PLEASE let us know of any and all verifiable nuclear and military accidents that are not on the following (admittedly incomplete) list.